By a damn near unanimous vote, here is the Weasley kick ass version


Araia smirked at her reflection. "Oh, Draco, you're gonna be mine."

She laughed brightly and set down her brush even as the doorbell rang. She danced down the hall of her flat to the door.

She threw it open but a second later her smiled faded.

Fred Weasley smiled visciously at Araia.

Hastily she shut the door but Fred got his foot in the way first and shoved the door open. He stormed into the apartment, followed immediately by his five brothers.

Araia backed up, going for her wand but the next second, it was in George Weasley's hand.

"What do you want?" she managed.

Charlie sighed and shoved Araia back into the chair Bill had provided.

"Who do you think should take the point on this one?" Percy asked with the cold clinical detachment that he did so very well.

"Oh, we're all big boys here," Bill commented. "I imagine we could take turns."

"Sounds lovely. Percy? Wanna start?" Fred asked.

Percy gave a grim smile and sat down opposite her.

"Araia, do you know why we're here?"

"I can hazard a few guesses," she hissed.

"Do you know why they thought I should start first?"

Araia shook her head.

"Because I'm the most reasonable."

With that Percy punched Araia in the nose. Araia screamed as her nose broke.

"Percy!"Fred protested but his tone was whiny. "I wanted to do that, Perce."

"I'm sorry," Percy replied. "I can fix it if you want to break it yourself?"

Fred grinned. "That sounds wonderful."


"Is she dead?" Draco asked quietly as the boys filed into his and Ginny's apartment.

Ron shook his head. "I'm sure she wishes she was but we thought the Ministry could do a better job with her."

Draco nodded.

"And Ginny?" Fred asked.

"Sleeping," Draco confirmed. "You guys aren't going to get in trouble for what you did, are you?"

Bill shook his head. "Hermione taught Ron a few tricks. She's healed up and she can't say a word of this to anyone."

"Do you mind if we go sit with Ginny for a while?" George asked.

Draco shook his head. "Don't wake her though. She's had a hard day."

The boys filed into the bedroom where Ginny lay under covers.

Fred and George took seats on the bed by her head while Charlie, Percy and Ron all sat at her feet and Bill knelt by her left hand.

"Ginny?" Fred whispered.

"We're here for you, baby sister," George whispered.

"We took care of her for you, Ginny," Bill whispered, kissing his sister's hand.

"She's never going to bother you again," Fred muttered, burying his nose into Ginny's hair.

"We promised to take care of you, Gin," Charlie said. "We're sorry we weren't there for you earlier."

"Can you forgive us?" Percy asked.

Ginny stirred in her sleep. Her eyes fluttered open and she stared sleepily at her brothers.

"Bill? Fred? George? What are you all doing here?"

George kissed her cheek. "Just checking up on you. Go back to sleep."

She blinked again then nodded and drifted back.

The brothers looked at each other. In that moment each of them regretted nothing.

The End.