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Just Watch The Fireworks

Chapter One "Ignited"

Haley rolled over and felt a warm muscular body beside her. She groaned trying to remember anything from the night before, but the only thing registering was that her body ached as much as her head.

Nudging the sleeping figure beside her she tried to adjust her eyes to her surroundings. This wasn't her usual suite. It was just as large, but different. Clothes were strewn about, champagne bottles all over the floor, whipped cream cans in all flavors, and last but certainly not least was one of her favorite Versace dresses ripped in to over a lamp shade.

"Damn it," she nudged the sleeping figure even harder after seeing the dress. It was one of a kind and would Donatella would kill her for destroying her creation. Not that she would ever wear it again, but some charity could at least have made some money off a gown worn by Haley James. She smirked and wondered if a dress ripped from the naked body of Haley James before being fucked would make a hell of a lot more money to some internet pervert.

Growing annoyed she nudged him one more time. "Get the hell up."

He groaned. "Damn, someone's a bitch in the mornings?"

Turning to face her they both saw flashes of memories reflect in the others eyes.

"Oh shit." Haley muttered and pulled the covers over her head.

Nathan chuckled. "I think you owe me ten thousand sweetheart."


"Jake I don't give a shit what Brooke's bitching about. I really need this weekend." Haley complained to Jake on her cell phone while the stewardess showed her to her seat in first class.

"I'm just your agent, but for some reason playing referee to you and Brooke seems to be my main job." He laughed.

"You love us so much Jakey. Besides Brooke and I love each other which is why we butt heads. I don't know why she's so scared that one teeny weenie weekend solo in Vegas could hurt my image."

Jake rolled his eyes and picked up a picture of his girls, Haley and Brooke. They were his best friends, but they would be the death of him. "Haley she's you PR goddess and you are America's Sweetheart. Last time you were there you climbed up on the stage and proceeded to give the entire audience a strip show."

"Oh that's bull shit, I was with a lot of friends and I had a bra on. It's the same as a bathing suit Jake."

"Well, you left this time without any body guards Haley. Do you know how dangerous that is?" He gently asked.

Haley softened at the worry in his voice. "I know, but I just wanted to get away at the last minute. I promise I won't leave the hotel without an escort and you know the hotel will beef up security while I'm on the premises anyway."

"Just promise to check in." He conceded.

"I will and I love you Jake. Tell Brooke I love her too."

Jake chuckled. "Have fun, but not too much. When you're a famous actress what happens in Vegas never stays in Vegas, Hales."

"Trust me Jake, I will be on my best behavior."

Clicking her phone shut she made sure to order a Martini before the stewardess walked away.

Three minutes later, Roberta returned with her drink. Haley appraised her as she did everyone. She looked to be in her late forties and a tad overweight, but nevertheless seemed to be a kind person. She didn't fit her for the type that would bombard Haley with questions of her celebrity life or dig for gossip to sell to tabloids. That in itself relaxed Haley.

"Roberta, do you mind me asking who else will be in first class?"

"Well, Miss. James, as per your request, we moved our flights around so you had as much privacy as possible. However, one passenger wouldn't budge in taking the discounted ten minute later flight. "

Haley shrugged. "One is perfectly fine. Thank you for all your hard work, I really appreciate it."

Roberta smiled kindly before returning to take care of her other duties.

Leaning back Haley closed her eyes and tried to calm her nerves. She'd just wrapped up production work on her latest film. It was another romantic comedy that would no doubt be huge in the box office, yet it left her unfulfilled. She'd been offered so many dramatic roles, but none ever felt right. In truth, she didn't know if she'd be any good and that terrified her. Taking that leap into something she wasn't known for left her so vulnerable to the critics and to her audience. She would never admit she was afraid, she just hoped one day she would have the courage.

She was twenty four years old and in most respects accomplished so much. She was born in Texas and loved it there. In fact, her Southern accent was one of her trademarks. In the majority of her movies they encouraged her not to alter her accent. Critics said it automatically gave her a charm no one could deny.

Her father was a well known doctor and her mother was a registered nurse for thirty years. She was an only child ,yet was surrounded by aunts, uncles, and tons of cousins. She could never have wished for a better upbringing. When she was eighteen she went off to the University of Texas to become a doctor. She had joined a sorority and by chance was picked to be the lead in a production for charity her sorority was putting on. She never thought she had any talent even though she always loved being the center of attention.

