In the Twilight Hours – by Darlin

A/N – This chapter isn't quite the same as the one I've put up at the Rolo Realm which has a little more spice to it though not much nevertheless I hope it's satisfactory.

Chapter Four – Consummation


Sometimes all a man wants is to get laid. It's that simple. You just do. I ain't gonna lie. But now's not one of those times.

I've known and had a lot of women in my long life. I can remember them now and I can remember I still got all kinds of excuses for why it didn't work out. I've picked my memory clean and I can justify all the mistakes and missed chances but mostly I guess what it boils down to is I never met the right woman. Mariko might've been the one but we were so different maybe it wouldn't have worked. Jean, I loved her in my way and I ain't going to lie I still love her but I knew there was no way in hell we could work. I'd never be what she wanted.

And now here I am lying in bed with this goddess. Ro don't even know she's one. I know I don't deserve her. All my reasoning tells me that but everything else, the things that matter, like heart and soul and everyone of my senses make me feel like I do, like me and her are right together. She fits me in ways no one else has or maybe even can.

It hardly makes sense when you look at the two of us. She's tall and fine, just one hell of a beautiful woman, got royalty in her blood. Me I'm a short punk from Canada, rough on the eyes and even harder on the spirit. She likes silk sheets and me, as long as I've got a mattress and a blanket who cares what else is on the bed? She likes dancing and fancy stuff like opera and yeah, I can stomach it but it ain't my idea of a fun evening. But she likes a good hike in the woods and to watch the sun come up just as much as me. She appreciates nature like no one else I know. She's like nature come alive. I think that's what does it for me. That's what clinches it, makes me know we fit.

Maybe I don't know how to describe her and me, what we have, or how I feel and all the reasons why. Guess the only thing I can do is what I'm doing – making her mine.

How long have I known this woman in my arms? How long have we been friends? And how long have we both wanted this? I'm thinking if I do this right, play my cards just right, maybe we can have something strong and good, something that'll last, something special even.

She's like putty in my hands now. And all the worries in the world don't matter, not Sabertooth, not old loves, nothing. I don't need to explain why we fit. I know we do. That's enough.


The evening started out just like many other evenings so how did I end up here, in bed with Logan the Wolverine, womanizer that I know him to be? Perhaps that is too harsh but I know he's no celibate. I am. But it's times like this I in no way want to be. I want him, all of him. I want everything he's been teasing me with since we danced earlier.

I'm not usually this way. I control myself with aplomb. It isn't that I want to but that I must. It wouldn't look right as one of the team's leaders to be bed hopping. Case in point Scott. Not that he's ever been anything but what he is now, dedicated to one woman, it's just if it's the wrong woman or partner you appear less in the eyes of those you lead. With Emma none of us are entirely sure she is not controlling him in some subtle way. How must it look for me to be with Logan?

He knows what he's doing to me. His hands are gently teasing, his kisses full of purpose and it's hard for me to think of anything but the heat between us. We clash, he and I, total opposites but tonight in this bed with him I feel as if we fit together, even belong together. That's what makes me pull back. He keeps coming and I . . . I let him. By the gods I want him. Am I going to go through with this? How would I face the others tomorrow over breakfast if I do? Do I ask him does he have a condom?


At first she was as eager for this as me, I could tell but now she's rethinking all this. She keeps turning her head every time I try to latch on to her luscious lips. Her lips, best lips I've ever kissed, full and perfect for kissing. They turned me on from day one but she's giggling now and playing with me like this is a joke which makes me stop, makes me almost doubt myself – for a minute.

I'm not going to play games. I take a deep breath. I can be patient but what, now she doesn't want this? I'm not entirely sure when I look at her again. We don't say a word but the way she looks she's so vulnerable it gets to me. I pull her back to me. She looks at me with those big eyes as if she's asking me something but what she won't say. She moves, I move like we're one and I've got her by her hair and face and I'm kissing her till our breath's coming too fast and loud. I don't want to stop kissing her but she's moving away again so I let her. She catches her breath, holds it a second or two, tries to calm her emotions. I always know when she does this she's fighting for control. Any other day I might admire that control but not tonight, not now. I'm hard as a rock an' she's trying to act like she's not as wet as a burst dam for what purpose? Nope, not this time sweets. To hell with Sabertooth. Game's over.

