Every once and awhile, there was something about Jack that turned Ennis into a wild animal. Something in Ennis would snap, and just the sight of Jack would send a strong jolt through Ennis's body, hardening him instantly. And there was nothing, nothing in the world that could keep Ennis from him.

And that's what happened to him when he heard Jack's truck turn into his gravel driveway. It was just past 8 o'clock in the evening, and Ennis had been expecting Jack at anytime. He had been anxiously waiting on his couch, smoking cigarette after cigarette, occasionally pacing and looking out the window.

The second he heard Jack's truck, Ennis bolted off the couch. He knew it was him. He ran out the front door, and there he was. All it took was for Ennis to see the smile on Jack's face and the excitement in his eyes as he came up the drive, and Ennis felt that crazy, untamed fire spark deep within him.

Jack had just barely turned the engine off, and before he knew it Ennis was opening the truck door and his hands were on him, grabbing his coat, pulling him to his mouth. Ennis was on fire, kissing him wildly, forcing his tongue deep inside Jack's mouth as he sat in the seat of his truck. With fumbling hands, Ennis grabbed Jack's legs, turning Jack to face him as he moaned into his mouth.

Ennis ran his hands down Jack's legs, and when he got to his knees, he grasped them with his hands, and in one quick motion, pushed them out, forcing Jack's legs apart. Before Jack knew it, Ennis was pressed hard between his legs, grabbing his ass as he pressed into his rock hard erection.

Jack was moaning and breathing heavily as Ennis went to town on his neck, biting him and sucking hard, relentlessly leaving mark after mark. Ennis started fumbling impatiently at the zipper on Jack's coat, finally giving up and growling at Jack "Take it off...". Jack obeyed and quickly shed his coat as Ennis's hot lips found his mouth again.

Ennis was breathing hard, and he was desparate, fucking desparate for Jack. He just couldn't take it anymore. He stepped back and pulled Jack out of the truck by the collar of his shirt, pushing the door shut with his boot. Ennis shoved Jack hard against the truck, pinning him with his body. He took Jack's face in his hands, bringing their smoltering lips together, working his hot tongue into Jack's mouth. Their bodies were sweating and their hearts were pounding as they grinded into one another.

Ennis grabbed Jack's belt, had it undone in seconds, then was tearing at his jeans to get them open. Jack moaned as Ennis shoved his pants down, freeing his seeping cock. Ennis reached down and took Jack in his hand, slowly rubbing his thumb over the tip, spreading the wetness around the swelling head. "Oh Ennis...oh God, Ennis," Jack moaned as he threw his head back and closed his eyes. Ennis continued rubbing and stroking Jack's hard dick, unable to take his eyes off him, of the way he looked in the moonlight as he drove him wild, or the way he looked when he started thrusting his hips forward, fucking into his fist.

And when Jack reached down between Ennis's legs and slowly but firmly dragged his palm over the crotch of his jeans, Ennis completely lost it. He had to have Jack. He was about ready to burst. And what Ennis did next almost made Jack come right then and there.

Ennis pulled away from Jack and looked at him, his eyes filled with crazy desire, and he grabbed Jack by the shoulders, turned him around, and bent him over onto the hood of the truck. Jack moaned as he heard Ennis frantically undoing his belt and unzipping his pants behind him. Jack used his arms to brace his upper body solidly on the hood, knowing what was coming.

Ennis let his pants fall to the ground, releasing his throbbing cock, dripping at the sight of Jack's bare ass. He pressed up against Jack, allowing his dick to rub along the crack and graze his hole. Ennis reached down between Jack's thighs as he nuzzled his neck, and spread him open as far as the jeans around his ankles would allow him to go. Ennis was driving Jack fucking crazy, he was panting with desire, trying to catch his breath. "Ennis...oh, god...fuck me, Ennis."

Then Ennis spit in his hand, and entered Jack from behind, moaning as his cock slipped deep into Jack's hot, tight hole. Jack moaned, crying out Ennis's name as he pounded him into the hood, fucking him deep and hard until he found the spot that made Jack moan and beg for more. Ennis's dick continued to slowly graze the spot over and over again, leaving Jack breathless, almost ready to come.

