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Stunning Realization


You know that saying…'Death Breeds Life.'

…neither do I…

We cannot banish dangers, but we can banish fears. We must not demean life by standing in awe of death. [1

Yuuri was not afraid to die…maybe…that's why when his vision began to fade, and his breaths begin to slow, he didn't mind.
His body felt as if it was floating and then falling, just disappearing into nothingness. All his feeling, his emotions, meaning, just disappearing into nothingness. All was gone, but he didn't need anything as the darkness closed around him, he was at peace.
He felt no guilt over killing Leslie.
He felt no happiness either. He felt nothing but the soft gentle caress of everything leaving him. Striped bare, and sleeping peacefully he drifted away from his love's voice.

And then he was no more…


Very few gathered for the funeral.
Only four people in fact, including the priest, it had not been made public yet, as requested by the nobles, and family.
The few stood around, some crying other shaking their heads solemnly.

"He was always smiling…such a good boy." Said a tall slender women with curls.
"Why did you leave us Leslie…"

The brown curly haired women gently rested her head on the broad comforting shoulder of her husband as he wrapped a arm around her, his other occupied with his younger sons hand.

"Otou san…why did Leslie die?" Asked a small dark haired boy with nearly white eyes, the spitting image of his once, older brother.

For a moment Leslie's father just stood watching as his eldest sons body was placed into the ground.

"…because son, he tried to take something that wasn't his to take."
The small boy remained silent as a final shovel of dirt was placed in the once deep hole.
"Will he find that something where he's going?" He asked as his mother and father began to leave, turning towards their home.

The father smiled at his son, light colored hair shining in the noon day sun.
"I'm sure Leslie will find it yes…"

The little boy smiled as he waved goodbye to the head stone placed above the ground before turning to leave. His brother would find happiness he believe in his father's words.

Here lays Leslie Akio Ohtsuka

Mistakes were made,

But a penance was preformed,

Paid in full, he continues on his way.[2


It was dark…

It wasn't a normal dark though, no this dark felt like it was invading his very soul. Wrapping around his hear and pulling him under. It was a lonely feeling…

Why did he have a reason to feel lonely though…he couldn't remember.
It was just this darkness, this all consuming weight in his chest.
…Dark…like a familiar pair of eyes, though he could not place them.

"…maybe…this is death." He whispered to himself. "…but if this is death, why did I die…was I killed?" he wondered speaking with dry lips. The all consuming darkness never echoing back to him, as though it went on forever.

"Does Yuuri know that I'm dead?..."


"Yuuri, yes Yuuri, that is the one I was trying to remember. He is my reason for living."

"I cannot die. I won't get to see Yuuri again."

"I'm sorry but…I can't stay awake."

"I-it's so cold…and I'm tired. I'm going to sleep now Wolfram, but be good ok?"






"Yuuri is dead…" He whispered in a pained voice, this time the all consuming darkness seemed to echo back to him, repeating his words over and over again, 'Yuuri…Dead.'
He griped his head, fingers sliding into blonde locks of hair, pressing palms against his ears, attempting to block out the tormenting words. His body shaking with anger and sadness, as tears formed in his deep green eyes. "No.." He whispered refusing to believe what he had seen.
He curled in tightly to himself pulling his knees to his chest. His clothing seemed to fade away leaving him bare to the pain and hate that washed upon his fragile body, tearing at his already broken and shattered heart.

He repeated once more hugging his slender legs to his pale chest, rocking in a slow motion, the blonde head shaking in denial; as sharp manicured nails dug harshly into the un-marked flesh of his arms.
Rivers of blood trickled down his arms from his own self inflicted, though 'unknowingly,' wounds. As he caught site of the blood images flashed through his traumatized mind.

He watched over and over against at the blade cut easily into the dark boy's flesh, piercing the left side of his chest, watching with horror stricken eyes as the blood flowed all around them, the sword twisting painfully in the boy, Leslie standing at the other end.
Yuuri smiling at him as his eyes hooded, blood on his hands and Yuuri's whole being. Yuuri, smiling at him as he died; dieing for Wolfram. Throwing away his life, which was so much more important then the blonds own. Willingly dieing in his place.

The love that had shown in his eyes caused the blonde to flinch as the tears began to pour.

It was his fault…Yuuri had died because of him…his fault, "all my fault…"



Wolfram clung desperately to the double black that lay upon him suddenly, clutching the fading image of the boy as he began to disappear into the surrounding darkness, into the unseen floor, the abyss.
"YUURI! DON'T GO PLEASE! Don't leave me!" Wolfram begged violently clinging to the smaller boy, griping dark silk clad arms.