I pin her. She gasps, surprised I guess but I don't care. I want her and I'm going to have her unless she says otherwise and something tells me she won't even with all the hesitating. I know she's wanted this as much as I have for a real long time. I'm on top of her resting on my arms as I hold her by her wrists, keeping my full weight off her, staring her down, daring her to say something. Her mouth opens slightly and I dive my tongue between those beautiful lips before she can say a word. She's not twisting away this time. I hear moan or a sigh, can't' tell which, but it's enough to tell me she's giving in again. There's no turning back now though. What the hell was so funny anyway? But talking's the last thing I want to do.

I want her naked and at my mercy so I raise up and start stripping her nightgown off. Her weak, "I shouldn't" only makes me want her more. We ain't doing nothing yet but the night's young. I kiss her again to shut her up. She tastes of desire. That's all I need to know.

She tastes like rain too, soft and sweet. No one tastes like Ro, no one tastes better. Mouth, breasts, navel – every part of her is addictive. I know I should stop, go too far what then? But I don't. I don't because I want her that bad. She isn't complaining now, she's thrusting her hips against mine pressing me closer just like when we were dancing earlier.

I love the way she smells when she's hot. No one smells as pure and sexy as she does, like Mother Nature would smell if she was flesh and blood. Every part of her tastes and smells so good I'd never get tired of this, of her. She's clean and fresh and so pure and sweet I can barely think straight. What's more, she's stopped fighting me. Now she's letting me taste every intimate part of her without any shyness or silly giggling. She's finally given in completely so I give her everything I'm planning on taking from her.


We shouldn't be doing this. I know it; he knows it or he should. I feel silly. We've been friends for so long. Yes, flirting friends but never more. Yes, he does things to me in my dreams that no innocent could imagine – but it's all so preposterous – this, us. I feel foolish, more like a sister to him than a potential lover. Well, not quite a sister but not really a lover. I can't do this, I just can't. I laugh to make him see this but he doesn't seem to notice or care.

His tongue is a devil. Bright Lady! As much as I know I shouldn't I can't help responding. I've wanted him for so long, just like this, but never thought it would come to be. Of course it couldn't, it's so wrong. So wrong – we're team mates, but so good – I'm supposed to be his boss – oh so horribly wrong – we've such a strong friendship I don't want to lose it – and yet so completely divine.

He's got me and knows it. He kisses me – so fleetingly! I want to hit him and pull him back to me, to enjoy the taste of us both and yet I want him to finish what he's started. I can't stop myself from laughing at the quandary he's put me in. He gives me a look as if to tell me I'm in for it now – feelings hurt? I hope not. Oh. Mmmm. He's back to business again and I'm lost in a sea of exquisite pleasure.

There're no thoughts of wrong or right or of broken friendships or even of future possibilities now. We shouldn't be doing this, I think feebly, but we are – we do. I want this, want him and I match his moves like a ship being tossed on an angry sea thrashing wildly up and down and then stopping as if the oceans have calmed. It is sheer torture not to beg for more! Cruelty! I can barely think. All I can do is feel, clinging to him, nails buried deep in his flesh.

I think we both lose it at the same moment. I want to scream – don't. They would hear. We're panting, perspiration glides over us in this ultimate confluence. Glued to each other like this I don't want to let him go. His lips graze mine and then I feel his heavy body settling on mine but it's not uncomfortable, it's as if we'd been doing this forever.

His hair is wet in my fingers. I put my lips together and blow gently creating little gusts of cooling air to cool him, unaided by any powers. I am truly spent, could I even summon the merest of breezes? He smiles, kisses me then rolls off. I want him back – on me, inside me, kissing me, holding me. Not even in my dreams did I imagine this fulfillment or how much I wanted and needed this.

We lay side by side. His hand finds mine, our fingers touch then mingle and we're still connected. I need this, his touch, reassurance.


So this is what it feels like when everything is right in the world. If I weren't the skeptic that I am I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven. It's damn close. I don't even care that Sabertooth's watching us again. I just smirk at the chump before I close my eyes ready to sleep. What's done is done. He knew, I didn't, or did but didn't want to admit it. I love her. There, I said it. How he knew beats me but he does. That leaves me right back where I started. If he tries anything with Ororo I'll decapitate the dick, dice his balls into pieces and stuff them down his sorry throat an' if that don't work I'll have Ororo fry his ass till he's nothing but ash and bones. Now that's a plan that would work. I think we'll going to make a pretty good team.


