Love's Alteration Finds

Rating: PG
Summary: A visit from another universe's Robin gives Kon something to talk to Tim about.
Notes: The Alternate self from another dimension plays matchmaker scenario.

Love alters not what it alteration finds.

While writing this, I was actually thinking of the Kon from Te's absolutely amazing Black Sky (teland. com/ dc. html # black) series, but it isn't really necessary to the plot.

Another day, another mission for the Teen Titans (Version 3.0), and yet another unexpected visitor from an alternate universe.

Though even considering some of the people Kon had met – the version of himself that went to the 30th century and became Superman; the version of himself in that freaky world without Young Justice (at least as he knew it) that was a nerdy tech, or the even weirder universe where he was Match's, Doomsboy's, bad rip-off clone, instead of the other way around; the version of himself that had never started aging (there but for the machinations of Klarion – Bum-Bum-Bum! – the Witchboy…), the version of himself that wasn't actually a hybrid clone of Superman, just had the TTK – he had never expected to meet a version of himself that had ended up as Robin.

(It said something about his life that another him being Robin was freakier than the version of him that got cooked up by Lex Luthor and Clark Kent – who had been in a committed relationship for over a decade and wanted kids. What exactly, he wasn't sure, but something.)

Kon really hated hypertime weirdness. More than any usual weirdness. It was just…weirder. Dude, he was almost positive you had to be scarily smart to get the job of Robin – he was barely pulling a B– average. And since when did Batman allow metas in Gotham City, anyway?

Thankfully said Dark Knight had finally given in and built the dimensional portal outlined in the plans he'd 'appropriated' from the Justice Lords universe, after the third time Bart and Rose Wilson's offspring – from three separate universes, no less. The mind boggled; at least his did. Dude… – had accidentally ended up in the Batcave when testing out the new (but not necessarily improved) Cosmic Treadmill. So now Lab A9 in the JLA Watchtower was sort of like an interdimensional subway station. With about as much punctuality, though thankfully less traffic.

In fact, at the moment, it was only him, his other self, and…Robin.

Now it was simply a matter of finding the dimensionally displaced do-gooder's home universe (which in and of itself wasn't simple), setting the vortex machine to that universe's frequency, and sending them back. So Kon wouldn't have to deal with his newest alternate self being around for much longer; only as long as it took Tim to calibrate the portal. Which, knowing Wonder Boy, would be about another fifteen minutes.

Just enough time for him to stop freaking over what Super-Robin had told him to do. Because, really, he could deal with another version of himself. Been there, done that, and he hadn't even gotten a stupid T-shirt (though he had gotten to keep the Superman costume). He could even deal with another him knowing about – sharing? – his feelings for the Boy Wonder. But just because the Tim in the other Kon's universe had returned those feelings, didn't mean the same held true in his universe.

No matter how much Kon wanted it to be true.

It didn't help that Robin had been spending every spare moment he had with the other him, working on getting him back to his own universe. And maybe Tim was too focused on his work to tell, but Kon knew that the other him was flirting with Tim, and doing it so subtly – and since when did any version of him (that wasn't evil) do subtle? – so smoothly, that Tim just thought he was being friendly. Latching onto someone familiar in an unfamiliar place.

Yeah, right. No wonder Kon was feeling a little weird around the edges lately; he was jealous of himself.

Kon thought that maybe banging his head against the wall – with his TTK down – might be a good idea right about then.

Only Tim input the last of the calculations, studied the results, and then said, "Okay, I think that's got it," which snapped Kon out of his thoughts and back to reality, weird though it may have been.

Kon-Robin grinned at them both from his position leaning against the nearby wall. He was halfway between Kon and Tim; and no, that wasn't just figuratively. "So we're all set?" he asked, strolling over to inspect the still-static portal.

Nodding, Tim gave a dial on the dimensional portal a twirl. A heartbeat later, liquid purple light spread out from the edges of the circular device, meeting in the middle in a small splash. "You should be able to just go on through. If it's the right universe, the portal will close."

"And if it isn't?" Kon-Robin asked, raising one brow above his mask.

"It won't close," Tim replied, a small smirk lurking around his lips as he gave the obvious answer. "And you come back through."

Kon-Robin nodded, and eyed the portal with the same dubiousness Kon tended to give to supervillains that might or might not have been down for the count – until Robin pronounced them out of it and/or zipstripped them.

It was never going to stop being strange to Kon, for him to see his expressions on another person's face. Except when it was Tim's; and Kon wished that maybe all this desperate longing, yearning he was feeling was plastered all over Tim like he felt it was on him. That maybe the wanting was as easy to see on Tim as it felt like it must be on him.

It wasn't, of course; Tim was even better at hiding things than Robin.

Kon-Robin finally stopped examining the portal and turned to Tim. "Thanks for all the help, man," he said, shaking Tim's hand.

Tim's lips quirked up. "No problem."

Giving Kon a wave, Kon-Robin took a deep breath and walked through the portal. He turned at the last minute and threw Kon a piercing look. "Don't forget what I told you, dude," Kon-Robin called out to his alternate as the portal closed behind him.

"I won't," Kon mumbled under his breath, even knowing the other him wouldn't be able to hear. Whether he'd act on his alternate's advice, however…

Tim's ears practically perked up at hearing the exchange. "What did he tell you?"

And, well, you die a thousand deaths by fearing one, right? And that was…eerily appropriate to this situation. "This," Kon said, and moved in to kiss Tim.

Kissing Tim was like kissing…a really warm, pliable, passive – which totally broke Kon's brain; Robin was never passive – forcefield. Kon was kissing Tim, but Tim wasn't kissing him back.

Well, looked like the other thing Robins had that his alternate self didn't, was the ability to be right about everything. Kon had steeled himself for disappointment, but Tim's rejection – Tim's complete lack of reaction – hit him like kryptonite straight to his heart.

But the Kid never let pain show – especially when it would just make Tim feel worse.

Kon spent a split-second trying to memorize the feel of Tim's lips against his, since he'd never get another chance, and then reluctantly pulled away. His eyelids opened reluctantly, and as he stared into Tim's wide, shocked blue eyes, Kon found himself at a loss for words. He would have passed it off as a joke, a dare from his other-dimensional self, but the kiss had lasted way too long for that.

And Tim would know he was lying anyway. Tim always knew; he was Robin after all, and wasn't he just cursing the fact that Robins supposedly knew everything?

Tim blinked at him, and then something…switched…in his eyes. Heat blossomed in those blue irises, and Kon detected an almost feral hunger lurking in the sudden softness of his kiss-reddened lips. "Oh," Tim said on a purr, and then he yanked Kon into a forceful, heated kiss that was the antithesis of pretty much everything he'd not been doing moments ago.

Okay, that was seriously unexpected. But Kon was not complaining. He felt like he was drowning in a sea of sensation; the only point of connection between him and Tim were their lips, but he was feeling Tim everywhere, and hey, wasn't that a great idea for later?

Tim's tongue slipped inside his mouth and heat seemed to spread to every single molecule of his body. Kon moaned involuntarily into the kiss and pressed closer to Tim.

Not complaining at all.