Ennis sped up his pace, thrusting into Jack as hard as he could, his balls slamming voilently against Jack's skin. He reached around, took Jack's cock in his hand, and furiously started pumping him. Both men were at their absolute peak, breathing hard, moaning, completely immersed in the mind-blowing pleasure of fucking. Jack began to buck against Ennis, pushing back into his every thrust. And then they were frantically racing, racing to the place that would take them over the edge.

And then they were there, coming together. Ennis coming deep inside of Jack's body, pouring into the warm safe place where it all began; and Jack coming in Ennis's roughened hand, shuddering, as he felt Ennis's sweet breath on the back of his neck.

And then Ennis put his arms around Jack, gently pulling him back against his chest, holding him in his arms, and Jack leaning back his head, cradled by Ennis's shoulder. And it was just them, their warm bodies pressed together in the silent night. And they both knew they were finally home.


Later that night, Jack called his mom, telling her they would be there tomorrow sometime in the early afternoon. She was so excited to hear from him and told him things up at the ranch were going well. The house was ready for him and Ennis, and his mom said the place looked wonderful. And yes, the special thing that Jack ordered a few weeks ago had made it there, and Wade, the handyman, hung it just where Jack had wanted it.

Ennis had everything he was taking with him packed into Jack's truck. He wasn't taking much, just clothes and a few personal items. The house he had rented for the past 5 years was bare, only the furniture that came with the house was left.

Ennis decided to give his truck to Junior since he wouldn't be needing it anymore. She had just gotten a job at the hospital, trying to save as much money as she could before her and Kurt got married. It made sense to give it to her, Kurt was working longer hours now, saving up money as well, and it was getting harder and harder for him to drop Junior off and pick her up from work.

So Kurt was going to drop her off around noon on his way to work so she could pick up her dad's old truck. She was also glad she would be able to see her dad off, and secretly, she was dying to meet Jack. She had quickly been introduced to him once, but she wanted to know more about him than just his name.

Everything was set, and tomorrow was the big day. The day Jack had been patiently waiting for all these years. The day that at one time scared Ennis so much, he swore it would never come. Jack and Ennis were so excited. And although they knew they would hardly get a wink of sleep, they knew they had to at least try.


Kurt dropped Junior off at the house around noon. She didn't know why, but she was nervous to meet Jack, and even more nervous about seeing her dad and Jack together. She knew her dad loved him, but it still seemed strange to her that her dad loved a man.

Her dad introduced her to Jack again. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and he sure seemed to make her dad happy. They stood around and chatted for a few minutes, Ennis handed her the keys to the truck, and then it was time to go.

Ennis set the house key on the kitchen counter, right where the landlord asked him to leave it. They headed out the front door, and Ennis closed it for the last time. Junior couldn't help but smile as she saw the way her dad looked at Jack. Jack looked back at her dad and their eyes locked, and there was some kind of unspoken language going on between them. In all her years, Junior had never seen her dad look so happy and she could clearly see how much they loved each other.

"Well, sure was nice ta see you again, Junior. You be sure an' put that truck ta good use an' come on up for a visit. You're welcome any time." Jack wanted to give Ennis some privacy with his daughter before they left.

"It was real nice to see you again too, Jack." Junior said. Jack gave her a smile and a wink before he got in the truck.

"Thanks for comin' over this mornin', Sweetheart. Sure means a lot t'me ta see ya before I go." Ennis said as he looked at his daughter, whose eyes were already starting to fill with tears.

"Daddy, I'm gonna miss you!" Junior said as she threw herself in his arms.

"Junior, don't cry. I ain't gonna be far away. You can come on up anytime. An' I'll still see ya girls once a month."

"I know, Daddy. I'm just gonna miss knowin' that you're nearby. It always made me feel safe, ya know?"

"I know, darlin'." Ennis said as he squeezed her tight.

Junior pulled away from her dad and wiped her eyes. "Daddy, I jus' want you to know that I'm glad you're goin' with Jack. I never seen you so happy before."

"Thanks, Junior," Ennis said. Her words meant the world to him.

