A/N: Yay! May 1st! As promised this fanfic! This fic is sort of AU but not really, a lot of the Straw Hats will probably act OCC in this fic then again how would you react if you were forced to go to an alternate universe where something was different about... heck even Ko is OCC in this fic. Oh yeah I should mention this. There are two OCs in this fic...

Usa, the ditzy assiant chef of the Merry Go, a bit of a ditz but is an excellent martial artist and with a special necklace called the Gem of the Moon she can control her Ki. She's also a rabbit girl (rabbit ears and tail)

Ko, the sarcastic musician/ battle stagiest of the Merry Go. She a weapons master. She dislikes perverts and has a tendency to pin Sanji to the deck with throwing weapons. She's Usa's younger half sister and also a cat girl (cat ears and tail...)

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece or any anime I parody in this fic... normally I mention what I'd change about that anime but this time I can't as almost every single anime I parody.

Ko: Then why don't you just do One Piece

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Every Cliché Under the Sun

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: An Otaku World

Three Junior High students waited outside class all three of them were 15. Two of them were girls one of them was a boy. The school uniform cam in 8 colors for the girl's uniform came in pink, purple, orange, blue, green, yellow, red or light blue sailor fuku, while the boys wore white collared shirts, blue pants and a tie of the above colors. One of the girls who wore a purple sailor fuku that black hair and blue eyes, the second girl wore a pink sailor fuku with pink hair that was waist long and finally the boy wore the red tie he had messy black and wore a straw hat.

"Remember… don't tell them about who they really are." said the black haired girl.

"I remember…" said the pink haired girl.

There was an awkward silence, both girls were waiting for the boy's response… he wasn't paying attention but picking his nose. Both girls sweatdroped.

"You can come in now!" yelled a voice from the class.

All three went into the class the pink haired girl reminded the boy, "Remember don't tell them… you don't want my sister to get angry with you… she's so much scarier as a kitty"

Outside two figures watched though binoculars at the class while sitting on a fence, one of the figures was short and was wearing a cloak to hide its features the other was a blue cat… a talking cat.

"You think their be able to it?" asked the cloaked figure.

"Robin… Usa no problem… Luffy… I'll get back to you on that…" said the cat.

Both sighed.

"Remind me what happened again…" said the cat.


IT was just your average day on the Going Merry… which meant 3 pirate attacks, 2 eating contests, 7 fights between Zoro and Sanji, 5 kitchen raids performed by Luffy and 4 instances of Ko pinging Sanji to the deck... right now was a break from the madness, Luffy sat on the figure head, Zoro trained, Nami sunbathed while Sanji watched her, Robin read, Usopp was telling Chopper about his adventure (Lies), Usa was baking a cake and Ko was writing a song. Then a strange laugh made its way though the air.

"Its good to be in my home universe!" yelled a voice.

"I wonder what that all about?" said Chopper.

Suddenly a fat guy with glasses and an acne problem climbed aboard the ship.

"So Straw Hats I've finally found you!" said the guy.

"Who are you?" asked Luffy making his way towards the lower deck.

"I'm Dom… but my friends call me Otaku Dom!" said the guy named Dom.

"Okaay." said Zoro.

"At a young age I ate the Universal Universal Fruit… I've been to many universes... now I've come to claim One Piece in my native universe! Now… hey who are those two?" said Dom who then noticed Usa and Ko.

"I'm Usa..." said Usa.

"And I'm Ko…" said Ko.

"Is one you of the musician?" asked Dom.

"Right here!" said Ko.

"Damn it! I'm from a Fanverse… I always prided myself from being from the One Piece universe now I find out that I'm from a fanfic universe written by some teenage girl who probably has a crush on Sanji or Zoro… possibly Luffy… got to feel bad for Usopp…" said Dom.

All the Straw Hats stared at him, "Which of you two are in relationship with someone…" he said.

