Well, I've had this idea ever since I started playing Suikoden V and I thought, "Why not?" I know a lot of people haven't played the game yet nor do a lot of people read fan fiction from the Suikoden series so I probably won't get many reviews but I still think this will be a fun project for myself. For the few that see this; enjoy yourself.

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When a stone is tossed into a pond, the ripples expand out disrupting everything they touch.

What if life was like this? Every decision we make is another small ripple on the pond of destiny, what would happen if one more stone were thrown?

What chain effect would happen to the pond we know?

With old ripples disrupted and new ones formed, how will the pond be changed...and would that change be for good or disaster?

Let's toss a stone, shall we?

Chapter One: Another Stone Thrown...

"…and now it is with great pleasure that I present these medals of merit to the heroes of the Queendom of Falena." It was a grand affair; the heads of every major noble family in the country were present for the officer awards ceremony for the veterans of the Falena/Armes war. It had been two weeks after the formal peace talks and the honorees were arrayed in front of the royal family. Queen Arshtat stood next to her husband, Ferid, along with the young princess Lymsleia. Behind the throne, a little boy peeks around the corner acting quite shy. The queen notices him and motions to her husband. Ferid smiles and motions for the boy to come out; he whispered something in the boys ear and that seemed to be enough to coax him out. Prince Faroush, fist born son of the queen and lord Ferid, carefully steps out and steps beside his father; he's still eying the crowd nervously. The queen smiled at her shy son and continued with the ceremony. She walked down off of the dais with several gleaming medals. Three figures were standing side-by-side in front of her. The first was an old woman with strange, red headgear. She was quite short but had an air of authority about her.

"Admiral Raja, for your efforts in the Armes War you are hereby granted the Falena Cross. Without your actions the Feitas River would have been taken over by out enemies." the queen said. The old woman had a wane smile as the golden medal was pinned on her. From behind her a younger woman that looked like her smiled; she seemed to be a bit happier for Raja. Next, the queen moved over to a man with a Mohawk. He was a large man with a flowing black cape and a hand axe hanging at his side. He was grinning up a storm and seemed oblivious to the tense atmosphere.

"Lord Boz, your efforts on the boarder saved hundreds of our men from needless death. For your actions I hereby make you lord of Estrise. Serve the people there with the same devotion you served your men." The man smiled and nodded his head as the queen held out his commission to him. The last person was a noble-looking bald man. He was dressed in white and had a gold cane which he leaned on. His pointed mustache gave the impression of an intelligent person that was a bit off. The queen forced a smile on her face and held out an ornamental robe in both hands.

"Lord Godwin, you were the head supply officer for the army and did your duty well. In honor of your achievements, I present you with this court robe and the thanks of the royal family." Queen Arshtat quickly returned to her throne. "Now, this is a day of celebration! The long war is finally over, the Queendom is secure, and the people are at peace; let us celebrate." The queen smiled warmly and the band struck up. The various nobles started to mingle around the great hall of the Sun Palace. The Queen's Guard had their watchful eyes trained on the crowd, ensuring their safety. Lord Ferid, the captain of the guard, got down on one knee to speak with his son.

"Faroush, what's wrong? I know your shy but you really should go speak to some people, you might meet someone you like." Ferid said to the little 8-year-old. The prince shifted on his foot and bit his lip, he was known for his shyness and he knew he should be a bit bolder when it came to people outside of the family.

"Father…I'll try…" he said hesitantly. Ferid gave his son a lopsided smile and motioned for someone to join them. From behind his Captain, a young blonde man walked over and saluted the older man.

"Yes, Sir Ferid? You called?" he said. He was dressed like the other Queens Guardsmen and had a long katana at his side. Faroush knew he had seen him before, he just couldn't place him.

"Yes, Kyle. I'd like you follow my son around as he mingles. I have to stay by her majesty, you know. Let him talk to whom he will, just make sure he has a good time for once, ok?" Ferid said as he stood back up. Kyle nodded and patted the young prince on his head.

"Sure thing, Sir. You picked the right guy to show the prince how to have a good time at a party." the young knight said. Prince Faroush looked up at the man with a slightly nervous expression. His father caught it and gave him a reassuring grin.

"Don't worry so much, son. Kyle's a lot of fun at things like this. I'm sure you can find someone to talk too. Now, I have to go see to your mother, have a good time and be sure to talk to some people." Ferid nodded to Kyle as he walked back over to Queen Arshtat and the princess leaving the prince alone with the young knight. Kyle looked over the crowd then down at his charge.

"Well, lets mingle!" the man declared. "You just pick someone and go talk to them, it's that simple." The prince gulped and looked over the vast crowd of people. He knew a few of them; his aunt was talking to a young blonde-haired man and the bald man from the ceremony and his parents were showing off his sister to a pink-haired woman who was hugging the two-year-old fiercely. He started to get faint as he looked over the hoard; he felt they were all looking at him even though he knew they weren't. His breathing became labored and he felt the room get hotter. Suddenly, he felt a reassuring hand on his shoulder. He looked up into the sympathetic face of his guardian and he calmed down a bit.

