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Prologue –A Dream.

A young woman with long, flowing ebony hair was sitting silently on a swing. Wearing a gorgeous black dress and low black heels, which glistened under the light of the pale moon. Part of her long hair was styled in a bun held together by a pair of red chopsticks while the rest was hanged down just below her shoulders. Completing her outfit was a gleaming silver necklace that held onto a black opal shaped jewel. The night was young; the wind cool and fresh. A glow of golden light radiated from fireflies soaring around the area adding depth to the beauty of the atmosphere.

The lonely being was sorrowful; her tears flowed freely down her pale cheeks. Her eyes closed. She felt alone and empty deep inside but couldn't understand why. Shivering slightly, a faint sound of rustling grass seeped through her ears. Slowly she opened her eyes. The tears were stinging her cheeks, endlessly streaming along. The rustle increased in volume with every second sounding in a rhythm. All at once, a silent moment crept from beginning to end. Slowly she stood, knowing well that something or someone was behind her yet she wasn't at all tense or felt any feeling of fear. Quiet sobs echoed through the stillness of the night as she steadily turned around to see a young man dress in a black tuxedo with a black tie. His face conversely, hidden beneath obscurity. Quietly he motions towards her. With every step he took, her eyes widened, her heart pounding intensely. The feeling was exhilarating. Under the bleeding light of the white moon, the face of this mysterious person was about to be revealed.

"Who are you?" she asks, sounding timid and nervous.

Her tears lightly died and her sobs grew hushed as he came closer. She watched, chills of excitement rolling through within her as he was coming out of the shadows. From a distance, the hum of a ringing bell ricochet through the star-torn sky but she took no notice of it, as she was distracted with the very individual wandering for her. The young man about to step into the light, but the reverberation of a small soft voice drifted through her thoughts.

"Kimi" it whispers "Kimi".

The whole scene all faded in a haze of white.


Kimi woke up to the sound of her name being screamed at her, becoming aware of someone shaking her. "It was that same dream again," she thought.

"What?" Her voice was carrying melodies of annoyance and frustration.

She was about to realize who the mysterious person was in her daydream and now lost her opportunity. Slowly she curved her head directing her gaze at a female teenager with brown hair.

"What is it Lil?" Kimi yawned.

"Class is over. It's lunch time"

"Fine" Kimi was definitely annoyed.

To be continued…

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