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telepathic Harry

telepathic Draco/Dave


Chapter 3: Rescue and magical surges

"Alohomora" he whispered once again pointing at the many locks on the door. They all silently slid open and admitted Severus into the room. The sight that he saw made him stop short and his heart to twinge.

In the corner of the room lay his nephew, Harry, as still as death.

Severus stood gazing at his nephew for what seemed like an eternity before he snapped out of his daze and hurried towards him. He gently picked Harry up and put him on the bare mattress he found in the room so he could inspect the damage. A startled gasp passed Severus' lips before he had time to stop it 'these muggles are going to get it' he thought venomously. From what he could see Harry had many broken ribs, was deadly underweight and was covered in many bruises, welts and cuts. Harry's back was also a mass of cuts and welts and a large dark bruise was forming by the vertebra. He also noted that Harry was running a fever. Shifting Harry again so he was leaning against his chest Severus tried coaxing him to drink a healing and fever reducing potion. After a ten minute struggle he had most of the potions in Harry's system. Severus picked up the light boy after applying a numbing charm. 'We wouldn't want his screams to wake the whole household now.' He thought. Severus tried locating anything that might have been of value to Harry but he couldn't find anything not even Hedgwig, Harry's snowy white owl. A slight tapping at the window suggested that Harry had already let Hedgwig out to hunt when what ever happened, happened. Severus quickly exited the house vowing to return and execute his revenge on the pitiful muggles who resided there. He told the frantic owl to head to Hogwarts before he disapperated.

"POPPY!" Severus yelled as soon as he reached the Hogwarts infirmary. The nurse scowled at the potions professor who had disturbed the peace of her hospital wing. When she saw the bundle in his arms she quickly went into professional mode and gathered the necessary equipment needed to tend to her patient.

"Set him over here Severus" she said pointing to the bed Harry had resided in when he visited the hospital wing the previous year. "Good heavens what has Mr. Potter done to himself now?" she tutted and quickly set to mending the broken bones.

After she had all the bones mended she set to pouring potion after potion down the unconscious boy's throat. Soon she set the potion vials down and raised worried eyes to him

"I can't administer any more potions to him as I fear that it would poison him and as he hasn't had a proper meal in a while it would affect his stomach and intestines. I'm afraid we'll have to resort to muggle medicine. All we can do for the time being is keep him warm and comfortable."

"Poppy what was done to him?" Severus asked anxiously.

"well Severus he had all his ribs broken so I have had to regrow them and wrap his chest tightly, multiple lacerations probably from a belt of some sorts, bruising on 85 percent of his body, and some minor cuts which have been treated. The most severe though was bruising to his spine, he may need assistance in walking for at least a month but for the rest of the holidays he is to stay of his feet. Also he has a fractured wrist and dislocated shoulder. That will have to heal by itself. He is also severely under weight and malnourished. That however can be corrected in time with proper and regular meals. Also he was running a fever but it seemed to be coming down. I'm guessing you already gave him a fever reducer. Who did this to the poor boy Severus" Pomfrey finished gravely.

"His uncle" Severus growled in reply

"You!" she exclaimed "I would have never thought you to be a child abuser Severus" she giggled when she saw his horrified expression.

"Relax Severus I'm only joking. I know that Harry was living with muggles for the summer so there's no need to look so mortified. Dumbledore told the whole staff about the development surrounding Lily and Draco and Harry and yourself. Don't worry you can choose to tell anyone else. The staff just needed to be told because Draco I mean David will have to be resorted and I needed to change his medical details."

Severus breathed a huge sigh of relief that his godson was going to be okay. Speaking about godsons he wondered if Dave was okay.

"Poppy how's Dave. He just collapsed according to Narcissa and started screaming in pain. Is he hurt or sick?" damn he was already acting like a parent but then again he did love his nephews as his own.

Poppy gave him a warm smile "Dave's fine Severus he was experiencing what is know as phantom pains. These only come because twins are practically bound to each other. Unfortunately there is nothing to help ease these. Just let Dave rest for a bit and he'll be as good as knew in a few days."

"Thank you Poppy, when may I take Harry down to my chambers?" asked Severus.

"I would like to keep him over for observation tonight so you may pick him up tomorrow morning. I'm sure you'll all make a very happy family." She said sincerely.