Getting ready for a huge keg party at a fraternity house that same night she got the shock of her life when an agent who was a guest of alumni Matthew McConaughey wanted to meet her. It turned out the fraternity in the production with her sorority happened to have Matthew as one of it's brothers and they caught the show to drum up more press and donations.

As soon as finals were over that she flew out to Las Angeles and even if she didn't know it then, would never return to school. Before she could blink she was cast in a movie as Matthew's adoring younger sister. Within a year she would be side by side with Matthew again, but this time as his leading lady. By twenty she was on every magazine cover in sight and being pulled in every direction. The press deemed her the "Southern Belle" of Hollywood. Everyone seemed to love her, but being America's Sweetheart was hard to live up too.

Her every move was watched and if she even glanced at a Hollywood bad boy it was splashed all over the papers the next day. She still couldn't believe that having one dinner with George Clooney had her having his child the next day. It was amazing what the press could come up with.

Brooke was her saving grace always making sure the press showed Haley in the best light and were on her side. Haley and Brooke had met through Jake, who happened to be the agent she met that fateful night. Brooke and Jake had grown up together. Both had gone to USC and went off in similar directions. Their clients lists were usually identical. One always referred the other. Haley could never see why they never dated, but both continued to point out they were more brother sister than anything. Haley had clung to both as soon as she hit LA. All three had become more successful in each passing year. So much so that Brooke and Jake were soon about to open their own agency specializing in Management and Public Relations. Haley was behind them one hundred percent.

Finishing off the last of her Martini she finally felt a small amount of tension disappearing. She only had a one week break till her next film was due to begin production, but thank god this one was in LA for the majority of filming. The last six months in England made her ache for home, although Texas was home in her heart, LA was becoming normal.

Closing her eyes one last time she let sleep over take her.

Nathan Scott ran down the terminal knowing he would be cutting it close. With one charming smile, though, they let him through telling him to hurry.

Catching his breath he handed the Stewardess his ticket. She looked annoyed with his tardiness and without a word led him to his seat in first class.

"Can I have drink?" he asked as soon as he was seated.

"You'll have to wait till we're in the air. Maybe if you were on time you wouldn't have had to wait." She gave him a small smile and walked away.

"Damn, must not be a sports fan." He muttered to himself.

Stretching his long legs out he surveyed his surroundings. He could see a girl with wavy dark blonde hair in front of him and figured if he was in the mood he's check her out later. Maybe if she was anything to look at he'd make her dreams come true and let her at least blow him. That would definitely help him relax.

Reaching in his bag he took out the latest Sports Illustrated and People Magazine. Both had a picture of him and his brother grinning from ear to ear holding the National Championship trophy between them. It was the first win for both and they did it side by side.

Lucas was a year older and had been drafted, after college, to New York while Nathan the following year was drafted to LA. They both took their separate teams to the playoffs, but both were itching to play side by side. To once again be the unstoppable machine the Scott brothers has been at Duke. Thankfully, before Nathan started his third season in the pros the Lakers had traded and negotiated to get Lucas on their team. The boys had an amazing talent separately, but together they were dominating. They knew each other through and through and played off each other like no other two in the business.

They could be in a fist fight off the court, but as soon as they stepped on the court and the clock started they were in the zone.

Growing up they had been close always. They fought almost every day, but only because they were both as stubborn as their father, as their mother always told them. Nathan let a smile come to his face at the thought of his parents.

Dan and Karen Scott were high school sweethearts that never fell out of love. They married at eighteen and never regretted it. They had to be on their own in school because of their choices, but waiting one more minute to be married was not an option to either of them. So, with college loans and part time jobs they both made it through. Dan and Karen both majored in business. Royal Scott, who had been against them from the start, was so damn proud he handed over Scott Motors to them both. Together the couple made Scott Motors a Nation wide chain and raised two boys along the way.

To this day Nathan never knew how they balanced everything and managed to look so in love. Both Nathan and Lucas had to still beg the two to quit making out in front of them.

Nathan shuddered to himself. Reading the article he smirked at the line about his and Lucas's love lives. While Lucas was the much more private one, Nathan's exploits were all over the paper and entertainment networks. He was the playboy of the game and was loving it. Just because his parents found what they wanted so young sure as hell didn't mean he had to. Still, every time he gave that excuse his tiny five foot mother found some way to slap him upside the head.

