My first ever drabble.

Characters are property of Masashi Kishimoto. Large cartons of Haagen Dazs to Mithlin for beta-ing!

Written for Sunnyday Love's May challenge in LiveJournal.


Shino knew that she loved him, that there would be no other man in her life; she had said it into the air without the slightest hint of hesitation in her voice. She could freely express her feelings now. The stutter she had been known for was a thing of the past.

After her admission, she hugged him, sending a wave of goose pimples up and down his spine. He discovered in that moment her touch was something he could get used to. And whether it was because she was embarrassed or she had other obligations to tend to, she vanished, leaving him alone to his thoughts.

Hours later, he found a single red chrysanthemum waiting on his pillow once he entered his bedroom.

Days have gone by, and his kikkai had informed him of her presence. She was a stealthy one, he hated to admit, but Shino lost all coherent thought once her cold lips collided with his own in an electro-statically charged kiss. His kikkai had to work overtime in order to get the blood circulating through his body. After fully regaining consciousness he noticed her gift of jonquils sitting on his windowsill.

She was with him all the time, not that he minded in the least. Things got taxing whenever a pretty girl looked his way. Hinata would see this and jealousy would rear its ugly green head. She'd accuse him of being unfaithful and run off, forgetting his promise that they'd always be together. When he came home, he would grab a broom and dustbin from the closet to clean a home filled with broken glass, mirrors, tableware and scattered yellow rose petals.

Hinata was quite possessive of the things she thought were hers. But even though she was wrong in many of her assumptions, he kept silent. There was no need to make her more upset. He valued her happiness over his own.

And because Aburame Shino knew and accepted this, he always atoned for his "callous" actions by bringing a bouquet of blue violets to her grave.

Wrote this with My Chemical Romance's "The Ghost Of You" in my head... yeah... I don't really know why I wrote this at all... Especially since it's not my style.

Flower meanings:

Red chrysanthemums- I love you
Jonquil- Love me
Yellow rose- Jealousy
Blue violets- I'll always be true

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