"Thank you again Poppy I'll see you tomorrow then" Severus placed a soft kiss in Harry's unruly hair before heading down to his chambers to check on his second nephew and cousin.

When Severus got down to his chambers he saw his cousin sleeping in front of the fire. He smiled softly before covering her up with a light blanket. He then entered the twins' bedroom to see Dave was still sleeping peacefully. He repeated the same procedure as he had done with Harry before he changed into his pyjama pants and a black t-shirt. He sat in front of the fire reading a book and nursing another cup of tea.

Many hours later Narcissa woke to seeing her cousin gazing into the fire, lost in thought, his book lying forgotten in his lap. She stretched gaining his attention.

"Have a nice nap Cissa?" he asked jokingly

"Yes thank you," she replied "you have a very comfortable couch" she laughed at his sour expression. She sobered up quickly though when she remember what had occurred earlier that day.

"How is Harry? Did you get him away from the muggles and when can I see him again?" she asked in a rush

Severus laughed a bit "Slow down Cissa one question at a time. Harry will recover in time, yes I did get him away from the muggles and you can see him tomorrow morning."

Narcissa heaved a sigh of relief but one thing still nagged at her mind "What did they do to him, Severus?"

Severus then proceeded to tell her all that Madame Pomfrey had told him. Narcissa had tears streaming down her face by the time he had finished listing all of Harry's injuries.

"Those people are not human. How can they do that to an innocent child? If Harry is anything like Dave then I'm sure he has a very quiet and gentle disposition. How can anyone harm someone so sweet like that Severus? It's not fair" Narcissa broke down into heart rendering sobs and Severus moved to comfort her. Soon Narcissa was calm again and yawning.

"You can sleep here for tonight Cissa. After all it is two o'clock in the morning. Take Harry's bed and let me know if you need anything okay."

"Okay and thank you Severus" she mumbled sleepily.

She then rolled off the coach and began her trudge to the twins' bedroom. Severus transfigured her robes into a night dress knowing it would be more comfortable.

"Good night Cissa" he murmured before he put out the fire and extinguished the lights, heading to bed himself.

The next morning Severus was up early and preparing breakfast for the other two people in his quarters before he went to pick up Harry. Narcissa emerged from the twins' room half asleep and in need of her morning coffee. Luckily Severus had ordered it from the house elves as he was not much of a coffee drinker himself. He smiled at her as she sat at the table and took her first sip of the caffeine. Immediately she perked up.

"Morning Severus!" she chirped

"Morning Cissa how are you today?" he replied though not as cheery

"I'm fine thank you. I think Dave will wake up later on in the morning and I'm not much of a breakfast eater so you went to all that trouble for nothing" she giggled slightly

"Well Dave is a growing boy and when I last checked up on the eating habits of growing boys, they eat twice their weight in food. I'm sure Dave is no exception."

Narcissa laughed heartily again. She had really missed her cousin with his sadistic humour and sarcastic nature. He was like the older brother Regulus and Sirius never could be as they were younger than her.

"I would know. So did you manage to get any of Harry's things from those monsters?" she asked. Severus sighed heavily

"No I couldn't find a thing although I didn't have a proper look. Harry's life was in my hands and he came first. I'm sure his owl will find her way here." Suddenly there was a tapping at the window "yup there she is now"

Hedgwig flew into the room and landed on Severus' shoulder. Behind her another owl flew in. It was a majestic animal with pure black feathers. On its leg was a letter that seemed to be addressed to him. Severus took the letter off its leg and the strange owl flew and perched itself on Narcissa's shoulder. Puzzled Severus opened the letter.

Severus Snape it began

This owl was bought twelve years ago to be delivered on the 31st of July to one David Sean Potter. When it returned to us we wrote a note explaining everything surrounding the owl. It was meant to be a birthday gift from one Lily Evans Snape Potter. All cost have been paid for. The owl is very rare, it's sister a snowy white which was purchased by a Rebeus Hagrid for one Mr. Harry Potter at request of Mrs. Potter. Please owl me if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely

Antonio Aesop

Aesop's Owl Emporium.

"I remember that owl. It looks like the one that delivered my letter from mom and wouldn't leave my room" said a sleepy voice from the doorway.

The adults turned to face a very sleepy looking Draco or Dave who looked like death warmed over.

"Morning Aunt Cissa, Uncle Severus where are we and whose room was I sleeping in?" Dave yawned as he sauntered over to the table.