"I do… I have a boyfriend Hikaru… he's not part of this crew though…" said Usa.

"No, I don't have one… not interested with guys at the moment" said Ko giving him a weird look.

"Thank god! Its not as bad as I thought… neither one of them are in love with Zoro or Sanji or even Luffy… poor, poor Usopp" said Dom.

"This guy's insane…" said Sanji.

"I agree…" said Robin.

"How does he even know our names?" asked Usopp.

"However even though it is not the main 'verse I'm still going to eliminate you! Universal Universal RPG Memory Erase!" said Dom and a blinding light came from his body.

When the light died down, Usopp, Nami, Zoro and Sanji were all missing.

"Oh man I forgot… that doesn't work on people who ate devil fruits… hey what devil fruits did you two eat?" said Dom.

"None, out moms did in case you hav…" said Usa who was cut off by Luffy yelling out angrily "Where are our friends!"

"I sent to another universe with new memories… you won't be seeing them ever again if I have anything to say about it…" said Dom.

All 5 of the remaining Straw Hats began to get angry, they loomed over him gave him a beating of a lifetime. Afterwards the bruised up self proclaimed Otaku was tied up.

"There is a way to get them back…" he said, "But its complicated…"

"I don't care…" said Luffy in an all too serous tone.

"Neither do I!" said Robin.

"I don't either!" said Chopper.

"Me neither!" said Ko.

"I don't…" said Usa.

"Okay… I altered their memories and sent them to another world as well as altered their bodies. In order for you get them back here I must send you to the other universe while I won't be able to alter your memories you will be altered in some way… none of you will have your devil fruit power… while there you must awaken your crew mates true memories as well as a number of things you must accomplish, while it may seem it may seem like days, weeks or even months by the time you get back it will be less then a minute after you left. But you have to unite me first…" said Dom.

"What do you think guys?" asked Luffy.

"If it's the only way to get them back…" said Usa.

"Though it seems like a trap, I have to agree with him." said Ko.

"Let's do this!" said Chopper.

Robin just nodded in agreement.

After they untied Dom, he gave Luffy a weird box.

"In the other universe it will have info about what's going on also you must not tell the others about their memories… I have no idea what will happen… but it will be bad…" said Dom.

"You ready?" asked Luffy.

Everyone nodded.

"Okay, Universal Universal RPG!" said Dom.

A bright flash of light appeared, Luffy closed his eyes and when he opened them he was in a room that appeared to be dinning room/living room of an apartment. He was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans. His hat treamnde3d on his head, his body felt different… like it was made of rubber anymore he knew that would happened but he also felt a few inches shorter.

"Wow Luffy, you look like you're my age…" said a voice.

He turned around and saw Usa wearing a pink t-shirt and a white skirt… not only that she had human ears.

"It appears myself and Master Captain are now 15 years old…" said Robin who was also 15, she wore a purple tank top and jean capris.

"Why haven't I changed?" asked Chopper.

It was true… he was pretty much the same, right up to his clothes.

"Where's Ko?" asked Usa.

There was a small whine on the other side of the room, they all looked and saw a blue cat.

"I'm a cat…" said the cat... who was Ko.

"But you are a cute one…" said Usa.

Ko shot her sister a death glare, needless to say she wasn't happy. The box that Dom gave Luffy was different it was weird there was a screen with words on it and info on it, Ko jumped up to the thing and read the info.

