Anime: Kyo Kara Maou
Author: Ritsu Yamayake
World: Cannon
Rated: M
Title: Stunning Realization
Word's: 940

Stunning Realization

"Heika!" Came the loud cry of Gunter as he ran through the halls of blood pelage castle hysterically.

"Heika, were have you gone!" He shouted as he rounded a corner, only to bump into Conrad.

"Oahyou Gunter." Said Conrad smiling in his always seemingly cheerful manner.

"Ohayou Conrad, but it is I fear not a good morning for his majesty Is gone." Said Gunter who Conrad though looked very close to tears.

"Ah, do not fret Gunter I will help you." Said Conrad, though he may as well not have said anything as Gunter was busy searching through an empty guest room.

"Don't worry I will find him!" Said Gunter as he sped away without further comment, yelling about studies and what not.

Conrad sighed, it was only just morning as already half the castle was in a tizzy. Conrad stood in the frame of the guest room seemingly waiting for something or someone, as a loud sneeze was heard from within it.

"You can come out now, Your Majesty; Gunter I believe is now on the other side of the castle." Said Conrad smiling.

Just then a pair of small lightly tanned hands poked out from under the large green, and blue throw pillow covered bed and wrapped them self's around the wooden frame as a young boy launched him self across the slippery wooden floor.

Yuuri Stood.

"Arigato Conrad." Said Yuuri Smiling.

"Don't mention it." Said Conrad waving his hand lightly, as Yuuri sneezed from now being covered from head to toe in dust.

"Heika?" Conrad questioned.

But Yuuri didn't answer and continued to brush the dirt off himself.

"Heika?" Said Conrad once more.

But Yuuri remained as if he never heard him.

"Yuuri!" Said Conrad in mock anger now catching on.

"Yes Conrad?' Said Yuuri smiling brightly.

"Why are you hiding from Gunter. You could stand to study for a little while? It has actually been awhile since Gunter as dragged you off to study, and besides, 'All play and no work makes Jack a dumb boy'…or something like that." Said Conrad while scratching the back of his head.

"Yes it has." Said Yuuri, walking over to Conrad as they both excited the room.

"But I don't believe Sexual Education of Mazoku, is a required class." Grumbled Yuuri as they two rounded the corner only to run into Wolfram.

"Sexual?" Said Wolfram catching the last of the conversation.

"Who are you being sexual with?" Shouted Wolfram as he put Yuuri into the oh so familer head lock.

"Ah, No…Cough…one!" Said Yuuri Looking to Conrad pleadingly for a little help, only to find he already left.

"Traitor" Thought Yuuri bitterly as Wolfram continued to choke the life out of him.

"Who are you being sexual with? Cheater!" Shouted Wolfram.

"Ah I already said, no one, we were just discussing Gunter!" Said Yuuri trying to break free of the blonds arms.

But Wolfram didn't let go at Yuuris confession, if anything he held tighter and began to shake him.

"GUNTER AND SEXUAL SHOULDN'T BE USED IN THE SAME SENTENCE EVER!" Wolfram shouted at the top of his lungs, looking madder then ever.

"I'm your fiancé if you're talking or doing anything sexual it should be about or with me!" Yelled Wolfram just and two young maids down the hall walked by continuing on giggling, making Yuuri blush.

"Are you saying you want me to be sexual with you?" Said Yuuri finally breaking free, and now trying to fluster the blond.

"Maybe I do." Said Wolfram catching on and throwing it back at him.

Yuuri's cheeks tinted to a nice cherry red.

"Well…even so we couldn't because like you said you're my fiancé, were not married yet." Said Yuuri, still blushing slightly and turning away from the other boy.

"Well you brought it up!" Said Wolfram, now also blushing slightly.

"No I didn't you made me somehow!" Said Yuuri.

"Or maybe, Said Wolfram stepping forward so his mouth was mere inches from Yuuri ear, "You secretly want me to." Wolfram breathed hot on Yuuris ear.

Yuuri's face burst with color, as Goosebumps appeared across his body.

When Wolfram leaned back enough to see Yuuri face he smirked.

"I'm right aren't I?" said Wolfram in a teasing, "I told you so" voice.

Yuuri continued to blush as he swated Wolfram away.

"Yeah right." Said Yuuri sternly as he turned and stomped down the hall.

Wolfram continued to smirk until Yuuri was out of site, and then his all knowing smirk turned into a look of dejected sadness.

"You'll never know how much you hurt me, my love." Though Wolfram as he turned and walked the other way.

As Yuuri turned the corner he slumped into a little heap, trying to quell his rapidly beating heart, which he was shore Wolfram could hear, as well as most of the castle.

Once his breathing finally returned to normal Yuuri drew up his knees and let his head fall to them.

"You don't know how right you are Wolfram, you don't know just how very right you are…

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