Untitled- Sorry!

I just had this idea pop into my head- based on Lady-Hawk. Loved the movie so I may not keep it going if there is no interest. Or just take my sweet time writing this.

Disclaimer - I have no claim on supernatural or the Lady Hawk movie so Blah!

Not Familiar with Green Bay Wis. so please forgive me…

Dean snorted loudly as they walked by the Liberian; she had on a Packers sweatshirt and hat, reading some large hard covered book. She never looked up at them, or so he thought as they went by. Sam hated bringing Dean to the library with him, he always made it known where he was, and usually getting them kicked out.

Sam threw him a look "Please behave this time Dean, this important if we are going to track that Wolf" Dean laughed out loud, but still didn't get a reaction from the girl at the desk.

" I'm sure you can say werewolf Sam, look around its dead in here and freaking cold, Jesus, you think they'd turn on the heat." Sam gave him another pleading look" Dean."

Dean surrenders to his brother's wishes and sat down in a chair, looking around pretending not to be bored. He started drumming on the table with his fingers, he leaned back in the chair and it gave a squeak, then he let out a sigh.

Sam could hear him across the library, he grabbed the maps, and other newspapers then went back to him "Dean! I asked you nicely to keep still and quiet" Dean smiled up at him "I have been quiet Sammy" " It is S-A-M and there was nothing quiet about drumming enter Sandman".

The girl who had ignored them as they came in walked over to them "Sir, can you keep it down" Dean busted out laughing which earn him a frown from both people. The girl walked away then stopped cocked her head and looked at Dean then Sam.

With a smile on her face she walked back and sat down next to Dean but looked up at Sam with green eyes that sparkled like his brothers when he was looking for trouble.

Sorry it's a crappy start but now I think I'll keep it for a while…