Sasuke was sitting in his room just thinking about his past and all. Lightning flashed lighting up the room. He heard the pitter patter of the rain against the mansion and sound of thunder booming but he doesn't flinch. why did everything go so wrong why did have he to kill them I mean he's such a basterd - Sasuke cut his own thoughts short cause of what he realized the rain, the rain was all ways around when something went wrong, the night his clan was killed, when he defeated Naruto, the night he left the village, when he found out Orochimaru's true intentions for him. The rain was always there when something went wrong. Then Sasuke walked out side in to the rain and let it fall on him he let it wet his hair, soak his clothes making them cling to his skin. He looked up at the sky watching it fall straight on him. He just let his mind go blank. He was at ease. For the first time he felt like any normal 13 year old boy at ease, relaxed. He let the rain wash away his cares and fears and worries, all he could think about was how good the rain felt on his skin on such a summer's night. He realized how much the rain had been around him and how he now has a different point of view on the rain.

I came up with this while I was thinking of all the major events in Sasuke's Life and realized that it was always raining when things like that happened weird but it's just my thought's , and I also love the rain it's so nice ,so tell me what you think until then Ja ne!