"Luffy D. Monkey… age 15, an orphan who's an only child. Found by Chopper at a young age, is one of the three chosen Robot Pilots. Robin Nico… age 15, an orphan who an only child. Found by Princess Ko at a young age she's one of the 4 chosen female warriors, Usa Gi… age 15, an orphan who's an only child. Found by Princess Ko at a young age she's one of the 4 chosen female warriors. Chopper the last of Reindons, a race of aliens from another planet his race was enslaved by Mandorain Empire, he has come to earth to find three people who are abler to pilot special robots, he has been on Earth for the past 12 years searching for the two other chosen ones, when he first came to earth he found a young orphan who was one of the three chosen ones, has made an alliance with Princess Ko after he planet was taken over but the Mandorain Empire as well. Princess Ko, the Princess of Planet Kone, which was taken over by the Mandorain Empire. A curse was placed on her changed her into a cat, she managed to escape to earth 12, years ago which is the Mandorain Empire's next target. In order for her to become human again she must unite 4 chosen female warriors who must also defeat the Mandorain Empire, when she fist came to earth she found two orphan girls who were two of them. About a year after her arrival she made an alliance with Chopper who also has a grudge agaisnt the Mandorain Empire. The Mandorain Empire. An evil empire bent on Galactic Domination, they seek to conquer earth next, for the past 12 years they have been planning on how to take over, soon they will begin to strike… it says we need to unlock more information… it also says the Luffy, Robin and Usa will start Oda JR. High the day after tomorrow and "those they seek" will be there…" read Ko.

"Did anyone understand that?" asked Luffy.

Usa shook her head no.

"It's the history of us in this world! In order to get home we have to defeat this Mandorain Empire and save the world… and I'M A CAT! A CAT!" yelled Ko.

"Calm down Ko…" said Usa.


Everyone else sweatdroped.

(End of flashback)

Yes, the three 15 year olds were Luffy, Robin and Usa while the cloaked figure outside was Chopper and the cat was Ko.

"I just hope everything goes well…" said Chopper.

"I just hope they figure out who's the other 2 female warriors are…" said Ko.

Back inside the class they were introducing themselves.

"I'm Robin…" said Robin.

"I'm Usa." said Usa with a smile.

"And I'm, Luffy!" yelled Luffy.

"Now go your seats..." said the teacher who was quite young for a teacher.

Usa found one next to a girl who looked like Nami who wore the orange uniform, Robin sat next to a boy who liked Sanji… it probably was his eye turned to a heart, he wore the blue tie and Luffy sat next to some weird kid who had a bowl cut, big fuzzy eyebrows and wore the green tie.

"Ms. Yuki, isn't against the rules to wear hats in class?" asked a boy.

"So?" said the teacher Ms. Yuki… which was her first name.

"Luffy's wearing a hat…" said the boy.

"So?" said Ms. Yuki.

"Never mind…" said the boy.

Midway through class Miss Yuki called Study hall mostly because she was tired from playing video games all night. The class deiced to get the know the new students better, which all sat all around Usa's desk, except for two students, one was girl who wore the orange uniform staring off into space and boy who looked like Zoro who wore the green tie who was sleeping.

"I can tell the power of youth is strong within all of you!" said the boy with the bowl cut.

"Just ignore Ian, he's like that sometimes…" said the girl who looked Nami (probably was).

"You two lovely beauties have to be some of the most beautiful girls in class." said the boy who probably was Sanji.

"I have a feeling that you've said to every girl in class…" said Usa.

All other girls and some of the boys laughed at this.

"Its true…" said the girl who might be Nami.

"What's you name?" asked Usa.

"Nami, Nami Minkan." said the girl who was confirmed as Nami.

"Hey maybe everyone should introduce themselves this way we could all be friends…" said Luffy.

"I'll go first! I'm Usopp Sniper captain of the Kendo Team!" yelled a boy who was definitely Usopp (who else would have a nose like that?) he wore the yellow tie

"No your not… Zoro is…" said a 10-year-old girl with pigtails who wore the pink uniform pointing to the boy who looked like Zoro sleeping.

"She's right… I'm star of the Soccer team…" said Usopp.

"Nice try liar… I am" said the boy who might be Sanji.

"I'm not a member of any sports team." said Usopp.

"I'm Kory Taka…" said a boy with brown hair and wore the blue tie.

"And I'm his number one friend Zack!" said a boy who came out a duffle bag.

"Zack!" yelled Kory who dragged the boy Zack away to the hall.