Yuuri's then opened his eyes; they were hooded again, and fading. His long tan fingers wrapped gently around the blonds own pale hands removing them from his being as he smiled softly.
"It's ok Wolf, its ok…" Yuuri replied in a soft voice.

"NO! No it's not ok! You hear me Shibuya Yuuri! You're not leaving me! Please don't!" Wolfram screamed clinging to the last remaining part of his fiancé.
"It's ok Wolfram, I'll never leave you." Yuuri replied even as the last remaining part of him disappeared into the darkness.

Wolfram clawed at the dark surface of which Yuuri had vanished into, his eyes wet from tears, face flushing in anger and sadness.

He screamed into the darkness nothing replied, not a sound was hear but the blonds own tormented cries.
The soft patter of a falling tear and the remaining words of his once love, echoing in his mind.

"It's ok Wolfram, I'll never leave you."

"…Yuuri…please don't die…"


"It's ok Wolfram, I'm right here." Said Yuuri, gently wiping the sweat from the blond's brow with a cool cloth, the blonde's eyes fluttering open at the soft reassuring voice of the double black.

Wolframs vision was fuzzy and he stared at the hazy image of his fiancé. The concern and happiness was easily evident in the dark boy's eyes. As he hovered over the confused form of the boy noble.

"…yuuri?" Wolfram whispered in awe. His vision clearing slightly as the tears fell down his pale face, dieing at his lips. Wetting the chapped and dry skin easily.
"Yes?" Yuuri Whispered, as he gently leaning forward to peer closer at the blonde, his dark hair falling about his cheeks.

"…is this heaven?..." he asked softly watching as Yuuri smiled but shook his head.
"Where in the infirmary Wolfram." Yuuri replied brushing back soft blond curls.
Wolfram just lay silently staring at the double black. 'Infirmary?' He thought confused.
"…you died…" Wolfram said brokenly, mustering the strength to lift his arm that almost felt lifeless. He gently caressed the Maou's cheek running soft finger tips over fluttering eye lids.

"No. I'm right here Wolfram, I didn't die." He said softly leaning into the blonds touch.

Wolfram furrowed his brow staring confusedly at the boy,…his fiancé.

"…B-but I saw you! The Sword it.." Wolfram raised his right hand his words falling carelessly about as he placed his warm palm on the left side of the tan boys chest. His pale callused palm met soft but firm bandages wrapped diligently around the Maou's torso. A slight spot of crimson was leaking through, but not enough to cause a panic.
"It…went through your heart…I saw it…so much blood." Wolfram whispered pressing his hand gently against the bandages making sure they were real.
"It would have gone through my heart…" Yuuri started.
"But it did! I saw it! It wa-" Yuuri gently placed a finger on the ranting blonds pink tear stained lips, cutting him off.
"It would have gone through my heart if…My heart was in the left side of my chest." He said softly. Taking Wolframs weak hand gently into his own and placing it on the right side of his chest, skin to skin.
Wolfram was about to speak as a soft pulsing was felt against his palm. Yuuri was being serious.

"It's called, 'Situs inversus.'[3 Its a congenital condition[4 where the major visceral organs are mirrored from their normal places. Surprise.." Yuuri said finishing with a soft smile; his habit of laughing when nervous fast approaching.

"You're ok then." Wolfram questioned more then stated as his eyes roamed worriedly over the boy.
Yuuri felt himself flush just a bit at the look, being only dressed from the waist down left him rather exposed.

"Hai, I'm ok." He simply said.

The smile that over took the blonds face was one Yuuri had rarely ever seen; a true happy, relived, and ecstatic smile.
Wolfram gently sat up barely noticing the dead weight of his body as he wrapped his pale arms around the tan boy's slender neck.
"I'm glad.." Wolfram whispered softly into the dark boy's ear. "So glad." He Said pulling back slowly to look into the young Demon king's eye's.
"…as am I." Yuuri replied bring his hands to gently cup the blonds face lovingly.
"I thought I was going to lose you." Wolfram said his voice cracking as he openly stared into the dark orbs of Yuuri.
"I thought I was going to lose you also." Yuuri began. "You've been out for almost three weeks Wolf. I was beginning to think after all that Shino was going to take you away." Yuuri said his eyes shimmering on the brink of tears.
"Shino was a wise man, he still is. He knows a good thing when he sees it." The Blond replied.

