Dozens of limp bodies were scattered across the school yard of Gedo High School, the infamous delinquent hangout.

Among them, one figure, dressed in a spiky leather biker outfit, with a white skull painting that covered his head. He was of average height, and had a decent build, but there seemed to be violent around surrounding him.

"C'mon! I'm serious! Where the hell is that brother Daigo of mine? I tell you guys that his brother is here and all you do is whine and send in a buncha pathetic practice dummies? I didn't come all the way back here to waste my time with some punks! Tell Big Brother I'm here already!".

One clearly frightened "delinquent" who watched the fight managed to stand up, despite being horrified by what he say. "I... I'm telling you! B--boss isn't here, Akira, sir! And even if it is...We... we're still not sure you're telling the truth! B-Boss never told us he had a kid brother! Besides...y-your... your fighting style... there still isn't something that adds up! H-how could your fighting POSSIBLY connect you to Boss's! The only thing in common between you two is your love of fists...but Boss's has a method to it! You're just running around swinging your arms like some amateur boxer!".

Angrily, the biker man, seeming to go by the name of Akira, swiftly punched the punk with little thought. "AMATEUR? YOU CALL THAT KINDA POWER AN AMATEUR'S? AND WHAT'S THE DEAL CALLING ME---", the biker man cuts himself off mid-yelling, remembering the helmet he's wearing. "Right, right... my name's Akira, got it", he muttered to himself. "SO, ANY OF YOU PUNKS WANNA FINALLY HELP ME REUINTE WITH MY BROTHER, OR AM I GONNA HAVE TO SMACK SOME SENSE INTO A FEW MORE FLUNKIES!".

The other spectators looked extremely hesitant to jump in. They saw him pummel practically half the school into submission already, and they can tell it was no fluke.

Burning Justice!

The Kusanagi Chronicles

A Rival Schools and "Kusanagi" Fanfiction

Chapter 1:

Boxers and Schoolgirls and Gangsters, Oh my!

Further away in some bleachers, two more witnessed the massacre. One was wearing a fresh new Blue Taiyo High Uniform. He had grayish blonde hair, and ruby red eyes with some glasses. He was a little on the scrawny side and gave off the impression of being a total wuss. He simply looked upon the scene with little of his nerve left. The other was a girl with short brown hair and grayish eyes. She was wearing an army palette tank-top with some shorts, and she was biting the thumb of one of her hands covered by a red glove. Although she appeared to be rather meek herself, she appeared incredibly anxious and inexplicably pissed as she saw the stranger continually beat the crud out of the Gedo Students.

The glasses boy sighed. "What are you doing out there?", he thought to himself, "you promised that you'd only attract attention to drag out that Daigo guy you're so excited to fight, not beat up the entire student body to a pulp! We've wasted too much time here! We're gonna be late to our new school!".

The glasses boy then turned to notice the nervous young girl, still heavily focused on the slaughter "Oh, hello Miss... we've been sitting here for awhile now, and we haven't even been talking to each other all this time".

The nervous wreck of a girl was too deep in thought to even bother paying attention. "Damn it all! I'm gonna kill that bastard for doing this! But... but... but.. then I...". The expression on her face continually alternated from being downright pissed to worrisome and blushing.

The glasses boy then calmly tapped her on the shoulder. "Excuse me, miss, are you okay?".

The girl turned to face the glasses boy in a panic. She sighed a breath of relief, with her mind stuck in her shyer personality. "Uh... oh... sorry my... I was just".

The glasses boy nodded understandingly. "You looked ill and distracted from all the fighting. I... understand. I really can't handle all that violence in a day myself, but I'm just worried about someone there...".

"I...see...", the girl said in a quiet voice. She took a moment to look into his ruby eyes. "There's something genuinely nice about this guy", she thought to herself, "yes... there's a very, calming aura about him". She then heard one of the students at Gedo High screaming loudly to interrupt her train of thought. "But still... but stilll", She looked like she was about to rush towards the school when the glasses boy swiftly grabbed her by the wrist. She looked at him again. "What the?"

"N-no! D-don't go there!", the glasses boy pleaded. "Maybe... You're thinking about playing the hero or something, but that guy in the helmet's pretty good! He just wiped out half the school! You think you can stand a chance against him?"

The young girl sighed. "How did he do that? I know... maybe I let my guard down when I rushed towards Gedo High, but... I don't think it was a fluke. His reaction speed was really good... I think... maybe this guy could have the potential to be a really good martial artist! But he has no experience. I suppose I have to thank him, though. I could've blown my cover, had I decided to take care of that mysterious fighter".

Although disappointed, she decided to play along and nodded. "...right... I'm sorry. Seeing all those people hurt just sorta roused me up and I...".

"No, it's okay!", the glasses boy yelled in a panic. "Besides, I'm a little envious actually. You're actually willing to throw yourself into a situation, just because you see something wrong. I don't have that kind of strength or confidence in myself at most things. I.. I feel rather weak and helpless most of the time myself".