"Morning Draco…" Severus began

"Dave" David corrected lazily (AN: referring to Draco as Dave from now on)

"Okay Dave it is then, how did you sleep?" he asked avoiding the other questions he was asked

"Quite well actually. Uncle Severus I'm starved what's for breakfast?"

Severus chuckled and shot Narcissa a triumphant smirk.

"Let me get you breakfast David and then we'll talk"

"Dave, please call me Dave" he whined "David sounds so old!"

Severus chuckled again as he disappeared into the kitchen. Dave quickly stood and gave his aunt a warm hug before she even had a chance to ask.

"Not fair little dragon I didn't even get a chance to ask" she complained. Draco laughed at his aunt's antics. Soon Severus was back with a plate of bacon, eggs and Russian sausages and another with French toast and syrup.

"Eat up Dave, I know how hungry you boys probably get" Severus said good naturedly

Breakfast proceeded quietly until something occurred in Dave's mind

"Uncle Severus did you get Harry?" he asked worried. Severus spluttered on his sip of tea. Once he regained his composure he spoke

"What makes you ask such a question Dave?"

Dave kept his eyes glued to the table as he replied "Well it's been on my mind every since last night"

Severus gazed at the small boy in front of him "What happened last night Dave?"

Dave took a while before answering. "Well last night after I had finished my talk with Aunt Cissa a voice came through into my mind , I think it said 'oh no what have I done'. I knew it was Harry because it sounded just like him. Well before I had a chance to reply a sharp pain shot through my abdomen area and I fell to the ground in pain. I panicked I'm afraid and that's why I started screaming. I think I was screaming mentally because then Harry started talking to me telepathically…


Draco fell to the ground and gave a bone chilling scream. This pain was nothing he had ever experienced before.

Draco calm down! said a voice in his head

whose there? he asked panicked unaware that he was talking telepathically

Draco it's me Harry.

Potter? he asked confused

yes Draco 'Potter'. Are you okay you were screaming like a banshee?

no Potter I'm not okay I'm in extreme agony

please call me Harry and what you are going through is nothing compared to what I'm going through. I think Uncle Vernon is really trying to kill me this time

Potter I mean Harry what are you on about? Why would your uncle want to kill you?

look Draco it will take a long time to explain. Just try and get me help or I fear I may never make it. I want to see how you would look without the charms since you're my twin and all and for that I need to be alive

okay Harry just hold on

End flashback

And then I saw you Uncle Severus. I tried to contact Harry after I fell unconscious but he wouldn't answer me. I feared that something horrible had happened to him"

Dave finally raised his eyes from where they were fixed on the table to meet his uncle's gaze

"Even though I spent a whole year hating him he's still my older brother and I don't want anything to happen to him. Please Uncle Severus tell me what happened to my twin" he finished

Severus sighed and motioned for them to follow him into the sitting room. They did , Narcissa putting a comforting arm on her godson's shoulders. They sat down, Dave closest to the fire and waited for Severus to speak again. It seemed like an eternity before he decided to speak.

"Dave your brother was severely hurt when I found him. It looked as if his uncle was beating him and aiming to kill. Harry survived however and is currently a resident in the hospital wing. Because of his injuries he is going to have to stay off his feet for the rest of the holidays and then after that need assistance in walking for a month. Madame Pomfrey will probably provided him with crutches, the muggle kind. All of Harry's other injuries were healed however except for his shoulder, which he dislocated and his wrist which is fractured. Madame Pomfrey fears that any more potions would damage his insides and most likely poison him, so she has to resort to muggle pain killers. I'm bringing him down to my chambers after he's awake this morning so you will get a chance to see him for yourself. There I hope you are satisfied with the knowledge I have given you."

Dave nodded absent mindedly before his eyes slid out of focus. He tilted his head as if listening to something far away. Suddenly he slouched and had to lean against the coffee table. The adults rushed to him, wondering what could have made him so exhausted so quickly. Narcissa shook him, waking him from the light doze he had been falling into.

"Dave honey what happened just now?" she asked worried

"Harry's awake and in need of rescuing from Madame Pomfrey. I suggest you get him out of there before she mothers him to death" he joked lightly before falling asleep again.

Severus carried him back into the room and Narcissa proceeded to tuck him in.

