A/N: The begening of this chapter is lifted off of the first festical episode of Azumanga Diaoh...

Chapter 7: The Obligatory School Festival Episode

The class was a meeting for what the class would do for the school festival. The class representative Lily-Chan and the assiant representative Tammy were taking idea.

"Café!" yelled a student.

"Haunted House!" yelled another.

Lily-Chan sweatdroped, "Maybe we should have a suggestion box…" she said.

She set up a subjection box which would read 20 minutes later… Usopp, Luffy, Tammy, Jamie and Nate hung out near the suggestion box.

"The suggestion box is hungry!" said Tammy.

Tammy put in a 5 yen coin.

"Why did you that?" asked Nate.

"Well according to the legend of the box…" said Tammy.

"What legend?" said Jamie.

"I heard the legend too…" said Usopp, "1,000 years ago a priestess blessed it…"

Jamie interrupted Usopp's story, "There's no legend… and don't encourage her!"

While no one was looking Luffy put something in.

20 minutes after it was put up Lily-Chan opened it and dumped out the contents, the 5 yen coin that Tammy put in fell out, she picked it up and put it back into her pocket.

"Is that it?" said the 10 year old.

She looked inside and saw one slip of folded paper… she opened it and read it… "Pirates!"

"Who would put that down?" asked Tammy.

Nami, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Robin and Usa slowly turned to Luffy… who gave his trademark smile.

"Maybe we can have a pirate theme café" suggested Kory.

"That's not such a bad idea… it's a shame that whoever wrote that down was anonymous." said Lily-Chan.

"I can guess whop put it in…" said Sanji.

"Yeah it's not that anonymous." said Zoro.

The class began to work on the pirate themed café, though some point Zoro, Sanji, Ina, Ian, Sue and other students who are members of clubs had to leave to help their clubs. While Kory was moving boxes a gym bag appeared from no where. He put down the box and yelled out "Zack what are you doing here!"

Everyone stopped what they were doing.

"I wanted ot help you." said Zack.

"No… your going home right now!" yelled Kory.

Zack began to cry, "I just wanted to help! So did Donkey Kong!" cried Zack.

A weird donkey… thing showed up, "Peru peru pei!" said the donkey like thing known as Donkey Kong.

"I don't care just leave!" yelled Kory.

"That's not a nice thing to do!" said Luffy.

"He's just trying to help believe it!" said Nate.

"We need all the help we can get." said Usopp.

Kory sighed, "Why am I always the bad guy?" he asked.

Usa asked Nami "What is it with Zack anyways?"

"You see Kory used to be hate by everyone for being a genus…" said Nami.

"But I thought Lily-Chan was the smartest in the class." said Usa.

Both looked at Lily-Chan who was being fitted for a really cute parrot costume one that you couldn't help but to hug her, "You try to hate her…" said Nami.

"Good point…" said Usa.

"Then one day Zack showed up, after the two stopped a bank robbery he become one of the most popular guys in school." said Nami.

After school there was a long over due meeting at the LuRoUs apartment.

"So their after these soul gems things…" said Ko.

"Yeah… but what are they." said Usa.

"Well according to Guntotingrabbit67 on the magical girl mascot chat room Soul Gems are the crystallized form of a person's soul…" said Ko.

"You go on chat rooms?" asked Sanji.

"Yeah… there's nothing to do here! I'M A TALKING CAT! PEOPLE MIGHT THINK I'M STRAY AND TAKE ME HOME SO I'M STUCK HERE!" growled Ko.

Sanji sweatdroped, he knew she might try to maul him… he backed away slowly from the table…

Ko coughed comically, "Anyways I think its time we fill out something on the list…" said Ko.

"What is it this time?" asked Zoro.

"Well this time I think you should find out "The mystery of Zack"" said Ko.

"That kid who hangs out with Kory?" said Sanji.

"That's the one." said Ko.

"Maybe he's an alien!" said Luffy.

