A Brother's Love by ab-angel

Disclaimer: Not at any point will I ever own the show "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" or the characters. Although, I do have hopes of actually being on the show and meeting Dylan and Cole Sprouse. That'd be really awesome.

Author's Note: First story that's not anime. I don't like anime much anymore so I turned to something else. This is by far my favorite Disney show. Zack's my favorite character because he reminds me most of myself. I think it's kind of weird how his personality is almost exactly like mine. This fic is a tribute to Dylan's character, Zack Martin.

"()" thoughts

AB-angel: My first non-anime fic, and it stars two of my favorite actors!

Dylan: So who are you anyway?

AB-angel: Don't worry, I'll make myself known to the US.

Cole: How?


Dylan: Good luck with that.

AB-angel: You'll see. ALL OF YOU! Including the readers! Sixth season here I come!

Cole: We'll root for you, if you're good.

AB-angel: Thank you.

Dylan: So are you going to start on your story or not?

AB-angel: I'm getting to it, I just want to stall a little more. Where's Ashley?

Ashley: Right here. You need something?

AB-angel: looks directly into her eyesI always wanted to tell you……. Brenda, Cole, and Dylan sing better than you.

Ashley: Gasp! Hmph! Walks off

Cole: Why'd you say that?

AB-angel: Because it's true. Okay I stalled enough. ON WITH THE FIC!

Chapter 1 – Twins No More

Zack was in their room, annoyed by recent deceptions that Cody had played on him.

"(I know I'm bad, but Cody has a secret weapon, his sensitivity. He always tries to make me feel bad and then uses it against me. I gotta get him so good that even being a cry baby won't work.)" Zack scrounged through his stuff that Cody knew better not to touch to find something. Zack had kept this portion of his belongs always neat so Cody wouldn't think to touch it and fix it up.

Zack came across a small box, a little larger than a videocassette case. "Hmm, this is weird. How come I've never seen this?" He noticed that it was locked. When he looked closely at the lock he remembered how to open it. It was a key lock, but Zack had long lost the key, but he developed a way of opening it. It required a series of light hits on certain areas.

When the box came open, it revealed a tape with no label. "I remember this box, but what's this tape?" Since Cody and Carey were downstairs, Zack decided it was safe to watch whatever was on this tape. After rewinding it and playing it, short videos of Cody began playing. Zack remembered instantly what it was.

"Oh my god! This is the tape I made of Cody's most embarrassing videos! (I remember making this before we moved. I guess I forgot about it when we checked into the Tipton.)" Every single video was embarrassing, the next more embarrassing than the last, exactly how Zack intended it to be. He knew exactly what to do with it. He acted casual for the rest of the day so Cody or Carey for that matter wouldn't suspect anything.

The next day, at school, both Zack and Cody were in class. Zack had a stupid grin on his face. He knew what was going to happen as soon as the morning announces broadcasted, Cody would be the laughing stock of the whole school. As the announcements were about to finish, they left time for one more.

"Before we conclude today's morning announcements, we decided to let one of our very own, Zack Martin, play his video that he insisted so much on seeing." Cody then looked at Zack very strangely.

"What are they talking about?" Cody glared at him.

"Oh you'll see." Zack sat back and watched the TV.

"Role it." The girl said. Suddenly, every embarrassing video that Carey and Zack had recorded started playing. From naked baby Cody to peeing in pants, anything embarrassing that could happen to any normal kid was being displayed, happening to Cody. There was even a slide show in the end to top it off. Every single kid was laughing, even some members of the staff were caught cracking up.

Cody was shocked and speechless. The sight of everyone laughing at him, plus the teacher, forced him to run out of the classroom. In the hallway, one of the students spotted Cody and announced that he was in the halls. Much of the students came out, along with the teachers who wanted to see and the ones who actually were trying to make their students get back into class. All of them were making faces to Cody, laughing, teasing, some were even saying things that Cody's never even said in his entire life.

This was all too much for him. He looked at Zack straight in the eyes, with tears coming out, and ran outside of the campus. Zack had just realized the amount of damage he had just done and immediately began making his way through the crowd of laughing kids to chase after Cody. When he finally reached the outside of the campus, Cody was nowhere in sight. With no thought whatsoever of where Cody might go, he went to the only place where he knew Cody would eventually return, the Tipton.

Back at the Tipton, Zack went straight to the suite, ignoring everyone who greeted him. Inside the suite, Carey wondered why Zack was home already.

"Zack, what happened? Why aren't you still in school?"

"I don't feel good." It was true, after seeing Cody's face, he felt horrible.

"What's wrong?" Carey kneeled down and stroked Zack's back.

"I don't really want to talk about it." Zack went straight to his room.

"(Well, it's definitely not a sickness. Something's wrong.)" Carey felt that she should just let it go for now. It wasn't her thing to pry into her kids' business unless it was serious.

