Okay, this is the author here. I honestly didn't want to post it on fan fiction because I know that there are usually aren't a lot of slash fics here, but I will because my usual source isn't avaliable.

So here are a few facts about the story before you read it:

This IS slash. As in the parings are made to be Male with Male.

The Pairing will be Elrohir/Elladan/Legolas

The pairing does mean incest.

There is NOTHING except a little bit of kissing. And cuddling.

Flames are NOT welcome. If this isn't your cup of tea, then leave. I did warn you after all.

Anything referring to Elladan is capitalised. Anything referring to Legolas is not.

This is Elrohir's POV

Elrohir is the slightly younger twin. Don't know if it matters but I figured I say something about it anyway.

There may be errors. I am human (unfortunately. Why wasn't I born an elf again?) and I do make mistakes. Constructive criticism is welcome but be nice about it.

Enjoy the story!