Junior gave her dad one last hug before he left. "I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too, Sweetheart," Ennis choked out. He knew Junior loved him, but hearing the words that hadn't been used very often through the years touched him deeply. Ennis kissed his daughter's forehead then smiled at her as he wiped one of her tears away. "You drive safe in that truck, an' I'll call ya in a few days."

Ennis got in the truck with Jack and they drove off as they waved goodbye to Junior.


"This is it," Jack said as they turned onto the dirt road that led to the ranch.

"All this land is part a' the ranch?" Ennis asked as he excitedly looked around at all the open space. He was taking in everything. The pastures, the meadows, the trees that had found home along the creeks that ran across the property.

"Sure is. The ranch runs about 2 1/2 miles east ta west, an' about a mile an' a half north ta south." Jack smiled as he saw the expression on Ennis's face and the way his eyes wandered about. "An see that over there, way off in the distance?" Jack asked as he pointed to the west. "There's them bluffs I was tellin' you about. Prettiest place you'll ever see the sun set."

Ennis eyes were opened wide, dancing with excitement. He looked like a little kid on Christmas morning. Ennis put his hand on Jack's leg. Jack looked over at him as he took Ennis's hand and smiled. This was all Jack had ever wanted. "Well, here we are!" Jack said as they turned on the road that led them home.

Jack's mom was already sitting on the porch waiting for them when they pulled in. When she saw them coming up the drive, she jumped off her chair and started waving like crazy. She was so happy Jack was coming home to stay.

As Jack got out of the truck, she came running down the stairs to Jack and gave him a huge hug. "Oh, Jack, you're home! You're home!"

Ennis quietly got out of the truck, staying behind. He was always quiet and nervous around new people. He was especially nervous now. He had no idew how Jack's parents were going to respond to him.

As Jack's mom saw Ennis standing back by the truck, her eyes lit up. She immediately pulled away from her embrace with Jack. "Oh, this must be Ennis."

As she approached Ennis, he extended his hand out to shake hers. "Pleased to meet you, ma'am."

"Oh, we'll have none a' that," she said as she moved his hand away. Before Ennis knew it, this woman he had never met had her arms around him. "Welcome! I'm so glad to finally meet you, Ennis. An' please, call me Mary."

Jack was overwhelmed seeing his mom completely embrace the man he loved. And even more overwhelmed by Ennis returning her hug as his eyes locked with Jacks. Jack was just staring at him, a little smile on his face, his eyes beaming.

Jack's mom pulled away from Ennis, patting his arm. "Well, I s'pose you boys might wanna get settled in. Jack, your father is out somewhere ridin' around checkin' on the new fences. You wouldn't believe everythin' that's been done in the past month! Dad has been workin' like crazy! Supervisin' the help you hired, workin' in the barn, an' he picked out a couple a fine lookin' horses for you boys. Oh, an' Jack, you shoulda seen the look on your dad's face when he saw the new stable. Never seen him so excited!"

Jack had to chuckle at his mom. When she got excited about something, like she was now, she turned into a complete chatterbox. And he was pleased to hear about his dad's enthusiasm. He had been nervous about what his behavior would be like when he met Ennis, so he was hoping his enthusiasm was a sign of things to come.

"Think we will go get settled in the house an' start haulin' everythin' in. We'll catch up with Dad later." Jack said.

"An' you boys be sure to come back 'round 5 for dinner. Figured after a busy day like this, you'd be to tired to make yourselves anthin'." Jack's mom loved the idea of taking care of Jack again, even if it was only for one night.

Jack and Ennis got back in the truck and headed back to the other house. Their house.

"Boy, Jack, your ma sure is glad ta have you home."

"She always wanted me out here on the ranch. 'Bout had a fit the summer I got the job up on Brokeback. Even more upset when I moved to Texas."

Ennis smiled at the mention of Brokeback, just as he always did. One of the best times of his life was that magical summer when he met Jack.