"I'm Lily… please call me Lily-Chan" said the 10 year girl in pig tails.

"I'm Ian Boulder! Let the flame of Youth burn within all of you!" yelled the boy with the bowl cut named Ian.

There an awkward silence among the class.

"I'm Nate and just ignore Ian… believe it!" said a blonde boy who wore the orange tie.

"I'm Tammy! The wild cat Jr. High school girl!" yelled a girl who wore the light blue uniform.

"I'm Sanji Blue… and you are right the class are full of beauties" said the boy whop was Sanji.

"I'm Sue… I'm Kory's girl friend!" said a girl holding a grape fruit which she was drawing on, she wore the light blue uniform.

"Hey Kansai! Introduce yourself!" yelled Tammy.

The girl was staring off into space turned to Tammy, "Oh sorry I was catching those little bubbles you sometimes see in your eyes." Said the girl who's nickname is Kansai.

The whole class anime fell. The chimes rang before anyone else could introduce themselves everyone went back to their seats waiting for the next class to start.

10 minutes later…

"Where is he?" asked Usopp for the whole class.

10 minutes after, that…

A man young with sliver hair came into the room.

"Sorry I was lost on the road of life." He said

"Liar!" yelled the class but the new students.

"Oh I see we have some new students…" said the teacher, "Come up and tell me about your selves…"

All three new students came up.

"What would you like to know?" asked Robin.

"Well your name… What's your likes and dislike, hobbies, your dreams to future…"

"Can you give us an example…" asked Luffy scratching his head.

"My name is Ken Hata, my likes and dislikes… you don't need to know… hobbies… I have many hobbies… my dreams for the future… I don't have any." said the teacher Mr. Hata.

The entire class stared at him, that's what his introductions are always like… all he gives is his name.

"I'll go first Usa Gi… I like cooking, it's also my hobby… I hate Marshmallows THEY'RE EVIL!" said Usa.

There was an awkward silence in the room.

Usa coughed comically "And my dreams for the future…" she sauid and began to blush brightly.

"She's shy when it comes to it, my name is Robin Nico, I don't really have any likes or dislikes… my hobby is reading.. I'd rather not discus my dreams for the future… no one would understand it…" said Robin.

"And I'm Luffy D. Monkey, I like meat and I hate people who disrespect my hat! And my dream is to be ki…" said Luffy who was cut by Usa and Robin covering his mouth.

"Its just that Luffy's has a habit was yelling stuff out that doesn't make sense." said Usa.

"Like the evil Marshmallows?" asked Mr. Hata.

Usa laughed nervously, "You may take your seats, ah… yes Sanji do you have you finished my book… I would like it back" said Mr. Hata.

Sanji nodded and took out a book called "Love Love Paradise"

Outside Ko sweatdroped, "Figures he'd read a book like that…" she said Chopper couldn't help but to laugh at this statement.

Later it was the next class… "I see we have two new students… Usa and Robin…" said the creepy teacher.

"Luffy's a new student too…" said Usopp.

"So?" asked the creepy teacher.

"Who's he?" Usa asked Nami.

"That's Mr. Hentai… he's a pervert… much more than Mr. Hata…" whispered Nami back to Usa.

After that was Lunch…

"Hey Usa, Robin is okay if I sit with you?" asked Nami.

"Of course…" said Robin.

"Sure!" said Usa.

"So you know each other before you came here?" asked Nami.

"Yes, we've lived together for a while…" said Robin.

"How long?" asked Nami.

"… A while…" said Usa with a sweatdroped.

Nami laughed, "I was wondering what is it about those three guys: Usopp, Zoro and Sanji… just wondering" said Usa.

"Usopp's the class liar… good friends with Nate the class clown… I can see Luffy gets along with them…" said Nami.

She pointed to Luffy imitating a walrus using chopsticks while Usopp and Nate laughed at it.