"Take it easy, prince. Let's go stand next to the wall and try not to be the center of attention, ok?" Faroush nodded and started to feel much better as the pair made their way off to the side. The prince gingerly sipped on a glass of grape juice they had picked up on the way and he tried to find someone to talk to. He saw the man with the Mohawk laughing loudly with a few other people; he seemed nice enough but he was much too loud for a first-time trial at talking to someone. He looked again and saw the old lady that was also honored. She was Admiral Raja, the prince remembered, and she was talking quietly with the lady that was standing behind her during the ceremony. She seemed nice and the prince thought she looked a bit like his grandmother used to look so he started to walk over to her. Behind him, Kyle smiled and followed as they made there way over to the elderly Admiral.

"…so that's why fishing ships should stay together on the river, Kisara." Raja said. The prince caught the last part of their conversation as he walked up behind her. She didn't seem to notice the prince walk up. The woman she was talking too, Kisara, smiled at the boy from her place in front of Raja.

"Raja, we have company." the woman said as she pointed at the prince. The old woman turned around and she saw a very nervous-looking boy fidgeting with his short ponytail. Kyle was a few feet away but he was content to let the prince start-up a conversation.

"U-u-u-uh…hello." Faroush stuttered. He really wasn't good with any sort of attention and rarely talked to anyone outside of the castle so this was pretty hard for him; not to mention Kyle had left him high-and-dry.

"Har, har, har." The old woman cackled a bit. For some reason the prince didn't fell she was laughing at him, just at his being so nervous. Subconsciously he settled down some and managed to stand up straight without fidgeting as much. "Hello to you, prince. Are you enjoying the banquet so far?"

"U-uh, yeah. F-father wanted me to m-mingle some s-so..." the prince started. He was doing better before but now that the two ladies were focusing on him. He closed his eyes for a moment before steeling himself; he was doing this for his father. "…so I came over here t-to talk to you." He let out a big breath at the end and was surprised by the younger woman clapping quietly.

"You did better that time, prince! You only stuttered once, that's a big improvement." she said as she smiled at him. The old woman had a thoughtful look on her face before it became somewhat mischievous.

"It's an honor to be talking to you, prince, but I'm sure you'd get a bit bored just listening to us old people ramble on about things." she turned to her lieutenant who was glaring daggers at her for saying she was 'old' but the old woman pretended not to notice. "Kisara, where is your darling daughter at? I think the prince would find her infinitely more interesting than us." Raja winked at the young woman and hoped she'd catch on. Kisara looked at her with a 'are you out of your mind?' expression but before she could say anything a familiar voice rang out above the din of the crowd.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeey mooooooom!" Raja started to laugh uncontrollably as a little girl stomped through the crowd of people and bee-lined towards where the Admiral, Kisara, and Faroush were standing. The prince watched the little girl walk past him. She was wearing a shirt a few sizes too big for her, blue shorts and loose hair that came down just below her shoulders. Kisara took one look at her appearance and groaned.

"Lun, why did you change? And where is your father?" she asked as she leaned down on one knee. The girl, now known as 'Lun', snorted and crossed her arms.

"Pop sent me in here to grab him some food and we're out there fishin' so I didn't want to get my good clothes messed up or nothin'." Lun said as she pocketed a few large rolls off of a banquet table. The prince had retreated to a safe place behind Admiral Raja as soon as the loud girl had passed him. Raja smirked at Kisara who finally gave up and nodded. Suddenly the prince found himself out in the open as Raja quickly stepped away from him.

"Lun, why don't you go back and fish some more with your father, I'm sure you wouldn't like it here anyway." Kisara said to her daughter. Lun swallowed the mouthful of bread and nodded. Before she could take off, however, Raja tapped her on the shoulder.

"Lun dear, would you like someone your own age to play with while the adults in here talk? This boy over here is the son of a very good friend of mine and he's a bit bored himself." Raja said while motioning to the young prince. Faroush was a bit shocked at being put on the spot like that and looked to Kyle for help. Said blonde bodyguard was only giving him an amused smirk but before the prince could say anything he found himself being studied by a curious Lun.

"Hmmm…he doesn't look like much fun but this place is boring…ok, you can come fish with me an' pops. Here, take this bread and follow me." the young girl said as she shoved a few pieces of bread in the princes' hands. She grabbed a few more loaves to replace the ones she gave up and preceded to march out the door, with or without the prince. The boy looked up at Raja with a bit of panic but only say humor on the old woman's face. He glared at her before he realized that he was actually mad at someone. He usually didn't get mad or annoyed at anyone even if they did something wrong. He didn't even feel guilty about being mad at the old woman. Before he could sort this out more, the young girl shouted from outside the door to follow her or she'd leave him behind. Giving one last look over at his family, he jogged off after the girl, trying to hold on the loaves of bread she had given him. Kyle smirked and bowed to the lady Admiral before slowly following the prince out of the castle.

"Was that wise, Raja? The prince seemed kinda…well, he was a bit pissed at you." Kisara pointed out bluntly. Raja chuckled some before shaking her head. She was smiling as she looked over at a happy Ferid and Arshtat.

"That was a good thing my dear. I have never seen the prince get mad at anything as long as I've known him. Sure, turning out like the queen could be a good thing but having a backbone never hurt anyone." she replied. The younger woman only watched the back of the prince as he jogged out of the palace; somehow, she felt, this was going to have a big effect on things…

Alright, so starting a new fiction is going to make some people mad…well, sorry! Really, I am! I just had a good idea so I'm going to write it down before I forget it. Who knows? If this becomes popular maybe I'll update it in a timely manner? I still need to beat the game, though...