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The End.

The wood flew into a broken pew as Barret kicked it. Taking a deep breath, his face scrunched in disdain. "Every time we come here it looks worse. What's so great about this old church anyway?" Yuffie patted his thick arm, walking past him down the aisle. "Should the kids really be here?"

"They have to learn these things some time in their lives if you expect them to be like us," Vincent answered, already taking a seat in the front row. Yuffie looked back, nodding.

"No way. Marlene's never gonna have to fight. I'll always take care of her," He grunted. He turned to children. They stopped and waited. "Just- just stay back here for a minute okay? I don't want you two gettin' traumatized or nothin'." Marlene nodded vigorously, already finding something else to look at. Barret quicken his pace, catching up with the others. His steps became slower as he approached the scene. Yuffie was bent over Tifa, curiously feeling the coldness of her body. She grabbed Cloud's face in her small hands and squinted her eyes.

"It's so gross. They've been dead for a while now. They're cold."

Vincent called out, "It hasn't been that long. An hour maybe." The predawn light filtered in through broken stain glass. Tifa hadn't picked up any of the phone calls Yuffie and Barret had sent. Vincent found them in Tifa's bar and relayed what had happened to them. He hadn't answered Yuffie's question of how he knew they were still there. "Barret, pull the pole out of Cloud before the children see." He gestured to the back. Barret looked over his shoulder at Marlene and Denzel slowly making their way to the front of the building, giggling over the dust clouds they made.

He nodded, stepping up to the bodies. He enveloped Cloud's thin shoulder in his palm and Yuffie put her hand on his. "Don't move them from where they are. It's very important."

"What?" Yuffie glared at him and he sighed. "Fine." Replacing his hand on Cloud's head, Barret gripped the caked metal. "This is nasty," he complained, slowly prying the rod out. The end stuck in Cloud's throat. Barret's eyes wandered away from his friend's body as he put a little more muscle into it. It ripped out, making a subtle pucking noise. He grimaced. "We do have the stuff right?" He looked up at Yuffie.

She smiled down at him. "Back away and leave it to me!" Barret took a seat across the aisle from Vincent, motioning for the kids to come join him. They rushed forward with smiles. As they drew closer their happy expressions melted away, the image of Cloud and Tifa's motionless bodies becoming clearer.

Marlene looked up at Barret, an upset pout on her face. "Why did you bring us here? You said we were going to see Cloud and Tifa!" Barret opened his mouth. "What happened? Why would you show this to us!"

Barret's mouth gaped like a fish as he searched for words. "Marlene it's uh..It's important.."

"Marlene," Yuffie called, coming to the children. "This is something you have to see now so you can understand life much better later."

"But I do understand."

"You shouldn't have brought us here. Tifa would never do this," Denzel snapped out.

Barret yelled, "Hey you two! Get over here before I beat you up!"

"I could probably beat you up first!" Denzel retorted. "Cloud taught me how." Barret raised his brow. Denzel and Marlene rushed to his side, Denzel still mumbling about beating him up. The air grew still as they sat and waited. Marlene looked from Barret to Yuffie to Vincent. Denzel rubbed his eye. "Well?"

With a sweet smile, Yuffie whispered, "He's gonna be just like Cloud some day. Okay!" Her voice echoed in hall. She grinned. "Get ready to see something cool, kids." Denzel sat up a little straighter. "Here we go." She hop-skipped to the bodies, pulling a feather from her pocket. Waving it at the children, she dropped it between Tifa and Cloud. Yuffie took a step back.

After a second, Marlene asked, "What was that supposed to do? Is this some kind of weird funeral?"

"Just wait," Barret told her. She nodded, swinging her feet. Marlene looked down as her dress rippled. Her bangs whipped in front of her eyes, her body began to push forward. "Barret?" His meaty hand grabbed onto hers and Denzel's shoulder, keeping them from falling off. Yuffie ran for a pew. "What's happening!" she cried out. A burst of light surrounded the bodies on the floor, a fiery outline coming to life. With a loud piercing cry, the outline picked itself up, flapping wings and shaking itself out. Marlene clung to Barret's side. The thing cried out again, rapidly growing feathers across its nonexistent body. It made a short hop, going over Tifa and Cloud, before leaping off of the floor entirely, heading for wall across from it. "It's gonna-" She and Denzel slammed their hands over their eyes as the creature hit the wall on the other side. Marlene looked up and gasped.

Denzel yelped, "Where'd it go?" Yuffie smiled again. "Hey! What happened!"

"When a person dies of something, such a sword or a bullet, under the right conditions, they can return to life by means of a phoenix down or a phoenix pinion. What you saw earlier came from the feather Yuffie dropped between them. It summoned a life giving phoenix to bring them back," Vincent informed.

Marlene's brows slowly came up. "That was a phoenix? I thought they weren't real."

Barret ruffled her hair. She glared and straightened it. "That's why we brought you here. You two'll start your training soon."

"The sooner you understand life and death, the sooner you start," Yuffie smiled. "You have to understand what you do when you take a life and its consequences and effects and all that stuff."

"I do though."

"But Denzel doesn't," Yuffie replied.

Marlene looked at them. "I don't understand." Yuffie took a seat beside Vincent, crossing her legs and humming to herself. "How did that big thing come from a feather?" Denzel hopped down from the pew and looked at the adults. Taking a step forward, he looked at them again as if to say, "Try and stop me." When they did nothing, he went to Tifa. "Denzel, don't," Marlene called. He glanced over his shoulder at Marlene and shrugged.

"Why aren't they getting up?" Yuffie whispered to Vincent.

"Perhaps...Perhaps they do not want come back. Maybe they are happy together in death knowing nothing can part them now."

"You have a choice?"

Vincent nodded. "If your will is strong enough, you don't come back." His thin hand pointed to Denzel. Yuffie returned her gaze to him.

His hand brushed away Tifa's bangs and he looked at her. "Why did she die?" he whispered. His shoulders slumped, his body growing smaller as he thought. "Why does this always happen to me?" A tear hit Tifa's arm and he wiped it away. "They always leave me behind.."

"Oh Denzel..."Marlene breathed. His hands dropped by his side, his knuckles scraping the hard floor. Taking a deep breath, Denzel's body wretched. Marlene slid off the pew. Barret put a hand on her shoulder again as she stepped toward Denzel. She looked up at him and Barret shook his head.

"He has to get this out now or he'll never be okay." Marlene blinked away a tear as she watched her friend give in to his feelings. Denzel's body grew even small as he cried out to the heavens. A fist beat the ground next to Cloud and he sobbed. His body crumbled between his dead guardians. Echoing sobs ringing her ears.

"He'll never be okay again," Marlene lipped.

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