Confusion Arises

In the Alice Academy or any other school in the world; normal or not, your social status is very important especially when in the adolescent stage. You wouldn't want to belong to the nerds or the ones who are being bullied, right? Most of us want to be in the popular group, where everyone knows who we are, fancies us and are scared to mess with us. Fortunately, Mikan's group of friends belongs to the higher level and they were all considered popular, actually one of the most popular group in their school today.

And as one of the most popular groups in school, they were constantly flocked with admirers everywhere they go and especially the guys whom each seem to have their own fan clubs. As a result, they don't go out that much and spend their time within one of the rooms of their friends, usually Natsume's since he had the biggest room and can accommodate all of them. They get together every afternoon to just chill out and relax and since it was festival days, they were all exhausted from all the things they had to do and decided to take some slack off in Natsume's room.

But to everyone's dismay, especially Mikan's, it seems there was heavy tension in the room ever since they entered it and it was already suffocating her. She didn't understood why there was but she wasn't that naïve to not know it was coming from the guys. She looked at the three guys in the room who were just minding their own business in their own little corners and sighed heavily. She had tried to strike up conversations with them and with the other girls but the guys just nodded or just plainly ignore her while the girls also seemed to be infected by the disease brought upon the guys and refused to speak.

These then gone on for several days and honestly, Mikan was getting of sick it. The festival is already nearing its end and she hadn't even enjoyed a single moment of it. She breathed deeply as she sadly look at the people who passed by, who looks so happy; much different from her current state.

Mikan sighed loudly and shook her head. She just couldn't believe what happened to her friends. After all, all of her friends got along very well, save for Natsume and Tsubasa, but still, it didn't affect their friendship much and as years pass by, it was hardly noticeable. And now, all the guys seems to have tension around each other and as well as the girls. She frowned as she remembered how the other two girls in their group reacted at the sudden change. She could understand Hotaru's inability to speak for more than three sentences at a time but Misaki's? Her partner-in-crime in making the guys cringe on their loud voices was close to being mute as well.

"A rabbit for your thoughts?" A voice suddenly asked and made her broke out of her reverie.

Mikan faked a smile at the intruder of her contemplations.

"Oh, Tsubasa-kun…" She said, indifferently. She was also upset with him since he too was acting so different.

"Mikan, why do you look so down?" Tsubasa asked, concerned as he took a seat next to her.

Mikan looked away from him.

"You should know that already." Mikan said, quite bluntly.

"I see." Tsubasa said, turning quiet.

There were a few moments of silence when Mikan decided to speak again.

"Why is everyone acting so different?" Mikan honestly said as sadness become apparent in her voice. "Did I do anything wrong?"

Tsubasa shook his head as he suddenly put an arm around her out of habit.

Trust Mikan to blame herself for the littlest of things…

"No, of course not, you didn't do anything wrong." Tsubasa reassured and added in his mind, except make us all fall in love with you.

"Everyone's just tired, since the festival is being held all week. Not all of us can have limitless energy like you do, Mikan-chan." He said teasingly making Mikan hit him lightly on the arm.

"You're so mean, Tsubasa-kun!" Mikan complained but a smile was evident in her face.

"I'm just saying the truth." Tsubasa defended as he laughed at Mikan's expression.

Mikan beamed and leaned against him.

"Thank you for cheering me up, Tsubasa-kun."

Tsubasa smiled softly as he tightened his arm around her.

Anytime, Mikan, anytime.


"Damn bastard!" Natsume cussed furiously as he looked at the scene before him. Tsubasa had his arm around Mikan who seems to be enjoying it very much. It had taken all his self-control not to storm there and beat the hell out of Tsubasa. He had no right to touch his Mikan.

"Looks right Tsubasa's fast." Ruka commented calmly as his eyes gaze on Mikan and Tsubasa. He also knew of Tsubasa's feelings. "He lives up to his reputation."

"Yeah, an asshole who can't seem to keep his hands to himself," Natsume agreed as his glare hardened at the two who was seemed to be oblivious to the world around them.

Ruka smiled but it did not reach his eyes.

"You should get a move on too, Natsume." He said softly making his best friend look at him. "Before it's too late."

Natsume's eyes narrowed.

"You don't need to tell me what to do, Ruka."

"I know." Ruka simply said as he turned to leave. "I was just advising you because this time," he paused as he looked at Natsume directly in the eyes.

"You're not the only one fighting, and the stakes are great."

Natsume stared at his best friend's retreating back. Ruka was different, so different from what he was used to yet still the same person he had known. He had already seen this side of Ruka. He may seem really kind, but he has a dark side like everyone else and like him, it was darker.

Natsume stared once again looked at the woman who had caused all this, the woman that had rivaled their precious friendship and turned them against each other even if it's only temporary and wondered how it all happened in such a short span of time. There was now a seemingly gap in their friendship and can only be filled when one of them gets her.

If one of them even gets her…


Misaki sighed heavily as she plopped down on the couch inside the one of the rooms of their maze. She was very tired from all the customers who had wanted to go on try their RPG game and most of them had specifically asked her or Mikan to be the one who entertain them. Sadly though, Mikan was nowhere to be seen and Tsubasa as well. She knew they were together, being Tsubasa's best friend; she had the privileges in knowing where he was even if he didn't tell her.

Tsuabasa's best friend.

Yes, that's what all she was. His best freaking friend though the Lord knows she wanted to be so much more. She always had a crush on him when they were younger which later on blossomed into love. At first, she had thought that he liked her back since he always paid attention to her and not to any other girl who wanted to get his attention. But then she arrived, and ruined everything she had ever dreamed of.

Though it was really her fault to begin with, because she had taken for granted the time she had spent with him. They could have been together, she knows that; everyone knows that even her but albeit, something happened and she had never expected it and now she had regretted every moment of being too blind to notice him becoming different, so different.

It all started a couple of years ago. They were walking around the garden like they usually did when it happened. They had seen her and Misaki saw Tsubasa's eyes soften and smiled. The special smile he had always reserved only for her. But she had ignored that, and it continued. He began talking about her more and more and alas, it became a habit. He then began to spend lesser time with her to be with her. And then at last, he finally told her of his feelings.

She had cried that night. She knew she had lost a battle that she didn't even know she was fighting. She was very hurt when he told her, like a piece of her shattered. She even pretended to be sick just so he wouldn't see her eyes which were red and sore from all the crying she had done. She was still in denial after a couple of days of his confession. She just couldn't believe a girl like her had caught Tsubasa's affection. But then again, who could blame him? A lot of guys did fall for her and many girls were still wondering why.

Just like her.

She had wanted to hate her. She had wanted to make her suffer like she did but no matter how much she wanted to do so, she just can't. She didn't do anything wrong. She didn't even show any affection for Tsubasa except maybe as a friend or an older brother. She was just being herself. She was so sweet and nice that even the hate she was feeling for her had vanished into thin air with just a simple innocent smile.

But it all came back again when Tsubasa told her of his plans. He no longer wanted to mask his feelings and decided to act upon it. He wanted Mikan to be his. He wanted to show her his feelings that were in the dark for so long. He wanted to love her. And all the feelings she had tried to let go of, all the pain she harbored came right back and she was back to square one once again. She couldn't even bare to look at her nor Tsubasa. That's why she had been avoiding her for a couple of days now. She didn't know how long she can mask the pain. She didn't know how long she can act happy and be his shoulder to lean on but what she fears most is how long till she breaks…

And her secret will be there for everyone to see…


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