"Severus are the twins telepathic?" she asked while smoothing down Dave's sheets

"Yes they are. Lily told me about it in her letter although they are not supposed to have this ability until their powers are released." He said absent mindedly

"Is it supposed to make them this tired?" she asked gazing down the slumbering boy in front of her.

"I don't think so but I'm sure that the twins are busy battling whatever has bound their powers each time they use the telepathy and that magically exhausts them. That's just my theory. Now I believe I had better get going because according to Dave, Harry must be awake and under the threat of Madame Pomfrey's mothering nature. I also need to have a chat with the headmaster. Will you be staying longer Cissa because I can always ask the headmaster to let you use one of the guest rooms here until you go?"

"Thanks Sev but I think that I'll be going tonight. I had planned on going to a spa for the three weeks Lucius is not here. I'll visit as soon as I can so don't worry" she said with a smile.

"You had better." He replied "I'll fire call when I'm going to see Harry as I want to talk to the headmaster first. Are you going to stay here with Dave or do you want to see Harry by yourself?"

"I think I'll go by myself so you don't waste floo powder plus I want to talk to Harry privately and try and get to know him. He is my godson after all" she joked.

Severus laughed and both adults headed out into the corridor where they parted ways and headed down to their destinations.

When Harry woke that morning it was to the bright white walls of the hospital wing at Hogwarts. 'looks like Draco got the message through successfully' he thought as he tried to sit up. He found that his right arm throbbed painfully and had been put into a sling. He also noted that his body didn't hurt as much as it had yesterday and that most of the bruises were gone, thanks to the reflective properties of the table beside his bed. Harry tried once again to sit up but all that earned him was a coughing fit, which drew the attention of Madame Pomfrey.

"Good morning Harry dear are you feeling better?" she asked politely

"Yes thank you Madame Pomfrey" he replied

"Oh nonsense I don't need any thanks. Let me help you sit up dear. Now isn't that better? Let me bring you something to eat as you need to put on some weight."

She hurried out of the room and Harry sighed heavily. Sometimes the nurse was just a bit much. Already bored and having just woken up he decided to see if Draco was already awake and if he could talk telepathically with him again. The battle with what ever was preventing his powers from being released was hard but he finally made it through.

morning Draco are you up yet?

hi Harry how you doing?

I'm fine just a bit sore in some places, although I think Madame Pomfrey would have mothered me to death before someone comes and rescues me

hahaha I'll see what I can do. Oh and by the way call me Dave don't you dare call me David

sure just get me out of here

see you later

Harry cut off the connection suddenly exhausted. Battling those barriers was hard work. He leaned back just as Madame Pomfrey came back with a bowl of oatmeal and a bottle of golden syrup.

"Now I want you to eat all of that do you hear? I even brought you something to sweeten it with" she said sternly

"Yes Madame Pomfrey" he replied and then proceeded to eat the bowl of porridge.

After Harry had finished about half of the bowl his stomach couldn't handle any more and he felt as if he was about to throw up. Madame Pomfrey came and saw he had finished about half of the porridge. She nodded and gave him Bascopan, a muggle stomach calming medicine for infants. Harry looked at her quizzically but proceeded to drink two teaspoons of the liquid. His face scrunched up into a grimace at the bitter taste. 'Well at least it tastes better than a normal potion' he thought as he felt his stomach settle slightly.

"Thanks Madame Pomfrey but why can't I have a normal potion as usual?" he asked meekly but feeling more than a little confused. The nurse put down the tray she was carrying and sat next to him on the bed. Harry flinched at the close contact, but it went unnoticed by Madame Pomfrey.

"Harry last night we gave you so many potions that if you were to ingest anymore for the next week or two, they would poison your system. For now we have to resort to muggle medicine. Is there anything you know of that you are allergic to?" she asked him softly.

Harry thought for a while and then addressed her "yah now that I think of it when I was three I had a very bad cough and it annoyed my aunt to no end so she gave me a syrup called Solphyllin which contained what I think is called theophylline. I reacted very badly to that, but they didn't take me to the hospital or a doctor. However the next day I found that I was cured. It was strange because the previous night I had had a dreadful fever."

Madame Pomfrey gave him a sad smile "well Harry all the medications I have gotten you are theophylline free so you can rest easy. I just need to put that info into your medical file for future reference. You just go back to sleep dear, you look exhausted."

Harry just nodded his consent and drifted off into a light doze unaware that his brother was doing exactly the same thing in their bedroom.