Life was good though. Lucas and he had just inked major deals with Nike, Sprite, Gatorade, McDonalds, and Visa worth close to a billion over all. To celebrate Lucas took his latest fling to some private island, while Nathan preferred the bright lights of Vegas. Where the clubs, tables, and women were all hot.

"Sir would you like anything to drink now that we're in the air?" Roberta asked him.

Nathan was about to answer when he saw her. "God Damn!" He blurted out.

"Excuse me sir?"

Nathan looked up at the stewardess. "Um actually, could bring me a bottle of Patron with all the shot fixings." Nathan smiled charmingly to her even though it was obviously lost on the ticked off stewardess.

"My pleasure." She rolled her eyes and went about retrieving his order.

Nathan fixed his eyes in the direction on the lavatory where his next conquest had ventured too. Finally, she appeared and the front side was just as drop dead gorgeous as the back. She was wearing a strapless black & white floral sun dress that showcased her breasts and flowed out at her waist paired with some ultra high strappy white sandals. Her gorgeous legs almost shimmered to him and he knew that they must be silky smooth to the touch. As he worked his way up from her amazing rack and waves of dark blonde hair over her creamy shoulders he finally realized who she was.

His conquest just got a hell of a lot more interesting. He wondered if 'Miss All American Girl' had a wild side. He damn sure was going to find out.

Haley just got settled once again when she noticed someone hovering over her. Looking up annoyed she spotted Nathan Scott. She'd know that face anywhere. He was the only one that gave her a run for her money in number of magazine covers.

He gave her a dazzling smile. "You mind if I sit with you Miss James."

Giving him a quick once over she noted he was devastingly handsome and she could see why they called him the Adonis. Dark hair, piercing cobalt eyes, strong features, and a body of a Greek God, hence the nickname, would describe Nathan Scott. He was wearing what she knew to be Diesel jeans, and a black button up Calvin Klein shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He had that sexy just throw something on look that only men celebs could carry off. Women celebs had to always look pulled together or you were a fashion don't on every newsstand the next day. God forbid you go to Starbucks with hair in a messy bun and no make-up.

"So you really are as gorgeous in person?" He took her hand and kissed it.

Haley smirked. "And you're really a cocky asshole if you think I'd fall for that."

Nathan chuckled. "So this is a no bullshit convo."

"That would be nice Mr. Scott."

"First off, it's Nathan, and second in all honestly you are hot as hell."

Haley winked at him. "Now that I would believe."

Roberta returned with his order and a surprised look on her face. "Will you be requiring this here or in your assigned seat."

He glanced over at Haley who was now looking through her designer purse.

"Just leave it here."

"Yes sir."

"So Miss James have you ever taken a shot?" He asked as he poured his own.

"What do you think?" She smirked and took the bottle from him.

He almost chocked on his when he discovered an initialed shot glass that clearly came out her purse being filled by her.

"You carry around a shot glass?

She shrugged. "Never know when it could come in handy."

He just smirked back at her thinking that there was a lot more to Miss Haley James than just meets the eye. This girl was definitely not as innocent as her image made her out to be.

Forty five minutes and many shots later they both were successfully on the way to drunk.

"So Nathan… is your brother as hot as he looks?"

"Shit, did you have to go there?" He cringed to her delight.

"Aw, did I hurt big bad Nathan's ego?"

"I know what would make me feel better." He whispered in her ear.

His hot breath against her skin made her involuntary shiver. She could easily take him right then and there, but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction. Gaining back her control she placed her hand on his jean clad thigh and teasingly massaged everywhere but where he really wanted her to.

She leaned over to him." Do you really think I'm that easy." Pulling her hand back she gave his frustrated expression a grin and refilled their glasses.

"Playing dirty I see."

"That's the only way to play baby." She handed him another shot.

"Well, since we're headed to Vegas how about a little wager?"

"I'm up for anything." She gave him a coy smile and licked his hand before shaking salt on it.

Nathan groaned at her gesture imagining how great it would be to have that tongue licking other parts of his anatomy. This girl was not what he expected and thank god for that. He expected to show this shy demure American's Sweetheart what sex was all about and just from a few gestures and how she spoke he could tell he might pick up a thing or two. Vegas was looking better and better with each passing second.

Shaking his head from his thoughts he returned to the task at hand. "Then you won't have a problem with this bet. I bet you ten thousand dollars I'll have you in bed by the end of the night."