I've never felt this way before. I fill stuffed, full of satisfaction and joy. I . . . I feel loved, I feel love. I know it's silly even dangerous. I cannot love Logan. I cannot go there but for the moment I am there and it's the most peaceful fulfilling thing I have ever felt. Is it real? Could it last? I don't want to find out. I'm scared, yes and sensible. Logan isn't the man for me. I will not try to fool myself. I can love him but he can never love me.

I think I dozed for a few moments but I am wide awake now, startled out of my dreaming reverie by an unfamiliar sound on the roof – my skylight! I see a face leering at us and I'm utterly mortified. Sabertooth, watching us – did he see everything? But how? Wouldn't Logan have noticed? I'm more than confused. I'm livid. The lightning strikes even as I rise to my knees. I smell burnt hair, burnt clothing and flesh – roasting. I feel no guilt, have no qualms. Why should I? I am tempted to go after him; I would enjoy seeing how he enjoys flying – a localized twister perhaps to carry him into the next county. Ah, too dangerous for the locals. The small lightning bolt will have to suffice. No. I am not good. Self righteous perhaps at times but I will never be entirely good.

I'd almost forgotten Logan but he's up; awake in an instant, even as I rose to strike. He's looking up at the shattered glass. I feel an arm go around me and I realize I'm shivering. Not from cold of course but from terror and rage and embarrassment. I don't want to hear anything Logan has to say and thankfully he remains silent.

And then I know. Or rather I believe I know. He's playing games – Victor, playing games with me and Logan. And Logan knows this. It's what he's afraid of or was. He doesn't want me hurt. I don't care. I'm a big girl. Few things bring terror to my soul. Sabertooth? I'm sorry I didn't give him another taste of what I am capable of.

A gentle kiss stops all the unwanted emotions but I feel rain pouring in through the broken skylight. I don't care. I push him back onto the bed and it's my turn to make love to him. If Victor wants to watch then let him. If I have to fry him every time I see him - an amusing thought - so be it. I will not let him or anyone destroy what we might be able to build here, tonight.


"Frail can kick some serious ass I'll give her that."

"But dey not . . . homme, she . . . he . . . dey didn't . . . ?"

"Doin' the wild thing with the runt, that what you tryin' ta get out, Cajun?"

"Just spill it, Vic they together or not? We ain't got all night, ah need my beauty sleep. Are they or ain't they?"



"Quit your griping' Swamp Rat it means they're happy an' that's what we both wanted."

"It also mean you win de bet, non?"

"Did little ol' me win?"

"Means you set dem up, fille."

"What's it matter? Pay up an' shut up, Remy LeBeau. It don't matter how it happened just that it did."

"Here, take my money! Take all of it! T'ing like dat take time, you rush it, it ain't gonna last, dat what you don't realize. No way Stormy stayin' wid him."

"You'll lose that bet, Cajun the way they was goin' at it . . ."

"Shut up, Creed you jus' wish it was you."

"Nah, Storm couldn't handle me just like messin' with the runt. Makes it worth while being here with all you goody two shoe losers."

Rogue and Victor watch Remy skulk off. He knows when he's been had just doesn't know how it happened. His best friend sleeping with Logan - just doesn't make sense.

"Well, it ain't every day ah'd team up with you, Vic an' ah ain't sayin' what you did was the way ah would've gone about it but it worked. Ah will admit it was fun kicking your rump, dragging you down the stairs an' all . . ."

"I let you kick it."

"Whatever. I won the bet that's all that matters."

"Yeah well don't forget you owe me."


"Key to Mystique's room an' . . ."

"Ah stashed the money's in Ororo's room. Feel free to get it any time. See ya, Vic an' thanks ah couldn't have done this without you."


But Rogue's gone, a tiny dot in the dark night sky.

Mission accomplished, ah'm gonna have ta work on Sage an' Bishop next, she thinks as she flies off.

The money, a good sum, if it's there in Storm's attic, it isn't going to be easy to get not unless he doesn't mind getting electrocuted again and again and again. And sudden realization strikes Victor. Just who was playing who tonight – in the twilight hours?