Narcissa entered the hospital wing and immediately began searching for her godson. She saw him tossing on the bed closest to the windows. She made her way closer to the bed and sat in the chair next to it. She absentmindedly ran her fingers through Harry's messy lock, contemplating what she would say to Harry when he awoke. Meanwhile Harry was stuck in a hellish dream.


His Uncle Vernon was coming towards him with a spiked belt, a sinister look in his eyes. Suddenly his back exploded in pain as the belt made contact with his skin

"You whack ungrateful whack freak whack whack no one will ever love you if you continue doing freaky things like that whack whack kick"

Uncle Vernon picked Harry's limp body up and threw it against the wall. Suddenly Vernon morphed into Severus Snape, his supposed second uncle.

"Well well well what do we have here?" he sneered "Mr. Potter can't even defend himself from a pitiful muggle. Typical and to think you are my nephew," he spat on Harry's face

"Vernon is right, pathetic freaks like you don't deserve to be loved. Isn't that right Lily, James?"

Suddenly Harry was surrounded by his parents, Hermione, Ron, Draco, his Uncle Vernon and Severus who kept on chanting "FREAK YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A FREAK WHO DESERVES NO LOVE"

Harry just curled up and placed his head in his hands saying "freak I'm nothing more than a freak"

End dream

Narcissa started when Harry stared mumbling to himself. Her heart caught in her throat and vowed to execute revenge on the muggles herself when she heard what Harry was mumbling. She shook Harry in an effort to wake him but that seemed to be the wrong thing to do. Harry screamed and let out a huge burst of magical energy. Narcissa was flung back and hit the wall with a dull thud. She gazed at Harry terrified as his magic raged on around him. The door to the hospital wing banged open and Narcissa had just enough time to see a blonde head hurry towards Harry before both twins were encompassed in a flash of silver light. When it dimmed down she saw both twins unconscious leaning against the wall. She tried getting up but soon fell down again, too shaken to do anything. The door flung open again and admitted Dumbledore, Severus and Madame Pomfrey, who had gone out to get more muggle painkillers.

"What happened Narcissa? The wards alerted me that very powerful magic was loose and that it seemed to be coming from the hospital wing." Dumbledore asked

Narcissa explained everything that had happened to the two men while Madame Pomfrey examined the twins.

"Are you okay Cissa?" Severus asked her worriedly

Narcissa gave him a small smile "Yes I'm fine just a little shaken. You could actually feel the magic pulsing from the twins. By the way are they okay?"

"Yes they are fine, just need to rest for a while. Keep them in bed for about a week after they wake up. And now Narcissa let me check on you" replied Madame Pomfrey.

After Narcissa was deemed fit by the nurse Severus picked up Dave while Narcissa carried Harry and together they headed to Severus' quarters where they got them tucked into bed. After they finished Severus guided his worried cousin over to the couch and handed her a cup of tea, laced with a claming draught. Once she was calm she decided to speak

"What happened to them Severus?"

He turned to face her his eyes weighed with a tiredness she had not noticed before. He sighed before answering her.

"The bonds on the twins powers, blocked memories and Dave's appearance charms have broken. It was not supposed to happen all at the same time but I think it may be because Harry was very distressed and his magic went wild. When Dave got near Harry they completed each other and the wild magic broke all charms and bonds around them. When the twins wake up their powers are going to be uncontrolled and they might hurt someone or themselves. They need to be trained but I can't do it alone and Albus is a very busy man. The other staff don't have the knowledge required and I really do need the extra help"

Narcissa placed her hand on top of Severus' "I'll stay and help you. I just need to go and pack a few things. Expect me by tomorrow"

"But Cissa you were planning on going to the spa. I can't make you change your plans just for me. Don't worry about it I'm sure I'll find a way to manage"

"No Severus I want to do this. I can go to a spa any old day but it's not every day you get to train your godchildren in their new powers. I'm staying and that's that" she said firmly.

"Thank you for everything Cissa. You have been such a help" he replied grateful

Narcissa waved off his thanks and walked to the floo "Expect me no later than eleven o'clock" was all she said before she disappeared in a flash of green flames. Severus shook his head and looked at the clock on the mantle. It was still too early for him to brew a potion. He sighed and went to his room to retrieve his violin. He tuned it and began playing a song he and Lily had composed long ago. H smiled knowing everything would be alright in the end.

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