Haley thought for a second and moved around their make shift bar. "In bed figuratively or literally?" She said seductively as she straddled his lap. "Because would I lose if I fucked you in the shower, or on a sidewalk, or in a club, or in a Jacuzzi, or…right here." She teasingly pressed herself against his hardness.

She could see the lust in his eyes and was loving the power she had. She took his hand licking the salt off it before downing her shot.

"Looks like you need to take yours." She mused reaching over and grabbing the salt shaker. "You lick, I pour." She looked down at the tops of her breasts, that were pushed up by her sundress, telling him exactly where to lick.

Nathan smirked before expertly sliding his tongue across her right breast and then moving to dip into her cleavage making her to grind against him harder. He kissed each breast before kissing her neck softly and backing away.

"Salt?" He asked enjoying having the upper hand for at least a moment.

Haley looked confused before coming back to her senses and shaking salt onto the right breast that had got the most attention.

He greedily went to work licking the salt making sure to get every last tiny speck off. He heard her whimper and he snapped.

Not being able take another second he grabbed her head and pulled her into a hard kiss. The kiss was fierce and both tasted blood neither knowing who's it was or caring. As he pressed into her she grinded down just as hard causing them to moan into each other's mouths.

They heard someone clearing there throat behind them and halted. Haley looked over Nathan's shoulder to see Roberta staring them down.

"Damn you'd think in first class we could get some privacy." She whispered and nibbled on his ear.

With a smile she retracted herself from Nathan's lap and settled back in her own seat. In the corner of her eye she noticed Nathan running his hands through his hair looking anything but pleased at the interruption.

"Pardon the intrusion, but we'll be landing shortly please remain seated and buckle your seat belt."

Both nodded and did as instructed seeing as she wouldn't leave until they did.

"God, she sure knows how to cock block." Nathan sighed.

"Who said you were getting any?" Haley asked innocently.

"Just because you're being such a damn tease. Let's make it figuratively, since apparently we could end up fucking our way through Vegas. Pinning one time down to the bed would make it more challenging."

"Don't be so sure." Haley taunted.

Nathan scoffed. "Where are you staying anyway?"

Haley winked at him. "Apparently with you."

A half hour later Nathan had her pinned against his suite's door ignoring the embarrassed bell hop waiting to let them in.

Finally, they had shifted enough for him to do so and were making there way to the bed.

"I'll have to tip him in the morning." Nathan mumbled against her lips.

Haley ripped his shirt open sending buttons flying. She started kissing down is chest. "I think the show we put on was tip enough." She giggled and went to work on his belt.

He groaned and ran his hands into her thick wavy hair holding her where he wanted her.

Haley grabbed him through his boxers before pulling them down to join his discarded pants. She teasingly twirled the tip of her tongue around the tip his length before shocking him and taken him all the way in.

"God Damn, where the hell did you learn to do this?" He moaned and pulled at her hair.

She removed her lips and smiled up at him. "Do you really want me to talk or continue sucking?"

This time he surprised her and yanked her up seizing her lips instantly. Finding her zipper he quickly removed her dress leaving her in only a lacy black thong.

He shoved her against a wall and she winced in pain. He paused worried he'd actually hurt her, but she reached down and grabbed him assuring him she was better that fine. With his hands he ripped the thong of her not wanting anything else in the way.

Reaching into a near by bowl, that Nathan had called to request, she grabbed a condom and in record speed had it on him.

He made a move for the bed but she shook her head. "Against the wall…now" She ordered breathlessly.

He didn't need to be told twice. In one fluid motion he had her lifted so she could wrap her legs around him and entered her without hesitation.

She clawed at his back as he drove into her relentlessly. They were both in a haze of lust and alcohol. It was hard, fast, and intense the way they would later discover they both loved.

Nathan couldn't believe how she was keeping up with him and driving him insane with her moans. Every thrust she matched and before long her moans turned to screams of pleasure.

This girl knew sex and their bodies fit to perfection.

With her screaming his name he reached his climax and they rode the waves together.

"God that was unfuckingbelievable." He managed to get out between breathes as he let her down.

She smiled and wobbled a bit on her high heels. "You still haven't gotten me in the bed yet."

He reached for her but she pulled away. He watched her hips sway as she walked to her luggage and retrieve something that looked to be a pale purple. She stepped into and pulled it up, revealing it to be a body hugging tube dress that made him want to ram her up against another wall for round two.

