"With baste deciet,

You worked upon our feelings

Revenge is sweet

And flavors all our dealings."

Gilbert and Sullivan,

Pirates of Penzance

Ginny felt the blush crawl over her face to resume its rightful reign across her freckled nose. Harry averted his eyes, pretending not to have noticed. But he had noticed. Ginny knew it. She too averted her eyes. Instead she caught sight of Araia Lelimo, her room mate. Araia was Ginny's year, although Ginny was a prefect this year and therefore entitled to a room with the other two prefects. But a room with Hermione Granger and seventh year Khole Flannagan, was not all that appealing.

Hermione was a sweet heart. But she was a little bossy and over bearing. Khole was a viscious bitch who only cared about her self image. Khole was also jealous about being passed over for the part of Head Girl.

Araia was skillfully avoiding the attentions of Dean Thomas, something Ginny had never quite managed. Probably why she had dated him for three weeks last year.

Ginny, quite against her will, had developed a reputation as a quick date. Everyone knew she was after Harry and hence she was easy for a few weeks when coming off a girl. Everyone just accepted that image of her.

Araia caught Ginny watching and threw a wink her way, before leaving. Ginny followed. Several males watched Araia as she sauntered off to the dorms. But one set of eyes focused on the towering red head behind her.

Ginny had shot up in the past two years. She was about an inch taller than Harry and just below her brother. She had the long sleek legs of a runner, and the body of a model. Only about six boys total rivaled her height.

Draco Malfoy was one of them.

Draco wasn't interested in her because she was a Weasley. He wasn't interested in her because she fawned over Harry (though they did help his cause). He was interested in her because she was valueless. Priceless. One of a kind. She was a peice of work, only three inches shorter than he. He rather fancied, aside from her obsession with Potter, that she was flawless.

Guys looked at Araia because she was easy on the eyes and the kind of girl you could take home to Mother. Draco looked at Ginny because her beauty was blinding even if she didn't know it. He looked because she was the kind of girl he could take home to his mother and she would get along with. Mother would tear Araia apart. Ginny, despite her diminutive character, could chew Narcissa Malfoy up and spit her out.

Finally he looked because she was the kind of girl his father would hate.

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