"I doubt it…" said Ko with a sweat drop.

"Elf?" said Usa.

"I don't think so…" said Zoro.

"Oh I got it! He's a demon from another world fighting to be king of his world!" said Luffy.

"…" said everyone but Usa.

"I think you might be right…" said Usa.

"Fine then… I think we'll leave that in charge of those two…" said Ko.

"I agree…" said Robin.

"Really so we're in chare of finding the secret of Zack?" asked Usa.

"Cool!" said Luffy.

"You heard about the class project for the school fair didn't you?" asked Zoro.

"What's even more embarrassing is the fact that that all he wrote was pirates" said Ko.

The next day some of the girls were working on uniforms while Usa and Luffy were bugging Kory about Zack.

"I keep telling you! Zack is just a kid who hangs out with and is annoying!" yelled Kiyo.

"Well you didn't have to yell!" yelled Luffy.

"That's right!" yelled Usa.

"Why is everybody yelling!" yelled Miss Yuki.

"Yay! Everybody's yelling!" yelled Tammy.

""Stop yelling!" yelled Kory.

"Yelling is fun!" yelled Tammy.

After a few minutes they stopped yelling however they continued to bother Kory

"Is Zack an alien?" asked Luffy.

"No…" responded Kory.

"An elf?" asked Usa.

"No…" said Kory.

"A demon from another world fighting to be king of his world?" asked Luffy.

"What… how… come here!" yelled Kory.

He grabbed both Usa and Luffy and in to the hall way.

"Who told you?" he asked.

"You mean it true?" asked Usa and Luffy.

"Yes Zack in called a mamomo…" said Kory.

"What's that?" asked Luffy.

"Every 1,000 years 200 mamomo children come to this world to fight to be king of the mamomos…" said Kory.

"Wow…" said Luffy.

Kory took out a book, "We read theses book and it give them powers once the book is destroyed the mamomo is sent back and loses all right to be king…" said Kory, "And please don't tell anyone about this…"

"Ahem…" said a voice clearing their throat.

Behind him was Nami, Robin, Usopp, Zoro and Sanji.

Kory laughed nervously.

At the house Ko celebrated, "They figures out Zack's secret…" said Ko.

Back at school Kory was begging them not to tell.

"Don't worry we won't…" said Usa.

"Yeah…" said Usopp.

"I won't tell… for a price…" said Nami she held out her hand and everyone anime fell.

Meanwhile in the evil HQ Seno figured out the next target…

"Megan Ohmi… a famous pop idol… and very famous…" said Seno smiling.

Then noticed something interesting about her… "I think a plan and an alliance must be set up…" he said.

A few days later the festival was up… the uniform were stereotypical pirate get up… Luffy sighed.

"I can't believe this what people see pirates as…" he said.

"We tried to warn to you…" said Nami.

Suddenly all members of the Zoro fan club and Sanji were there.

"I thought you were taking your shifts later…" said Nami.

"Well we want to take our shifts now…" said Ina.

"Why?" asked Robin.

"Well there's a rumor…" said Ina.

Someone entered the Pirate café… she was young and beautiful… and a pop star… Megan Ohmi!

"No way!" said Nami.

"Megan Ohmi…" said Nate.

She sat down with a young red harried girl… nearly every waitress and waiter at the pirate café went over to her except for Nami, Robin, Usa, Usopp and Luffy and those currently waiting on tables such as Kory.

"Ill be glad to take your order…" said Ina.

"I'll be the one…" said Nate.

"Um… have you seen Kory?" asked Megan with a sweat drop.

Kory was giving a girl some tea when he heard his name… he turned around saw most of the waitresses and waiters at her table,

"Megan what are you doing here?" asked Kory.

"Megan had the day off and Zack told us about this so we came…" said the girl with Megan.

"Oh…" said Kory blushing slightly. "It's a good thing that Sue isn't here…" he thought.

"So the rumors are true…" said Ina.