She turned to find him still staring at her completely nude. "Aren't you getting dressed?"

"Aren't you going to wear underwear?"

Walking up to him she kissed down his jaw line every so slowly before dropping a tantalizing kiss on his lips. "I thought you'd prefer easy access, as you so delicately put it, 'fuck our way through Vegas'. "

He laughed and went over to retrieve some clothes.

Looking around Haley raided the complimentary mini alcohols and put around twenty in an oversized Prada purse she brought.

"You know James they do have alcohol at the places we'll be going."

She rolled her eyes. "Well, this is for the limo ride and because I need to stay liquored up if the press finds out I'm with you, which I'm sure they will." She teased even though the latter half of her statement was true.

Nathan wore what he had on the plane except for a white Armani dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up the first few buttons undone. Coming up behind her he leaned down to rest his chin on her shoulder. "We could just ride around getting plastered in the limo then maybe finding a pool to ourselves later."

"Sound perfect." She tilted her head back to meet his lips for a kiss.

Both their cells began to go off and Nathan took her hand leading them out of the room.

"That could be…" She started to object before he cut her off.

"Who the hell cares. We're drunk and we want to have fun. I'm not bad ass Nathan Scott and you're not America's Sweetheart. Let's leave the damn images behind before the alcohol wears off . No strings, no consequences, just enjoying the hell out of each other no matter who the fuck we are."

Haley giggled and jumped on his back. "Carry me."

He secured her legs around him and walked to the elevator.

Once inside Haley hopped off his back and pressed the STOP button. Pulling him to her she kissed him deeply while reaching for his pants. "We have a good five minutes before they come, so do me fast."

Nathan smirked and put a hand between her legs loving the feel of her. "Yes ma'am."

Haley walked backwards and sat on the low bench. With a sultry smile she put her legs up into a perfect V. He was on his knees and inside her before she could make a sound.

As she pinned her heels into his back and the pleasure built inside her she whispered a few words to him before she lost all ability to think. "No way you're getting me in that bed."

End of Flashback…

"God I thought that was just one long wet dream I had." Her muffled voice came from under the sheet.

"No you had the pleasure of the real deal."

She threw the sheet off her and attempted to get out of bed, but her spinning head sent her reeling back down.

"Were you this obnoxious last night?" She moaned in pain as she clutched her head.

"Where you this bitchy and whiny last night?" He threw back.

"Bite me." She grumbled.

"Already had the pleasure."

"God you're an ass."

"Whatever, just see if there is are in pills in your bag. I didn't bring a damn thing."

Haley rolled her eyes and slowly got out of the bed. She was still naked, but figured why be ashamed now? Looking in her bag she spotted migraine pills and tossed the bottle to him. She did retrieve a robe before she got back into the bed. She may not be ashamed, but why give him the pleasure.

She slipped on the baby blue satin robe and sat Indian style on the bed.

As she reached for a pill he'd gotten out for her she noticed a weird look on his face.

"What?" She irritably asked.

"Where did you get that?" He pointed to her ring finger.

Glancing down she noticed for the first time the at least six carat princess cut solitaire with a platinum band encased with diamonds. That didn't confuse her as much as the other ring adorning her finger. It was a platinum band with princess cut diamonds all around it. If she didn't know any better it looked like a wedding band. Quickly she snatched his left hand and found a platinum ring on his left ring ringer with four small diamonds in the band.

"Oh Shit!" Both their voices screamed in unison.

Haley felt her head throb and tossed the pill in her mouth dry.

"Please tell me we just felt like buying jewelry?" She almost seemed to beg him.

Nathan looked to where his wallet and hotel key where and saw a sheet of paper folded. Almost afraid he reached for it and opened it slowly.

"God Damn!" He yelled and flung it over to her.

Haley looked over and saw both their names and signatures on a marriage license.

"This can't be happening." She fell back against her pillows.

Nathan grabbed the remote clicking power and it immediately went to FOX News.

Haley watched and shook her head. "Well, hubby we made the scroll."

"No shit."

"Quit being such an asshole. I'll call and have it annulled in no time."

"The hell you will. I'm filing first." He protested.

"Let's see who has the better image? Oh that's right, me. So kiss my ass, I'm doing it first."

He yanked her cell from her hand and was about to argue when they heard banging on their suite door.

The madness was about to begin...