Angel's Kiss

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Summary: Gabriel is a man in service of god, a angel. He comes across an injured girl, saving her life but erasing all memory of their meeting. But fate lets them meet again, and every time she falls in love with him. Finally he accepts her love, but the infamous Count Dracula finds out that his enemy now has a weak spot, and will take advantage of it in every way possible. Pls R&R!

Chapter One – White Wings

A soft slow humming from a single girl echoed through the misty forest, and the soft echoes of the wooden bucket lifted from inside the well is heard, cutting through the air. But unlike most times, the air was not as tense as it should be. Birds had started to sing again, and the ground was covered with beautiful green grass, a few orange leaves lingering to show that Autumn was coming.

The girl had locks of auburn brown hair trailing down her shoulder, untangled, but not unkept. A crown of flowers laid on top of her head, as if it always belonged there. Sunlight beamed through the trees, reflecting the skeleton of the small leaves stuck to its mother. The lights vanish and then reappeared, mostly because of the moving shadow of the girl as the song she hummed continued to echo.

Esther Hetherlend sang as she dumped water from the well into the other wooden bucket on the dirt ground. She was smiling as she did so. And looked up, breathing in the fresh air. Her eyes sparkled as sunlight hit her face gently, and as if someone had painted a huge green field inside her eyes, those orbs shined emerald. Sweeping her forehead with her other dry hand, she exhaled out.

Winter is over... Esther thought with a peaceful smile. She loved it when Spring came. Although there were creatures living in this forest, most of them are quite harmless. And Spring usually kept these creatures at bay for some reason. In the Winter though, werewolves usually appeared and continue to terrorize the village.

"And the little bird said that the cat was hungry..." Esther murmured the lyrics to one of her favorite songs as she picked up both the ends of the bucket and prepared to go home. But then she realized something that she should have heard a long time before. The birds had stopped their singing, and the whole place had gone quiet. She looked up and saw to her horror that the sky had turned grey, leaving predators of all sorts to hunt and kill the weak.

Fear in her eyes, Esther turned around and gave out a startled scream when a cold hand pulled at her neck. A sharp breath washed over her flawless skin, as Esther's eyes grew wide open. Her lips trembled, but she couldn't move, paralyzed to the spot as those cold hands traced her neck. Her heart beat fast as she found herself dropping those buckets onto the ground, her fingers growing numb. She couldn't see the face of her attacker, but she could see a smirk behind the cloak that hid him.

"Death is only the beginning..." a soft, haunting whisper was breathed in her ear, and the bite came swiftly, those vicious fangs sinking deeply into her neck as Esther gasped, feeling the life source draining from her. She closed her eyes, and wished God will help her now... and that a Angel will save her...

x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x

Gabriel Van Helsing had been flying through the air and had been patrolling through Earth, when he heard a scream for help echo as clean as a fresh cut through his mind. Urgency jumping into his eyes, he immediately spread his wings wider, flying faster towards what he knew to be the place where the mortal in question had asked for his help.

A look of disgust was true on his face as he saw the cloaked man holding a limp young girl in his arms, a trickle of blood evident on his lips as it slid down his chin, sending droplets falling onto the grass below. Gabriel flew down quickly, and withdrew a golden sword, and pointed it to the cloaked figure, who gave him a fanged smile and dropped the girl onto the floor, as if she was just an object. The body fell with a soft thud on the grass as Gabriel winced, eyes glowing with golden light. "I command thee to tell me thy name!"

The figure's lips turned into a wide smile, and he tilted his head. "You already know, don't you, Van Helsing?"

Gabriel did not answer as the figure bowed and gave a chuckle. "Farewell, Left Hand of God. We shall meet again very soon..."

With a puff of smoke, the figure vanished into thin air, no trace of his whereabouts. Gabriel stood there for a moment, and then let his sword vanish, fading away in his hands. Then he folded his wings, and ran straight for the fallen girl. He looked into her, touching her forehead, and then bitterly bowed his head. But then something unexpected happened.

Save her, Gabriel...

Gabriel blinked in surprise, shocked to hear that all too familiar voice. Am I allowed, my lord?

Save her... With that, the voice left him, and he stood there standing in front of the young girl. He looked down to see her tear stained eyes, cold and lifeless, the color that had once been so vibrate stolen from her. Gabriel silently knelt by her side, and put a hand on her forehead, sweeping away the few strand of hair that had fell near her face. Then he started to chant words with an unbelievably fas motion of his lips, and closed his eyes, concentrating his mind towards the girl.

A glow started to form around his hand and slip inside her. Finally Gabriel let go of his hand with a swift motion, and opened his eyes and found that his eyes caught the orbs of the victim. A mixture of feelings swirled in his heart as he stared into the eyes of the girl, the life in her shining again. She smiled softly, and then pulled out her hand, touching Gabriel's cheek. She felt warmth in that touch as tears of joy filled her eyes, falling freely onto the dirt floor. "Thank you..." There was almost a look of admiration and love in those two single emerald orbs as Gabriel took hold of her hand, and placed it back on her chest, trying to maintain a reassuring smile for her.

"Rest..." Gabriel spoke softly, like singing a lullaby to a small child as the young girl closed her eyes, still smiling. Gabriel closed his eyes and brushed a hand in midair around the girl's face, as he drew out of the memories of her death, the appearance of the figure, and of himself, erasing them so she would have no idea that these memories existed in her mind. Then he traced his hand towards the wound, and with a quick flick, the puncture marks vanished. Smiling with relief, Gabriel spoke a soft farewell in the girl's ear before setting off into the sky again, not knowing that Esther's eyes had opened when his back was turned, so she was able to catch the image of his wings.

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