"Sanji's the school play boy… hits on all the girls he's also the star of the Soccer Team, Zoro's the captain of the Kendo Team and very popular with the girls. Those two don't along very much…" said Nami pointing to them.

The two were fighting, Usa laughed at this while Robin just smirked.

"So what about you?" asked Usa.

"I run the schools betting system." said Nami.

"What?" asked Usa.

"In this school there's a lot of weird stuff happen. A lot of weird fights, people come to me for the outcome. I make a lot of money from it too." said Nami.

Both new girls stared at her with a sweat drop.

"The more things change… the more the stay the same…" thought Usa.

Later is was Gym Class, the class was broken into two groups: Boys and Girls… let's take a look in the boy's class.

"I can see we have a new student I'm Mr. Mat but you can call me Guy-Sensei! I can tell the power of youth is strong within all of you!" said the teacher, Guy-Sensei he like Ian had a bowl cut and very fuzzy eyebrows.

Luffy stared at the strange teacher.

"What the hell with his freaky eyebrows!" yelled Luffy.

The class began to laugh at this comment.

"Yes, I'm okay with it, after all your youth lets you make fun of my handsome ruggedness!" said Guy-Sensei.

The laughter stopped and there was an awkward silence.

"I can tell Luffy's youth is very strong!" yelled Ian.

The baseball field where they were on changed to a field at sunset.

"Oh great their doing it again…" moaned Zoro.

"Oh Guy-Sensei!" said Ian.

"Oh Ian!" said Guy-Sensei.

"Oh Guy-Sensei!" said Ian.

"Oh Ian!" said Guy-Sensei.

"Oh Guy-Sensei!" said Ian.

"Oh Ian!" said Guy-Sensei.

"Oh Guy-Sensei!" said Ian.

"Oh Ian!" said Guy-Sensei.

"Oh Guy-Sensei!" said Ian.

"Oh Ian!" said Guy-Sensei.

"Can you two please stop and get on with class!" yelled Zoro.

The girl's was lot less strange… okay… it was just a strange.

"Now girl's I can see that we have two new students here today… now I heard your names are Usa and Robin right?" said the teacher who was named Miss Kero the most sane teacher in school.

Both Usa and Robin nodded.

"Now today we're going to play Volley ball…" said Ms. Kero.

"Nya!" said a voice.

Miss Kero sighed and turned around and saw Ms. Yuki.

"What!" yelled Ms. Kero.

"I wanted to know if were still going to out drink tonight?" asked Ms. Yuki.

"Yes… yes we are and I told you not to do this during class." said Ms. Kero.

All the girl's sweatdroped, Tammy deiced to inform them about something.

"Ms. Yuki, Ms. Kero, Mr. Hata and Guy-Sensei… the boy's PE teacher all went this Jr. High school together at the same time… in the same class… they are all really good friends…" said Tammy.

"If you call them friends." said Nami.

"Yeah they Miss Kero and Miss Yuki tend go get into weird fights and Guy-Sensei keeps challenging Mr. Hata to weird challenges…" said Lily-Chan

Later it was the last class of the day… which was very normal the teacher came in on time and all seemed normal until Robin noticed his wife was hanging in the door way.

"How odd…" thought Robin.

After school, Nami invited Usa and Robin to go shopping with her. Luffy was going to come but Chopper dragged him away so they could have girl time. They met in some shrubs nearby where Ko was working on the box, which they found out was called a computer.

"You can't go with them Luffy… you have the highest possible chances of telling her… then we won't know what will happen… I found it!" said Ko.

Chopper who removed the cloak and Luffy looked the screen.

"The Gem of the Moon has also gone though a transformation as well and Robin received a purple flowered gem that looked lie the Gem of the Moon, I found two more in one of my subspace pocket, one that looked like an orange bolt of lighting and one that like a blue water droplet, it says here that when Usa say "Moon Power Make-Up" and Robin says "Flower Power Make-Up" they will transform somehow… I don't what it means but probably refers to the whole female warrior thing… the one who receives the orange gem will say Weather Power Make-Up and the one who receives the Water droplet will say "Water Power Make-Up!"." said Ko.