They drove past the barn, then one of the corrals, which was empty right now, but would soon be full of livestock. Then, about half way between his parent's house and their house was the new stable that had just been built. "Damn, Ennis, would ya look at that? Gonna have ta check out them horses a little later, maybe go for a ride" Jack said with a grin. Ennis just sat in the truck, speechless. This was his life now. Everything he had ever wanted, and more.

Past the stable was the shop that held all the equipment and other necessary things to run the ranch, then they passed a couple of old sheds, then there it was. Their house. Jack had to catch his breath when he first saw it. "Ennis...there it is."

Their eyes were frozen as they came up on the house. Jack couldn't believe how amazing it looked. For years and years it had been so run down, ever since Roger, his dad's old ranch manager, left the years and years ago, about the time Jack turned 10. Jack never understood why his dad never touched the house in all these years. He had made an effort to keep things up and running on the ranch through the years, but never that house.

Jack would sometimes catch his dad just staring at the old place. He never asked his dad anything about it. When Roger left, his dad started drinking heavily, and he was a bear to be around. All his dad had time to do back then was work, work and more work. Jack knew there was a lot of bad blood between them. Roger never came back and Jack's dad never mentioned him again.

Now, the house had been freshly painted, the roof had been reshingled, and the old dirty windows were gone and relplaced with bigger, newer windows. Jack's mouth was hanging open. He couldn't wait to see inside.

"Jack, tha's our place?" Ennis was in complete awe of the house that stood before them. As the day went on, everthing was seeming more and more like a dream to him.

"Sure is," Jack said as he parked the truck. They sat there for a minute in silence, just staring, both unable to move. Jack looked at Ennis and their eyes met. They were both smiling at eachother, the energy about ready to burst out of them. "Well, let's go in an' see our home!" Jack and Ennis jumped out of the truck, lunging for the front door.

Jack opened the door. It was amazing. The first thing he noticed was the hardwood floor. It was flawless. The furniture, the fireplace, the walls. Perfect. They walked towards the kitchen. New counters, updated appliances, and a table and 4 chairs against the new bay window.

Between the kitchen and the living room was the hallway leading to the back of the house. The first room was the guest bedroom, which would work out nicely when the kids came to visit. Across from that was the bathroom. There had also been an small office across the hall as well, but the walls had been knocked down to make the old, out of date bathroom even bigger. A bigger bathtub, a shower stall, and two sinks, were among some of the upgrades.

And then at the end of the hall was the master bedroom. "You go on ahead, Ennis." Jack wanted to see the expression on Ennis's face when he saw the room. Ennis opened the door and just stood there as he took the room in. It looked just like the inside of a cabin. The wood floors, the real oak pannels on the walls, the dressers, the nightstands, the rustic looking king size bed.

And above the bed hung the picture Jack had ordered a few weeks ago. A picture of Brokeback Mountain. The mountain that reached up to the heavens, covered with rich, green trees, just as it was that summer. The mountain that had brought them together many years ago.

"Jack..." Ennis said as he saw the picture. "That's..." he was at a loss for words.

"Brokeback Mountain." Jack finished for him. He stood behind Ennis and pressed against him, wrapping his arms around his waist as they stood there looking at the picture together.

Ennis turned around at looked at Jack. Jack who had fought for them for all these years. Jack who had never given up on him. Jack who had come to see him at least three times every year, who came back even after he had turned him away after the divorce from Alma. As Jack stood before him, Ennis was overcome with emotion.

"Jack," Ennis started as his eyes welled up. "I'm sorry."

"Ennis? Sorry for what? What's the matter?"

"Jack, I'm sorry for all the years I wouldn't..." Ennis was never good at sharing his feelings. He could never seem to get out what he wanted to say. "For makin' you wait so long for this. For bein' afraid. For drivin' away from you at the end of all our trips. For lettin' you outta my sights that summer we came off Brokeback..."

"Ennis, none a' that matters to me no more," Jack whispered as he took Ennis's face into his hands. "All that matters to me now is that we're together. Since the day I met you, tha's all I ever wanted."

Jack slowly drew Ennis closer, and their mouths came together. As their lips parted, Ennis pressed his forehead against Jacks.

"I love you, Jack Twist," Ennis whispered as he laced his fingers through Jacks, bringing their hands close to his heart.