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Chapter 4 – A Friend Like No Other

The next day, Zack met Randy at school first thing.

"Zack, I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what things we could pull at the Saint Mark Hotel."

Zack is hesitant in replying. "Yeah, sure, can't wait. (Need to make him believe that pulling pranks is wrong and that we shouldn't be doing it.)" Zack couldn't believe what he had just said in his head, but he knew that getting Cody back would mean stopping everything he loves doing.

"Zack," Randy calls out, bringing Zack out of his thoughts, "what do you think we should do first?"

Zack is apprehensive in answering, "I've never actually been to the Saint Mark, so I wouldn't know what kind of stuff to pull there." He answers while trying sound like he's for it, when in truth he's against it.

"I guess we could figure it out when we get there. I can't wait!" They resume school, Randy eagerly waiting, while Zack was trying to figure out how to stop Randy.

"(How do I convince Randy that pulling pranks and all that other stuff is bad? Cody was so good at this, but I'm not like him. He was always far more clever than I am.)" Zack was at a loss.

Several hours later, Zack came to a conclusion; he was going to see what Randy's capable of. Not too long after, school ended and Zack and Randy go to the Tipton to prepare. Randy goes to Zack's room to find items that would be useful. He looks around and begins planning.

"What would be good? What could cause the most chaos?"

When Zack hears this he knew that he had to intervene, "Randy, you can't be doing this?" Zack tells him.

"Come on Zack, you said that you always pull pranks on the staff at the Tipton." Randy says as he formulates his prank at the Saint Mark.

"I know, but I also know that it's not right. Wouldn't you feel bad or guilty if one of your pranks went too far?" Zack asks him, trying to hit his conscience.

"Well, I guess I could…" Zack thinks that he finally got to him. "tone it down a bit!" Randy changes his plans slightly. If Zack didn't want Cody back as bad as he wanted, he would've given up a long time ago.

"NO!" Zack finally yells. This grabs Randy's attention immediately.

"What's your problem? You're the one who gave me the idea to do this?"

"I know, but I didn't think you were going to try and take it this far?" Zack was very worried.

"This far? I didn't even do anything yet!" Randy starts getting frustrated.

"I meant that I didn't think you were going to try and cause chaos." Zack restates his sentence.

"Oh I see," Randy says.

"See what?" Zack's now confused.

"You can't handle what I want to do. You're afraid of getting in trouble and all that crap." Randy tells him.

"What? Not even close!" Zack was now himself getting irritated.

"Then why are you trying to stop me?" Randy brings up.

"Because it's wrong!" Zack responds.

"But you do it!"

"Not anymore. It's not worth the trouble." Zack tells him. "(It's not worth losing a brother.)"

"So what? You think I'm just going to stop because you tell me it's wrong? I don't need you." Randy storms out of the suite and soon out of the hotel.

"No! RANDY!" Zack is unable to stop him and watches him leave. He didn't know what to say without mentioning Cody. When Randy left, Zack just couldn't take it anymore and starts crying.

Carrie then enters the room, oblivious to Zack's sorrow. "Hey Zack, what's up with Randy? Did you two fight or something?" She finally notices Zack on the floor crying. "Oh, Zack! What happened?" She picks him up and lets him rest on her shoulder.

"It's hard!" Zack yells out.

"What's hard?" Carrie wonders.

He calms himself down a bit so he could speak clearly. "How do you convince someone that something they're doing is wrong?" Zack goes back on her shoulder.

"I don't really know what exactly your talking about, but if Randy's doing something wrong and he won't listen," she moves Zack off her shoulder so she can look directly at him, "then probably the only thing you could do is to show him how wrong what he's doing is. If he suffers the consequences, then he might change his mind." Carrie explains.

"(I know too well. Wait a minute! That gives me an idea!) Wow Mom, you're really good at this stuff." Zack quickly wipes away his tears and gets up. "Thanks Mom!" He kisses her and runs to his room to grab some stuff.

"That boy. (I'm hoping that I didn't give him an idea for something bad.)" She decides that it's better leaving it as it is.

Zack makes his way to the Saint Mark hotel, receiving a "I'm keeping an eye on you" from Mrs. Schickagugamayer (whatever!). He then starts looking around the hotel searching for where Randy might be.

On the fourth floor he discovered Randy tying a very fine plastic thread across the hallway to trip and passing folk. Zack wanted to stop him, but he also didn't want Randy to see him.

As the elevator opened, a few visitors came through the hallway and oblivious to the thread, all of them tripped all over each other.

