Angel's Kiss

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Summary: Gabriel Van Helsing is a man in service of God; a angel. When he comes across an injured mortal girl, he saves her but erases all memory of their meeting. But fate lets them meet again, and every time she falls in love with him. Finally Gabriel accepts her love, but the infamous Count Dracula finds about his weakness and will take advantage of it in every possible way. R&R!

Chapter Three – Emerald Eyes

"An angel..!" Esther's father, Jonathan Hetherland, exclaimed in shock. His eyes widened, his mouth left open for a brief moment. His grip on Esther tightened more, and tears of happiness filled his eyes.

"Father-" Esther began with a soft look on her face. She knew she must have worried her parents greatly and she felt guilt because of it. But she wasn't able to continue when her father suddenly hugged her. This time it was her turn to be surprised.

"You have been touched by a divine being, my Esther! Oh, thank god you are alright. Anything could have happened in these dark forests!" Jonathan cried out, squeezing tight.

Esther smiled with a look of tranquility, nodding slowly. As her father finally let her go, wiping away the tears, she helped him up with a firm, encouraging pull. Jonathan beamed at her, and gripped his daughter's hand with the sureness that only Father's have to reassure a child.

"Come, Esther, let us go home."

x X x

"In the arms of an angel..." Esther whispered, humming a slow rhythm with those words. She gazed at the white ceiling above her. Cuddling inside her bed, she rested her head on the pillows. The night had climbed its way up the sky, flourishing the world with its distinctive beauty. The candles were extinguished by her breath after she had climbed into the covers. Outside her window hung a huge moon that seemed to look over her. She felt the silky touch of its cool, yet warm, touch, its dim light surrounding her in a thin veil of silver.

In spite of her restlessness, Esther's eyes slowly closed, quieting the questioning voices echoing loudly inside of her mind. Her heart raced as she remembered the faint glimmer of wings.

They were so beautiful... But surely she was mistaken, that what she saw was no more than a bird passing by... Her inner voice disagreed. It would have been too huge to be a bird.

"Sleep, Esther, sleep..." she whispered gently to herself, trying to sleep. Esther pulled the covers closely to her, and sang quietly, waiting for slumber to catch her in its embrace. She will think of everything tomorrow. Right now she needed to rest and find peace inside of her dreams.

Soon enough, she was falling away from her thoughts and into the depths of the black sea of stars, taking her into its gentle current.

x X x

Gabriel Van Helsing watched Esther from the window in her room. He stood on the ledge. If he were human, he would have fallen from the height.

As he watched over her, he read her soft thoughts. She suspected something. He had been careful, but he had missed a fraction of her memory, causing her to dwell upon it. This child's mind was pure like any other innocent creature born to this world. Gabriel watched her as she breathed in hushed breaths.

"Whatever fate has planned for me, I do not know. But you are my sign, the arrow that I must follow through..." Gabriel spoke faintly, and he spread his wings wide behind him. Esther slumbered on, hearing nothing and feeling no presence but her own.

The angel smiled sadly, and took off, flying gracefully into the night sky.

x X x

The next morning was a bright day. The sun had climbed its way up, taking turns with the moon and replacing the darkness with its light. Esther had opened her eyes slowly, trying to adjust to the sudden burst of colors. She got up and picked up a small mirror on her bedside table. She gently ruffled her hair, and then grinned.

Today was going to be another beautiful beginning to something new... and hopefully a good day to shop for some food in the market as well.

She worried about her kind-hearted mother though, who was ill from a long-term disease. She would have to come back home quickly. As for her father, he would probably be out all day until sun set and it was nearly dark. She gave a soft sigh and put aside the mirror.

"Well, come on now, you don't have all day!" Esther mumbled to herself, and got up, picking up a yellow dress from the drawer and putting it on. She wove the strings together and rushed downstairs to the bathroom, washing her face and brushing her teeth. She patted her dress robes, the small dust falling to the floor, and then rushed to her mother's room.

She knocked the door and opened it quickly, to find her sleeping mother. Esther's mom, Raella, breathed in and out. Beads of sweat had formed on her forehead and her daughter walked up to her mother and wiped it away with a cloth on the bedside table. There was also a bowl filled with water and an extra cloth.

