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Peace and Quiet
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Yomi was sitting and staring out at the school grounds, savouring the quiet she had manged to find, as quiet was very rare wherever she happened to be. However it was nice,quiet and peaceful that lunch time, at least until…

"Sailor Tomo V is here!" Tomo's annoyingly loud voice bellowed, ringing out and breaking the silence like a foghorn. Yomi sighed; she's thought too soon; it wasn't possible for her to get a single moment's worth of peace and quite, was it?

'Am I asking for too much that I want to eat my lunch in silence without something idiotic happening? Namely something idiotic courtesy of Tomo?' Yomi silently pleaded to whatever gods there were. Well, whatever gods there were didn't seem to have heard Yomi – they were probably too busy granting wishes (no, wait, my mistake, that's a genie). Anyway, whaever gods there were certainly hadn't heard Yomi's plea for peace and quiet, as she had not only been blessed with Tomo's company, no, she had been blessed with Osaka's as well.

It was then that Yomi noticed that Tomo's hair, which was normally as wild as her wildcat personality, was tied up in two bunches.

"What the heck have you done to your hair?" Yomi asked as Tomo and Osaka sat down next to her.

"I stole them."

"Stole what?" Yomi asked. "Please tell me you haven't been 'shoplifting' free samples from the drugstore again?"

"That was one time," Tomo pouted. "But anyways, I tell you I did steal them."

"Steal what, Tomo?" Yomi asked again, already exhasperated and tired of her friend's immature behaviour.

"I stole Chiyo-chan's pigtails," Tomo grinned, pointing to her own hair, which was currently in pigtails, and Osaka gasped.

"No, Tomo, you can't have! They'll take ovah your brain if ya really have stolen em! Noooooo!"

"Right," Yomi sighed, "You know what Tomo?"


"It's a pity that 'stealing' Chiyo-chan's pigtails didn't give you some of her brain as well."

"Huh? You mean if I stole her brain I'd become smart?"

"Nooo! Yah can't steal Chiyo-chan's brain, it'd leave her as a zombie, and tha pigtails whud take ovah her brain then take ovah tha world!"

"Osaka, we've been through this before, Chiyo-chan's pigtails are not controlling her brain," Yomi sighed, smaking her hand to her forehead in desperation.

"No," Tomo grinned. "The little blue men from Mars are controlling her brain."

"Little green men," Yomi corrected her without thinking and Osaka gasped in shock.

"Ya mean aliens are controlling her? Tha pigtails are aliens I tell ya, aliens!" with that she pulled Tomo's hair out of its pigtails.

"What did you do that for?" Tomo complained.

"So tha pigtails duhnt control ya, Tomo-chan. Chiyo-chan may have been lost ta the evil aliens, but I hope I can save ya before ya get brainrinsed!"

"You mean brainwashed," Yomi corrected.

"I wondah whetha tha lil blue men from Mars have taken control of Yomi-chan. Maybe that's why she's so smart!"

"But her hair's not in pigtails," Tomo pointed out. "Maybe Yomi's their leader."

Osaka's eyes widened in horror, "AAAAAAAAAAH! Yomi's an alieeeeeeeeeen! Thay've stolen her body and made her their spy!" she screamed and she tore off down the stairs back into the school building with Tomo chasing after her.

'Finally' Yomi thought, 'they're gone. Maybe now I can have some peace.'

With that the bell rang. Yomi sighed and glared at the bell: all she'd wanted was to steal a moment's peace and quiet, was that really too much to ask?