Yuuri laugh brightly at the blond's cocky but serious response. It was purely Wolfram.

Wolfram smiled as he tilted his head down looking at his lap, long and soft blond curls falling gently against his chest causing him to shiver lightly.
'My chest…'

"MY CHEST!" Wolfram shrieked causing Yuuri's eyes to widen as his hair stood on end.

"Yuuri! My chest look!" Shouted Wolfram, staring straight down at the 'flat' planes of his well muscled chest.

"No breasts!" Wolfram exclaimed happily, in his joy placing Yuuri's hand flat against it. "I'm male again!" He shouted once more staring happily at Yuuri, who in turn just flushed gently. The warm heat of the blonds skin teasing his fingers and palm.

Wolfram realizing the possession he'd placed the dark boy in blushed sheepishly and gently let go of the hand, almost letting out a soft whimper as the heated palm slowly…almost too slowly…slid away and back to the bed sheets.

Yuuri feeling a change of subject was in order reached up and gently tugged on a lock of golden hair.
"Your hair is still long." Yuuri said stating the obvious as he gently leaned away from the bond as he straightened once again.

"It is…" Said Wolfram softly, tilting his head and feeling as the soft blond waves moved against his back.

"…maybe…" Yuuri began looking off to the side trying to his a small blush.
"What?" Wolfram asked worriedly.

"…maybe…not everything changed back."

Wolfram stared at the dark boy, a whole new kind of fear entering his being.
"…do you think…"
Yuuri hurriedly shrugged as he looked left then right.

"Do you, eto…feel anything down there?" Asked Yuuri nervously.
Wolfram slowly shook his head from left to right then back. Shifting gently on the sheets.

Yuuri began to fidget after several minutes of silence and then reaching forward gently taped the blonds shoulder. "Are you going to check? Or should I?" he teased gently trying to lighten the mood.
And it worked as Wolfram sputtered indignantly and scowled at the darker boy.
"You pervert." He said pulling the sheet up to his neck and pointing an accusing pale finger at the laugh king.

'Oh it's so easy to push your buttons.' Yuuri thought as he laughed gently trying to get some air back into his amused lungs.

Wolfram pouted at the Maou 'thought he would deny it till the grave.' as Yuuri smiled at him and tried to stifle his quieting laughter, for fear of the blonds ever growing temper as his eye brow ticked in warning.

"S-s-sorry W-wolf." Yuuri said through his teeth, eyes still shining merely though the laughter has ceased.

"Hmhp." Wolfram replied scowling/pouting at his fiancé as he finally let the sheets drop back to their resting place on his lap.
"'Hmph', isn't a word Wolfram." Yuuri gently teased waving a finger.
His teasing manner soon stopped though when the blond suddenly leaned forward and none to gently captured the digit between his white teeth.
"Itai!" Yuuri said as he instinctively tried to pull the finger away, only to stop when that action caused more pain.
"Gah! Let go Wolfram!" Yuuri said wincing lightly, though relaxed when Wolframs teeth gently let off some pressure.

"GahWa ishhn;t a worg'd Yu'wee" Wolfram spoke teasingly, his tongue brushing against the finger in his mouth as his lips gently closed and opened around in as he attempted to speak clearly.

Yuuri shivered violently as that sinfully tongue seemed to tease him into a state of a human made of jelly.
"W-wolfram let go." Yuuri said happy to see he could keep his voice from shaking, even though he blushed.

"Mhh" Wolfram said closing is lips around the appendage in though.

Yuuri's eyes widened as Wolframs tongue circled the digit as he tilted his eyes to the sky in mock thought, just barely resisting smirking at the stunned shivering boy before him.

"S-stop…please" Yuuri added as an after though, his voice cracking in embarrassment as his visibly shivered.
"Wah-iff I gon't wanna?" said Wolfram around the tan finger.

Yuuri was about to respond, but only a choked sound was about to escape his suddenly dry throat as the bonds lips closed around the finger and he began to gently suckle on it.

"Ngh!" Yuuri said his eyes widening as his toes curled in his socks.
Then Wolfram began to bob his head gently back and forward along the finger suckling it deep into his mouth as his tongue laved it over and over again.
The blondes long pale fingers gently curled around the rest of the hand as his cheeks flushed and he sucked the finger like a hungry babe.
"W-wolf." Yuri said though not knowing exactly what to say.