"So it still safe to assume that Nami is the third female warrior?" said Chopper.

"Yeah, it would make sense…" said Ko, "You two go home while I'll find the others…"

"But, why?" asked Luffy.

"Because I said so!" said an angry Ko giving the idiot captain a death glare.

"Okay…" mumbled an angry Luffy.

Meanwhile in another place an evil queen sat on her thrown.

"Will start faze one of out plan…" said a blonde man.

"Very well!" said the queen.

A light appeared in the middle of the city and it took the form of a monster, "Yahh!" yelled the monster.

As the three girls walked down the street they heard a meow. All them turned around and saw Ko.

"Ko!" said Usa happily.

Ko ran to Usa and jumped into her arm.

"Who's this?" asked Nami.

"This is my cat Ko." said Usa.

"She's very cute…" said Nami who began to pet her but Ko had an angry look on her face as if it was degrading.

"She's a little strange when it comes to things like that…" said Usa.

"Oh." said Nami.

Usa nodded at Robin to try and start up a conversation.

"So what did you find out?" whispered Usa.

"Well I found out how you become warriors…" whispered Ko.

"How?" whispered Usa.

"Well um…" said Ko.

"Yaah!" screamed someone… or something.

They all turned around and saw a creepy monster.

"What is that thing!" said yelled Nami.

Ko shouted "Usa say "Moon Power Make-Up!" Robin say "Flower Power Make-Up!""

"That cat just talked!" yelled Nami.

"Moon Power Make-Up!" said Usa.

"Flower Power Make-Up!" said Nami.

After a minute long strange transformation sequence that would give any guy a nose bleed. Both Usa and Robin wore stylized Sailor Fukus… with gloves and high heels and gem on her fore head, Usa's was pink and Robin's was purple.

"They just changed clothes…" said Ko with a sweat drop… "And Usa can't access her Ki abilities and Robin doesn't have her Devil Fruit Power… we're doomed…" Ko began to cry a little, "Why must I suffer this fate…" she whined.

"What are we suppose to do?" asked Usa.

"I don't know…" said Ko.

The monster lunged towards them. However bright lights appeared in front of Usa and Robin… both wands, Usa's was pink and Robin's was purple. Both grabbed them.

"What are suppose to do with these?" asked Usa.

Robin just pointed at the monster a purple light appeared and vines came to restraint the monster.

"That was lucky…" said Usa.

"Yeah it sure was…" said Ko, "Sis, try to point yours at that thing!"

"Sis? What's going on tell me!" yelled Nami.

"No yet…" said Ko she reached into one of her subspace pocket and pulled out the two gems. "Let me see sometime… say "Weather Power Make Up!" said Ko hand handing her orange gem.

"Weather Power Make-Up?" asked Nami.

Another minute light show… after wards Nami was wearing the same Sailor Fuku that others were wearing but orange.

"Okaay…" said Nami.

The monster began to get up, "Okay Let me try!" said Usa.

She pointed her wand at the monster, a pink heart shaped beam that reminded those who remembered of the Sparkly Pink Heart Beam. The Monster was down for the count… or so it seemed. The monster got up and turned it attention on to Nami. It lunged at her however a bright orange light appeared in front of Nami another wand appeared and Nami grabbed it.

"Use it like Robin and Usa!" yelled Ko.

"O…k" said Nami.

She pointed the wand at the monster and a lighting bolt came out destroyed it.

"All right!" said Usa.

"Sorry I freaked out…" said Ko with a sweat drop.

Nami was about to yell at them but suddenly she collapsed and her clothes changed back.

"What happened?" asked Usa.

"I wonder…" said Robin.

The two picked up Nami while Ko led them to the apartment they were living in. A lone figure stood on top of a nearby building.