"You really are dating Megan Ohmi! Believe it!" said Nate.

"Um… well…" said Kory.

Nami slammed her hand on a table "Time is money people! Lily, Tammy and Yuki didn't leave in charge for nothing…" yelled Nami.

"Yes ma'am…" said most of those in a board tone except for Sanji who said "Yes Nami…" in a loving way.

"It was good thing that you did come now that Megan Ohmi's here it should be packed…" said Nami rubbing her hands greedily.

Outside a man and a kid came into the front.

"There's two mamomos here…" said the kid.

"That's perfect… now for some fun…" said the man.

Inside the pirate café, Robin was assigned Megan's table, he gave her and the girl the drinks.

"Thanks…" said Megan.

"I wonder where Zack is…" said Tia.

The door opened and Zoro was holding him by the collar came in.

"Did he eat all the octopus from your stand?" asked Kory with a sigh while walking up to Zoro.

"Almost…" said Zoro with a sigh.

Then there was an explosion and a voice that called "Bomblo!"

"What happened?" asked Luffy.

The kid and the man from outside came in, the man held a mamomo book.

"So both mamomos are in here... interesting…" sauid the boy.

A girl who was drinking a cup of coffee looked at Megan, she smirked at her.

"This can't be good…" said Kory.

"Everyone get out now!" yelled Megan.

As almost everyone evacuated the class except for the transplanted pirates and the girl who smirked at Megan, Megan and Kory got their books ready.

"So it's that Mamomo battle thing?" asked Luffy.

"Kory nodded, "You 7 should get out too… this can get pretty dangerous" said Kory.

"Well let me get something I need first…" said the girl.

"Who's she?" asked Usopp.

The girl turned into a monster that resembled a lizard.

"Now it time for you soul gem…" said the lizard monster.

She shot a beam from her hand and Megan's soul gem came out…

Just then Usa's cell phone rang she picked up

"Ko is that you?" asked Usa.

"Yeah…" said Ko.

"We know it just happen right in front of us… the victim is Megan Ohmi." said Usa.

"Megan Ohmi? Then go find a good place to transform all ready!" yelled Ko.

"I know…" said Usa.

She hung up the phone.

"Come on!" said Usa.

The girl plus Sanji left… the girl who was a mamomo tired to wake up Megan.

"What are you?" asked Kory.

"Bomblo!" read the man from the book.

Several bombs shot from the kid and aimed for Megan but Zoro managed to pick up her body and get her out of the way.

"Thanks for the tip about the book keeper…" said the man to the lizard monster.

"Zoro… take care of her…" said Kory, her turned to the man and lizard monster "What's going on?"

"That little idol girl is our latest target… we need her soul to fulfill our wishes…" said the lizard monster.

"And I was told that the latest target was a book keeper… no we will destroyed that little girls book…" said the kid.

"You are not going to destroy Mia's book!" yelled Zack.

"We were told about this battle thing yet you have any idea what's going on?" asked Usopp.

"No a clue…" said Zoro.

A blue blur came from nowhere and kicked the lizard monster.

"You think you can just do that a pop idol…" said the blur reveling itself to be Blue Water.

"What took you so long?" yelled Zoro.

"Hey the whole school in a panic…" said Water Blue.

The two lunged towards each other to fight but Pink Moon once again got in between them.

"We have a job to do here…" said Pink Moon.

The other two Magical Girls sighed.

"Bomblo!" read the man.

The kid shot bombs from his hand again…

"Gasher!" read Kory.

Zack shot a ball of green lighting from his mouth. The two attacks hit each other and exploded in dust.

"That was so cool!" yelled Luffy.

"Give back Megan's Soul now!" yelled Blue

"I have plan!" yelled a familiar voice.

Ko somehow made it there.

"Ko… what are you doing here?" asked Pink Moon.

"Don't tell you're a fan…" said Zoro.