Wolfram then suckling the appendage to the back of his tongue swallowed gently, sucking the finger lovingly causing Yuuri to groan as Images of what that hotly sinful mouth could be doing to other parts of his body.

Yuuri gently removed the saliva soaked finger as he pressed the blond back into the simple white sheeted bed.
"Tease." Yuuri stated looming over the blushing blond as he licked his lips enticingly.

"I lied." Yuuri whispered as he placed his lips gently against the blonds. Had it been any softer Wolfram might not have heard, distracted by the tingling sensation Yuuri warm breath made against his flushed lips.
"About what?" Wolfram asked quietly his lips brushing against the others as his spoke.
Yuuri trying to reorganize his thoughts shook his head gently his lips sliding sensuously across the blonds.
"W-when you said that I wanted you. And I told you. 'Yeah right." Said Yuuri opening his eyes and backing off a little to look into the blonds own green orbs.
"That's ok." Said Wolfram wrapping his arms gently around the Maou's neck.
"You can make it up to me." He whispered lifting himself up and then gently placing a chaste kiss on Yuuri's warm lips.

Yuuri softly pressed back kissing Wolfram in a slow sensual manner as he gently licked over the blond's lips. Wolfram instantly parted them as Yuuri's hot tongue slipped inside the moist cavern to dace with Wolframs own.
Wolfram moaned into the kiss tightening his hold on Yuuri only to feel the darker boy flinch slightly.
Pulling away flushed and panting Wolfram tilted his head confused at the boy king.
"Yuuri are you ok?" He asked eyes worried for his love.
Yuuri shook his head brushing it off like it was nothing and leaned forward attempting to capture the blond's lips again.
Wolfram gently moved his head and then placing his hands gently on Yuuri's shoulders pushed him away.
"Wolfram." Yuuri said in slight protest only to be silenced with a quick kiss.

Wolfram broke away pointing to Yuuri's torso where more blood had leaked through the bandages, now soaking then a bright red.
"Your wounds opened." Wolfram said in a casting manner.

Yuuri pouted slightly at the wound, very much wanted to continue, but the look Wolfram was throwing him assured Yuuri that they wouldn't be for awhile.

"No till your healed." Said Wolfram sternly, though inwardly sulking.

Yuuri nodded solemnly as Wolfram shooed him off the bed.
"Go get those changed before you bleed to death you wimp." Said the blonde smiling, though attempting to hide his amusement.
Yuuri crossed his arms sticking his nose up in the air. "I'm not a wimp." He said flatly.
"Yes you are you're my wimp." Replied Wolfram smugly.
Yuuri paused for moment thinking this over.
"Fine, then you're my stuck up prince charming." He said back smirking as Wolfram flushed though didn't deny it.
Yuuri laughed and nearly skipping back to Wolframs bed side placed a chaste kiss on the Wolframs lovely lips.
"I'll see you later love." He whispered straightening.

Wolfram nodded smiling gently as Yuuri made his way to the wooden door that would lead him to the hallway, and on to find Geslia.
"Wolfram.." Yuuri said gently halfway out the door.
Wolfram turned towards him waiting.
"You don't have to worry about everything not changing back anymore." Said Yuuri smugly as his eyes sparkled with amusement.

For a moment Wolfram merely tilted his head staring confused at his love. Until Yuuri's eyes drifted towards his lap, where Wolfram was happily making is own little white sheet tent.
Flushing ten shades of Red Wolfram squawked at his snickering lover and threw a pillow none to gently across the room; but it merely smacked into the closer door as Yuuri skipped merely down the hallway.

It was so easy to push Wolframs buttons…


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1: A quote by David Sarnoff

2: An Original Quite by Myself.

3: Situs inversus (also called situs transversus): Is a rare congenital condition in which the major visceral organs are reversed or mirrored from their normal positions. The normal arrangement is known as situs solitus. In other rare cases, in a condition known as situs ambiguus or heterotaxy, situs cannot be determined.
The term situs inversus is a short form of the Latin phrase "situs inversus viscerum," meaning "inverted position of the internal organs." Dextrocardia (the heart being located on the right side of the thorax) was first recognized by Marco Severino in 1643. However, situs inversus was first described more than a century later by Matthew Baillie.
The prevalence of situs inversus varies among different populations but is less than 1 in 10,000 people.
(I hope this is a good explanation)

4: A congenital disorder is any medical condition that is present at birth. The term 'congenital' does not imply OR exclude a genetic cause.


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