"So… Princess Ko has reappeared…" said the figure who disappeared.

Later at the apartment, Ko looked on the computer how to remove the transformation (just focus and is will be reversed), also she found the attacks, " Pretty Purple Vine Restrain" "Wonderful Orange Lighting Bolt" and (shudder) "Sparkly Pink Heart Beam" she also found the info on Nami.

"Orphan, lives alone… very greedy, runs the school betting system…" read Ko with a sweat drop.

Meanwhile in the room that Robin and Usa shared, Nami was still unconscious and Chopper was going to make sure that he was the first one she saw when she woke up.


Robin, Usa and Ko came back with the unconscious Nami.

"What are you wearing?" asked Luffy.

"Don't ask…" said Ko.

"What happened to Nami?" asked Chopper.

"Well this monster attacked! And we fought it with super powers… so did Nami but afterwards she fainted…" said Usa.

"I have a theory." said Robin.

All turned her attention towards her, "I think that she fainted because it was time for her to remember I think the other will be like that…"

(End of flashback)

Nami slowly began to wake up… the last thing she remembered was Dom shining a bright light.

"Are you okay?" asked Chopper.

"Yeah… Chopper what happened" asked Nami.

"Good you remember!" said Chopper.

"Remember?" asked Nami.

"Well you're not going to like this…" said Chopper.

Meanwhile in the living room of the apartment, Usa and Luffy were watching TV while Robin read and Ko was on the computer. When Nami yelled out "WHAT!"

"Looks like Miss Navigator remembered…" said Robin.

Ko nodded, "Crap, craptity crap, crap…" she said.

"What is it?" said Robin.

"I found out what that robot thing Luffy is supposed to pilot is… it's a suit of armor known as a Mecha…" said Ko.

"What's the problem?" asked Robin.

"It's well… 1000s of feet tall…" said Ko with her eye twitching, "I hope we find one of the other two before his first fight."

There was news alert while the show that Usa and Luffy were watching

"News Alert… a giant monster is attacking!" said the anchor.

"Damn it!" yelled Ko.

Next Time: Gaint robot action! Watch as Luffy fights giants mosnters... and deostys half of Tokyo in the proscess... they really need to to figure out who's the second piolet.

A/N: Longest chapter I have ever written...

The Universal Universal fruit should not be confused with the Portal Portal Fruit from Poke Piece...

also if you think about it, Usa and Ko despite OCs do not show possible love interest in the any of the Straw Hats, which as Otaku Dom mentioned... yes Otaku Dom has been to this world, yes Otaku Dom has been on this site... yes I do realize that musician is the most common OCposition which is why I made a joke about Ko being the musician...

Anyways here's the complete list of character parody introduced in chapter 1:

Ian Boulder/ Rock Lee from Naruto

Ms. Yuki/ Ms. Yukari from Azumanga Daioh

Kory/ Kiyo from Zatch Bell

Zack/ Zatch from Zatch Bell (note: There will be a mamodo battle parody later on)

Lily-Chan/Chiyo-Chan from Azumanga Daioh

Nate/ Naruto from well... Naruto

Tammy/ Tomo from Azumanga Daioh

Sue/ Suzy from Zatch Bell

Kansai/ Osaka from Azumanga Daioh

Mr. Hata/ Kakashi from Naruto

Love Love Paradise/ Make Out Paradise (forgot the original name... shoot) from Naruto... not a character just thought it would be funny to put it down...

Mr. Hentai/ Mr. Kimura from Azumanga Daioh (Note: The only one with out a wound alike name)

Guy-Sensei/ Gai from Naruto

Ms. Kero/ Ms. Kurosawa from Azumanga Daioh

that's it for chapter 1, there will be more in the future...

Oh yeah interesting side note: Nami's role in school is looselybased off Nabiki from Ranma 1/2... we all know that she holds bets on who would win in a fight between Ranma...