He lets her kiss him. He's had enough to drink that he doesn't mind and at least it shuts her up for a second.

And anyway, he's seen the framed picture on the reception desk with her in a wedding gown smiling genially into the camera. It's not lost on him that she doesn't look as blissful as he thinks she should. So he stops going over there as much. Maybe it's because of the picture. Maybe it's because he used to see hope reflecting in the green of her eyes and he can't handle that being gone.

He snaps a pencil on his first day back because she won't look over at him. The entire day is like a funeral. He looks down at the ground, at his shoes. He doesn't say a word aside from the expected pleasantries. She doesn't seem to notice.

He spends an hour in the bathroom with his half empty coffee mug

Slowly the clock turns over to five and he glances in her direction, watching her as she grabs her coat and her purse. He pretends he doesn't see the wedding band. He pretends for a second that nothing has changed and he gets up to walk out with her. Before he can reach her, he sees her smile towards the door. Suddenly the silver wedding bands are blinding him and it hurts that she looks so genuinely happy.

He keeps his eyes open as she kisses him so sloppily that he wants to laugh. He's scanning the room to see who notices this. No one's paying much attention to them though and he feels relieved. Anyway, they're both trying to forget someone else so he doesn't feel guilty for closing his eyes and pretending her hair is thick and curly, but her mouth tastes like lipstick and it's not something that was ever a part of his fantasies.

And then it's, "Oh, God, Jim- You're totally drunk right now, aren't you? Oh, my God. Did Ryan see us? Do you think he was jealous?"

He groans, covers his face as the room starts to spin again. Prays for something, anything.

She isn't here tonight for this party. His party. It's his welcome back party, but all he can focus on are the empty spaces where she should be. It starts to feel more like a wake.

She's in the middle of another inane run on sentence when he stops her and says, "Do you wanna get out of here?" He regrets it the second he says it, but he wants to be home and she's more sober than he is.

"Jim, what took you so long?" She grins at him and he feels like he might be sick.

PamPamPamPamPam- "You drive?"

They slip out of the office and into his car and he leans his head against the passenger side window as she adjusts his seat, his mirrors and pulls out of the parking lot.

He doesn't sleep with her. He never even considered it. They go back to his house. He throws up in the bathroom for half an hour while she watches TV. When he comes back out, she says, "Does it hurt?"

He sinks down on the couch next to her, knocking his head against the plaster wall behind him. "Everyday."

And for the first time, she's quiet and she just nods.