"Good morning, Mama," Esther spoke with a smile and kissed her mother's forehead, her eyes full of love. Unlike when she addressed her father, 'Father', she was used to calling her mother, 'Mama' since she was a little girl. She didn't know why, but she could never let that habit go.

Esther's mother groaned softly, and her eyes opened to meet her daughter's virescent eyes. She smiled widely. "Esther... my dear, Good morning."

Esther hugged her mother and then went to the window, opening the curtains wide so that sunlight could seep through. "Today is another beautiful day! Are you feeling better, Mama?" she said and returned to her mother's side.

Raella nodded gently. "I'm feeling a little better than before. Sweetheart, what will you be doing today?"

"Well, I was thinking about a day at the market. We need some fruit and vegetables, along with some milk. I'll buy a few sweets so we can eat them together until father comes home from work!"

Raella smiled, "That sounds great, Esther. I only wish I could go with you. If this illness had not made me feel sick, I would have been the one in the market, love, and you will be with your friends..." Esther's mother voice trailed off, her eyes filling with a distant sadness. Esther shook her head furiously.

"Do not blame yourself, Mama! This is not your fault. You know father and I love you know matter what happens. I know you will feel better!" she cried and Raella's smiled softly.

"While I am gone, you can always go out in the garden. But don't go far, and always come back before its dark!" Esther reminded her with a smile.

Raella gently pinched her daughter's cheek teasingly, "That is what I should be saying, Esther!" She laughed, and Esther laughed along with her. "You be careful too, my love. Don't stay out long, we were worried about you yesterday, my darling." She kissed her cheek, and Esther nodded.

"I will, Mama! I will bring some breakfast for you before I go," Esther said, a grin spreading over her face.

Raella felt her heart burst with gratitude for her beautiful daughter. "Oh, Esther, what would I do without you?"

"Hehe, I wonder!" Esther teased, and her mother gave out a heartfelt laugh. Her daughter got up and walked to the kitchen to cook some breakfast for her loving mother.

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The auburn-haired girl gave a quick peck on Raella's cheek and rushed excitedly to the kitchen. The dim light was passing through, like paint being washed over a blank, white landscape of paper. Esther quickly took out some bread, jam, a frying pan, eggs and all the other things she could find here and there.

"It does not have to be anything big, Esther!" her mom's voice called out from the other room, but the girl was determined to make this day another great day for her mother while she was away in the market. She knew that if she used too much of the ingredients her mother and father was going to be angry with her. But! Just a little bit would not have hurt anyone. This made Esther hum a tune while she cooked the egg and placed some jam on the bread.

After a few minutes of cooking, Esther was finally finished. Looking down at the food in satisfaction she put it on two plates so she could eat together with her mother.

"Mama, I'm finished!" Esther cried out happily.

x X x

After breakfast with her mother, Esther had taken an apple with her for the small journey, putting it away in her pocket. She bid her mother farewell and left for the market. Since her destination wasn't far off, Esther decided she'll walk there with her light basket in hand.

Her steps touched the soft ground of the dirt, the small, patches of leaves hugging her shoes for a second before it was raised by the strength of Esther's moving feet. The forests she was familiar with smiled down at her when the sun was lit. Feeling the warmth basking her in a comforting embrace, the young girl twirled around playfully knowing she was still far off from anyone's view to feel any embarrassment.

Somehow a song slipped from her lips, and even though she didn't know why, she began to sing it.

I am here,
you are there,
but we are coming close,
closer together.

If you can hear me.
please come,
follow the steps,
the songs from my lips.

Your wings of divinity,
will carry me through,
all the dangers,
towards the light.

The air will differ,
with our strange forces.
You think that is the reason,
why people stare?

With you in my heart,
coming closer,
towards me,
there would be nothing to fear.

For you are my guardian,
the only love I have ever had.

"Now where did that come from?" Esther said with an innocent look on her face, looking a bit confused at herself. But she pushed aside the thought; she was just making it all up through singing, there was no meaning to the words except that she was enjoying herself in her silent dance.