Inside Zack and Cody's room, "(I'm such an idiot! That look on Cody's face, he hates me! I hope he returns.)" Zack just laid on his bed as he awaited Cody's return. He slowly drifted to sleep while waiting.

Meanwhile, a few hours had passed and Cody had made several stops. He continued to cry while thinking "(That stupid Zack! I HATE HIM! Of all the things to do! Now no one in school will take me seriously ever again!)" Cody then got up and finally got the sense to go back to the Tipton. He wasn't far from the Tipton, he continued running towards it senselessly until suddenly…

Six hours pass, school should be over. Carey patiently awaited the return of her second born twin. After a while, Cody didn't return at all.

"(Where's Cody? He should be home by now.)" After about half an hour, it finally hit Carey why Cody wasn't returning. She went into Zack's room and found him sulking.

"Zack," he looks up at her. "Where's Cody? What did you do?" Zack looked at her, not knowing what to say. He couldn't very well tell her that he embarrassed Cody right in front of the entire school, plus many of the teachers. He knew that he'd be grounded until Congress passed a bill saying that Carey is to unground her son. On the other hand, he was immensely worried about Cody.

"Mom, I kind of…" just as he was about to tell her, the phone rang. Carey left shortly to answer it. "(What am I going to say?)" Then, Carey came right back into the room to get Zack.

"ZACK! It's Mr. Mosby. He's saying that there's something we should see at the lobby, and it doesn't sound good!" Zack almost knew what.

"(Oh no!)" They both quickly made their way into the lobby. Downstairs, Mr. Mosby was facing outside when a grief stricken face. Maddie, London, and Estabon had already made their way outside. Carey and Zack quickly went outside to see what all the commotion was about. Before they made their way through Maddie stopped them for a moment. She was crying hysterically.

"Mrs. Martin, I'm so sorry. I saw him running and I couldn't stop him!" Carey was getting very concerned.

"What? What are you talking about?" She moved Maddie out of the way and saw Zack already standing over the lifeless Cody.

"NO! CODY! Speak to me!" Zack was in tears, lightly shaking Cody. He knew it was all his fault. Carey approached the twins. Her legs gave out and she was in tears the next second.

"My boy. What happened? How could this have happened?" Carey was confused. She didn't know what to say or do. Her younger twin son was lying on the ground dead. She picked him up to hug him.

Maddie finally got herself together and spoke up. "I was outside taking a break, and then I saw Cody running down the street. He was crying and not paying attention to anything, when a car came and ran him over."

"Why? What could have possessed him to do such a thing?" Carey was still rocking her dead son in her arms.

Zack sat right beside his mom. He was crying the most. "(This is all my fault! If I hadn't shown that stupid tape, Cody would still be here, with us, still alive!)" He leaned over and hugged his mom along with Cody.

He wanted to say something, but his guilty conscience was holding him back. "(If I tell them, everyone will hate me forever.)"

Carey still continued to cuddle her youngest while tears streamed down her face. "My poor baby. Why? Why did you have to leave?" The paramedics were already there, but waited. They were grief stricken by the situation and allowed Carey and Zack to have a few moments before taking him away.

"Miss, we're terribly sorry for your loss, but we have to take him. We can't have him stay here on the street any longer." Carey and Zack released Cody and allowed the paramedics to put Cody into the ambulance and go to the hospital.

Maddie was calm, but still crying. "Zack, Mrs. Martin, you should go back to your room. I know this is more than anything you two could handle." Carey got up, but Zack was really weak and couldn't bring himself to stand up. Estabon scooped Zack into his arms and carried him to their room.

Inside, Maddie had made Carey some tea while Estabon brought Zack to his room. "I know how you feel. I've lost love ones too back in my home country. It took me years to get over it." Estabon told Zack as he set him down on his bed.

"Thank you Estabon. Can you please leave? I'd like to be alone for a while (or forever)." Zack quietly asked him.

"I understand. I'll go help you with your mother." Estabon leaves and offers support to Carey.

Zack lies down and curls up in his bed. "(I'M STUPID, I'M STUPID! By trying to get Cody back, in return I lost my only brother! I HATE MYSELF! WHY DID I HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS? I don't care if everyone hates me, I just wish that Cody was back!)" He cries very hard into his pillow.

Back in the living room, "I'm going to go check up on Zack." Maddie says.

"Don't." Estabon stops her. "He said that he wants to be alone. We should give him time before you try to talk to him." He explains.

"I see. It must be horrible for him. Now he's an only child, he has no more twin. I bet that's worse then actually losing a sibling." Maddie sits down and continues to console Carey.

Back in the room, Zack, due to all the crying, tires himself to sleep. "(Nothing matters anymore. Girls, money, school, friends, all of it means nothing if I can't share it with Cody.)" He finally falls asleep. He then begins dreaming.

In his dreams he looks around and finds a familiar face, one that looks like him.

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