"(Thank goodness none of them were old or already injured. I have to stop him, but how?)" Zack pondered as he quietly followed Randy to his next destination.

After a few more pranks and traps, Zack couldn't take it anymore. He knew he had to do something to stop Randy before he really hurts someone.

"(I wonder what hotel security's doing? No wonder people prefer the Tipton over the Saint Mark.)" Zack then got an idea on how to stop Randy, but he knew it was extreme, something that he would never do for anyone except for his brother, mom, and maybe girlfriend.

Around the 10th floor workout room, Zack noticed Randy sabotaging some of the equipment. He saw him cleanly breaking some of the weights, detaching strings on the strength resistance machines, nothing that Zack knew wouldn't seriously hurt someone. Then, he saw Randy duck into the plants near the back of room so he could watch the misfortune he'll soon cause others.

Zack wasn't sure exactly what Randy had sabotaged, so he kept a close eye on everyone in the room. There were only a couple of people in there. He then saw a moderately big woman step onto a treadmill that Randy had messed with. Zack moved closer to make sure that the woman did not get hurt badly because behind the treadmills were the weight training machines.

As the lady started the machine everything seemed normal, until a few moments later when the treadmill starts speeding up uncontrollably. At that time, there was only another lady in the room, but she was much smaller. He knew that the lady was going to get thrown off the treadmill so he quickly ran behind the woman and got ready to shield her from the machines behind him.

A few seconds later, the lady finally gave out and got thrown off the machine. Zack prepared himself and immediately the woman hits him and his body serving as a barrier between the woman and the machines. Randy notices this and jumps out of his hiding place.

"What in blazes!" She slowly gets up and turns toward Zack. "Thank you for saving m……e? Oh my GOSH!" The lady quickly leans down to hold the limp figure. Zack was knocked out from the impact.

"HELP! PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP!" Randy quickly approaches Zack.

"Oh no! What have I done! Zack! Wake up!" He sits down beside Zack trying to wake him up. Finally, some nurses come barging into the room followed by the petite lady.

"What happened?" One of the nurses asked while the other quickly bends down to check on Zack. Randy remained quiet, not wanting to take the blame, even though guilt was spelt all over his face.

The lady then spoke up. "While I was on the treadmill, something went horribly wrong. The treadmill constantly kept on speeding up. When I was thrown off the machine, this young boy stood in the way between me and the machines behind us."

"I see. Sally, what's his condition?" Nurse Rachael asked her partner.

"He's knocked out. I'm not sure if he's suffering from a concussion or any broken bones." Zack then started coming to. Randy got really nervous because Zack might tell on him.

"He's awake!" The petite lady pointed out. Both of the nurses then gather around him.

"Are you okay?"

"I think so." Zack said as he tried to get up. When he used his left arm to push himself up, he let out a sudden "YEOW!"

Nurse Sally quickly takes hold of his arm. "Don't move you arm. It's broken."

"How come you didn't know that before?" Nurse Rachael asked her.

"I didn't want to move any part of his body, just in case." She then turns her attention to Zack. "We have to get you to a hospital." She then looks at everyone else. "Any of you family or friends?" Randy wanted to speak up, but he knew he had no right, after getting Zack's arm broken.

Zack then uses his right arm and points at Randy. "He's my friend, can he come?" Randy was shocked. He was completely at fault for hurting Zack and Zack still considers him a friend.

"Sure. At the hospital we have to contact your parents okay?" Zack nods to them. The nurses leave for a little bit grab a wheelchair for Zack. While they're gone, both the ladies stay near the entrance to watch Zack and Randy, but out of hearing distance. Randy then kneels down to speak with Zack.

"How come you didn't rat out on me?" He asks, completely confused.

Zack wanted to say that it was because he was his brother, but he couldn't. "I don't know. I guess it's because I don't want to see you in trouble like I always get in." He meant it, even if it wasn't Cody completely, Zack didn't want to see his brother get into the trouble that he's always getting into.

"But it's completely my fault that your arm's broken." Randy then says.

"It's okay, it'll heal. (Probably before my heart does.)" He then remembers why he did this. "This is why I didn't want you to pull any kind of prank. If I didn't block that woman who knows what might have happened. The hotel, or worse, your dad could've gotten sued." Zack explains.

"I guess. Okay, no more pranks. I'll try to spend more time doing things like homework." Just then, Zack saw a little bit of Cody return. "You're a really great friend Zack. I promise that I'll be careful, with you and with others." With that Zack smiled for the first time since this test started.


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