Ko gave a nervous laugh, "I would have that wouldn't be too surprising…" replied Ko, "I heard about these mamomo battle things and I have a good idea how to stop both…"

"A talking cat?" said Kory.

"I'm their mascot…" responded Ko, "Any ways Zoro, Usopp, Luffy take of Megan!"

"Why should we?" asked Zoro.

"You want an innocent life to be lost?" asked Ko using code for: "You want to stay or back home?"

"Fine…" said Zoro.

"Okay the plan it…" said Ko who whispered it to the Magical Girls.

"Okay…" said Usa.

"Kory stand back…" said Orange Weather.

"Okay…" said Kory, "If they save Megan then I'll be happy…"

"Flower Wand!" said Purple Flower getting her wand. "Pretty Purple Vine Restrain!" said Purple Flower, using her attack.

The monster let go of the Soul Gem but before it hit the ground Pink Moon managed to catch it.

"I got it!" said Pink Moon.

She ran towards Megan and placed it back into her body.

"What happened?" asked Megan.

"It okay…" said Mia, Megan's mamomo.

"Great now I have two enemies…" said the man.

Blue Water kicked the book out of his hand.

"Weather Wand!" said Orange Weather summoning her wand "Wonderful Orange Lighting Bolt!"

The Orange lighting zapped the lizard monster and the book… destroying it. The kid disappeared and the man ran away.

"That's running the school festival!" yelled Luffy.

"Well we should go... right girls?" said Ko.

"Don't call me a girl…" mutter Water Blue.

Ko shot Water Blue a glare that said "I'm going to maul you if we argue…"

Ko along with the Magical Girls ran out the destroyed classroom.

"So do you know them?" asked Kory.

"What made you think that?" asked Usopp.

"They seemed to know you, plus that talking cat knew your name." said Zack.

"Um… well we met them a few times…" said Zoro.

"Oh…" said Kory.

"Who were they anyways?" asked Megan.

"I don't know… but the talking cat seemed to be a fan…" said Mia.

After the failed fair… at the LuRoUs apartment they were resting.

"Tough day…" said Nami.

"Kory suspects something…" said Robin.

"But if he does find something out he has something on us… we have something on him…" said Sanji.

"Good point…" said Usopp.

"I just hope that counted on the list…" said Zoro.

"It did…" said Ko checking on the computer.

"Yay…" said Luffy.

Mini-Story: Nate in "I Love You Ramen"

(Nate was at Ichi Ramen, then the Giant Monster Attacks)

Nate: Oh no! It's a Giant Monster Attack! I have to protect this ramen stand Believe it!

Guy who runs it: Do you really need to?

Nate: Yes!

(Then suddenly Red Stretch, Yellow Shot and Green Sword showed up)

Nate: Oh no now it will definitely get destroyed... believe it! I have to stop them.

(Nate begins to kick Yellow Shot)

(Else where with those watching)

Ko: Usopp your getting teeny tiny amount of damage …

Usopp's voice: What's causing it.

Chopper (Looking though a set of binoculars): You too close to Ichi Ramen… you guys should move.

Robin: In other words its Nate…

Usopp's voice: Okay…

Luffy's voice: Should we all move?

Ko: That should be a good idea…

(The three robots managed to lure the monster else where)

(With Nate)

Nate: Yay! I saved the Ramen Stand! (turns to a bowl of Ramen) I love you ramen.

Guy who runs it: Kid, you seriously need an intervention…

End of mini-story.

Next Time: It the sports fest! Miss Yuki is focused on winning but when a monster attack will the school even survive the day? Contain a mini-story on Mr. Hata VS Guy-sensei...

A/N: Time for who's a parody of who.

Donkey Kong/ Ponygon (Zatch Bell)

Mia/ Tia (Zatch Bell)

" Peru peru pei"/ "Meru meru mei" (Zatch Bell, not a character but thought I should point it out)

Mamomos/ Mamodos (dub) Mamonos (original) (Zatch Bell, once again not a character, but thought I should point out)

That's all for now.