After a few minutes of walking through the road, Esther saw the market and its dazzling colors.

As always, there were hundreds of people bustling around with their baskets. There were some gentleman crossing through as well with their respectable clothing and hats.

Esther admired everything. She was always awed by how different this place could be apart from the nature sitting just right beside it. There was so much liveliness inside such a small place. And the expressions on these people's faces! It was always interesting to see them all. Sometimes it was happiness, other times it looked teary or angry (which the young girl never really liked seeing).

Esther took out her list, looking down at the writing with a ponderous look. Apple, Bread, Sweets, Butter... she thought, reading through it.

Unconsciously she led herself away from the rushing crowd and towards someplace where there were less people around.

When she look up again at the people passing by, Esther found her heart skip a beat. She released a breath, feeling her whole body freeze. She found her eyes gaze upon a certain man with loose, curly brown hair. He seemed to be staying away from the crowd as well, his face looking fairly distant, as if there was something missing and he was trying to find it. The man looked so heavenly flawless that for a moment she thought he wasn't a man at all.

So beautiful.. Esther thought. She knew she was being foolish, standing there with her list and staring at the stranger. And yet she couldn't stop. Somehow she thought he looked distinctly familiar, and wanted dearly to connect with this man. To speak to him as if she were old friends with him. But the sensible part of her mind told her that she had never met him, nor probably will be. A miracle would have to happen, or at least within her.

Esther, you are being rude! another voice in the back of her head shouted, and Esther was going to look down with a faint blush on her cheeks. Curiously enough, this time the man in question looked up and locked eyes with the chestnut haired girl. His eyes shined with striking colors of defined hazel.

Surprise leaped into Esther's stomach. She stared back, shocked for a moment. However the hazel orbs flicked away from her and at something over her shoulder.

The young, naïve girl felt a small disappointment to see the gaze disappear from her. She would have liked to have known this stranger for just a little bit more; even if it was a silent exchange of looks...


It was a strange, almost odd feeling for Gabriel to be looked at as a mere mortal. Especially when he was not. The young girl he had been observing from a distance had seen him, and had turned to look right back at him with innocent, lime-colored eyes, and this surprised Gabriel greatly. Of course, he was disguised as a mortal, but still he was only a faint existence in this reality.

The angel was only following. Usually the humans don't see. They might look back over their shoulders but never see exactly what they were looking for. But she glanced at him and beamed gently. Gabriel could feel the curiosity radiating out of the girl.

He would have continued to stare back at her with a mixture of emotions he could not determine but he sensed something. A creature of darkness. It's odor grew and became more fouler. An invisible shadow of black slithered through the market, a phenomenon that only angels could see.

Gabriel winced, and he saw to his horror that the shade was toning its way to where the young girl stood. She didn't seem to notice, only looking back at him with a slight, quizzical look on her face. He needed to save her, the mortal. The watery waves of ink was creeping its way closer, raising its sharp claws towards her. The young mortal's hair was already beginning to become a fading color auburn and silver.

No.. Gabriel thought with an unfaltering determination, I will not let this happen.. You will be saved, Esther Hetherland...

He was already running towards her direction.


Esther had continued to study the man who with the hazel eyes, confused and slightly hurt that he had looked away. However it seemed almost unintentionally, as if he was forced to look away for a moment. She frowned softly. And what perplexed her even more was the expression that deepened on his face. It seemed as if this man was terrified, and she seeing it made her frightened suddenly.

The auburn haired girl took a quick peak behind her shoulder, but she didn't see anything that was threatening to steal her life. It was only the backward passage through the intertwining houses. She looked back and found that the beautiful stranger was running towards her direction.

Esther was shocked and bewildered when he stood beside her and stretched his hand to her, calling to her desperately.

"Follow me, Esther! Please!"

She looked down at the hand, at how strong it looked and it reminded her of her father's. Esther was deeply moved and cautious at the same time. But the urgency in this man's voice told her that whatever it was that he was afraid of, she should probably be to.

Follow me, Esther!

And she took the hand that awaited her soft grip.

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