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Chapter 83 : Fusion Warrior

The two brothers returned to see their foster planet left in a lifeless husk from Buu's vicious attacks. Goku was most shocked of all Raditz spoke urgently trying to snap his brother into action. "Kakorot now it not the time to be sentimental. We have to stop Buu!""R-right!" Goku nodded his head as they flew off towards his son and the seemingly unbeatable monster. Raditz wasted no time transforming into a super Saiyan, "You find your son, I'll distract Buu. We have to make this fast and clean if any of us want to make it out alive.""Are you sure about this? Buu is even more powerful now." Goku spoke with smirked "I have a plan." He ripped of a bit of his cloth and wrapped it to hide his smiled his bright smile, chuckled before diving into the creators and crags in the ground where Gohan was last seen. "Buu! I'm back ready for some more fun!" Buu looked up his eyes squinted seeing the silhouette of the long haired Saiyan. "You again?Raditz flew in front of the view of the sun, he tried to imitate his brother voice, but more sounded like Goku with a cold, "Remember how much fun you had fighting me? Well I'm ready again!"Buu let out a little smile the fat Buu inside him felt an immediate joy. He flew up eagerly looking at Raditz who looked down to not get eye contact. "Uh?"Buu smiled as he threw a hard punch at Raditz which he barely avoided the extra speed was surprising. Buu gleefully attacked the Saiyan not truly trying to kill him just wanting to play. This allowed Raditz to just barely stay out of harm's way. "Haha! You've gotten stronger Buu!" Raditz tried to keep up the tried desperately to find Gohan in the creator, he knew it was risky but he had to use some power to dig through the giant boulders."Come on Gohan…if you're in there say something." He whispered. Though it did no good Buu sensed the small spike of power. He looked down and saw a familiar shape. Stretching his neck he saw that it was Goku, he looked back and forth between the two brother confused a moment. That was before his intelligence as Piccolo kicked back in and ripped of the make-shit head band. He discovered the fake and screamed, "Lair!" He pound the older brother over the head sending him into Earth below. Goku flew up in shock quickly. "Buu! Here I am you want me don't you?" Buu smiled at his former rival. Gohan emerged from the creator ready for round two. "Buu I won't be taken down so easily….dad?"Goku shouted out, "Gohan don't ask ! Just catch!" He threw the Potora right past Gohan. His son eeped not ready for the toss, missed the earring. "GOHAN!""what? I wasn't ready." Gohan sweat yelled, "Gohan! Grab the earring and put it on your left ear! I need to check on Raditz."The young adult nodded zipping down to where he saw the piece of jewelry drop.

Raditz slowly came to next to the wounded Tien. "Three-eyes? How'd you get here?"The monk struggled out, "Well you see…someone…forgot to wri…""Shut up three-eyes, no one cares." The Saiyan scoffed."Fine! I'll just go back to being unconscious…bleh…" His head fell back as his eyes lost focus again.

Raditz got back to his feet above the creator as Goku hovered over his brother. "You alright?""Kakorot? Didn't Gohan get the earring?"No sooner asked then did the young Saiyan hop out of the creator with Potora . "Hey I got it! The left ear?"Buu Appeared behind the Saiyan in a blanket of pink rubbery gulped and threw the jewelry at his uncle before he was enveloped and absorbed. Raditz growled, "Damn it…no choice."Goku nodded at his brother trying to stay strong, he need to if they were going to have any hope beating put the earring on and no sooner done were the two brothers pulled together by some mystic force. Their bodies touched and with a blinding light. A tall warrior emerged, his gi was the same color as Goku's the turtle symbol on the front was replace by one that read, "Bardock." His undershirt was grey like Raditz's undershirt , hair shoulder long and spiked like Goku's the round spot spiked spoke in both voices at once, "unbelievable…this is incredible."Buu blinked his voice a bit shaken, "Who the hell are you?"The fused warrior said in a cool cocky tone, "You may call Roku.""Who cares?"He chuckled and shrugged coyly, " Really with Piccolo and Gohan's intelligences ignorance no longer suits you Buu."The monster growled flexing as steam shot out his pores. He threw his fist at the fused Saiyan. With blinding speed sideways landing his foot hard on Buu's arm."Ugh?" He grunted in pain and surprise. Roku smirked whiling his other leg into Buu's gut making him fly backwards his arm stretched with a loud creaking sound until he was a few meters warrior lifted his foot allowing the arm to snap back in Super Buu's face leaving a slap chuckled to the seething Buu, "Aw what's the matter Buu? I thought you liked strong opponents?"He snarled quickly fireing a special beam cannon it passed through an afterimage harmlessly blowing up a distant hillRoku crossed his arms looking disappointed, "Now I'm not having any fun."Buu screamed out angrilyThe fused warrior heard the elder kai in his head, "What are you doing? You clearly can end it just do it already?""But he has more power I know it! I must nee the experience that thrill."The pink monster shouted blasting rapid Kahamehamehas. The powerful saiyan easily dodged one shot after another getting closer each time. The man powered up as he kicked buu high into the sky. He put his right hand into a classic Kahamehameha position but then his left hand the same way. He powered up two indego orbs in his palms, "Dooouble…" he pulled back, "Kamehame…" He charged up the duel beams as Buu charged up his own beam much stronger than the ones before. "HA!" Roku twisted his hands turning the twin beams into a beautiful but terrifying helix around each other. Buu howled firing is super powered pink beam against the indigo one and was pushing Roku's beam back. "What? Impossible!" He powered through the pressure transforming into super saiyan. The beams expanded turning gold. The now more powerful attack began to win the struggle. Buu shouted back, "Not this time!" He sent a pulse of energy along his beam causing the two blasts to explode magnificently in the air . The smoke blinded Roku making him cough as he darted his eyes back and forth. When suddenly he felt his body being wrapped up by the pink rubber like flesh. Roku struggled snapping his right hand out a little but getting recovered and his left hand more so. Trashing and yelling the man tried desperately to get out but he was enveloped by Buu pulling him in. Laughing triumphantly the monster wondered why he didn't change . Meanwhile inside the pink beast the men separated and landed in the disgusting stomach. The Saiyan brothers broke their bonds of the sticky flesh.

"We're….alive?" Goku asked. "Seems that way…" Raditz answered. "How are we separate and in our regular bodies?" Raditz shrugged, "Dues ex machina?"

"Bless you." Goku smiled brightly as his brother face palmed.

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