The two stood there silently for awhile. The glasses boy's face turned completely red, while the girl once again anxiously turned her face to watch the Gedo High students getting the crap beaten out of them. After awhile, she felt a yank after trying to run off again, remembering a guy in glasses is gripping her left wrist.

She turned to face him again, looking flushed herself. "Ah, right!" she exclaimed. She bowed in apology. "I'm sorry. I promise I won't go after him this time. Just this once".

The glasses boy sighed. "Thank you". Taking a moment to look away himself, he noticed the mysterious biker man stood there impatiently, seeing as how there aren't any remaining challengers left. He sighed to himself, and was about to walk towards the carnage.

"Uh, sir?", the young girl asked. The glasses boy turned his attention back to her.

"Yes, what is it?", you asked.

"We've been talking for awhile now, and I haven't even gotten your name yet".

"Oh, right!". The glasses boy's face turned red again. He took of his round glasses to clean up some fog, and then promptly put them back on. "M-my name is Kei Kusanagi. Nice to meet you!". He quickly bowed out of nervousness.

The girl was about to introduce her self as well, but then a tall figure in blue walked right passed them, and she cut herself short. "Oh, I'm sorry… I'll have to leave right now!"

"Wait!", Kei shouted as the girl started taking off, "What about your name!".

The girl stopped and rubbed her head shyly, then proceeded to run off. "I'm sorry! I'll tell you later!".

Kei was about to run towards her when he again realized he was going to be late for school. Not to mention that he paid unusual attention to the mysterious biker man. He once again approached the delinquent school in reluctance.

"Kei, if I don't make it out fast enough, just go on ahead without me. Besides, risking a tardy is MORE than worth it fighting THIS guy!" a rowdy voice called out in his head.

Kei sighed, and decided to finish the trip to Taiyo High. "I sure hope you know what you're doing, cousin. You just angered an entire school full of gangsters, and I don't think they're going to take it lightly…". Kei groaned as he walked away towards the sunset.

Meanwhile, in Gedo's Gymnasium, two other students seem to be hanging out, doing whatever. One is a psychotic-looking guy with blonde, broom-like hairstyle in a purple jumpsuit and matching bandana. The other was a giant sumo-sized teenager in a greet jacket and wearing a barrel belt. One of the lesser punks charged in with a panic, interrupting their "free time". "Brother Edge! Brother Gan! Some two-bit punk in a biker helmet claiming to be the Boss's little brother is smuttin' up our entire gang, looking for a fight with him! It's madness, I tells ya!".

The purple broom man named Edge kicked the nobody in the face and chucked a knife close to his face. "What the hell is this about?", he shouted.

The large one named Gan scratched his head in confusion after scarfing down some tasty rice balls. "What's that, Edge? Is 'e talkin' about Akira?".

Edge got into a pondering position and contemplated the situation. "But that's impossible! We were just talking to Akira not too long ago! The little brother said he was going to investigate Boss's disappearance

! And now you're saying he's just running around and beating the s out of everyone? That's f'n impossible, man! How would he all of a sudden forget the Boss's f'n disappearance like that?".

Gan scratched his head. "Short-term memory, maybe?". Edge smacked Gan hard in the head, which was a pretty amazing feat, considering the size difference.

"No! That means, something's up! One of these f'n bastards is a fake! But our Akira had proof being related to the boss… this new guy could be the imposter! Then again… if the other guy's proof turns out to be fake, I'm going biker huntin'! Either way… I'm being myself up a bastard!" he cried in excitement.

"Well, you should probably come out and see the guy in action! Boss's little bro or not, he's a tough little bad-ass!", the lackey shouted.

Edge and Gan nodded and took off towards the scene.

"This should be fun…", Edge grinned.

Well, they were too late to get some action themselves. Apparently, a tall woman with spiky red hair, a black mask, and a modified blue uniform stood to confront the biker.

"What is this crap all about, claiming you're Daigo's brother?", she shouted.

"What's this crap about some random tough-talking chick showing up in the middle of nowhere in a schoolgirl outfit!", the biker yelled back.

The delinquent girl looked rather angry. "How could you not know of Aoi Zaki, leader of the All-Girls Gang?. She swiftly brought out her deadly chain weapon.

"Hmph!", Akira grunted in disgust, "it doesn't really show much guts using a weapon like that, but what was I to suspect from a typical thug like you?".

Zaki didn't hesitate to throw her chain. In fact, she threw it rather skillful straight into Akira's visor, but he easily dodged it, anticipating the strike. "And no restraint, too, it seems", he mocked.

"Restraint yourself, you just beat up half a school out of impatience!", Zaki shouted back as she swiftly pulled back her chain.

The confident delinquent girl then quickly charged her opponent and attempted a flying kick, which Akira quickly countered with a jumping kick of his own. Zaki fell back and retreated, then tossed her chain again. Akira again predicted the chain swing and instead leaped over, landing with a cartwheel kick onto Zaki's back. Akira felt somewhat cautious despite downing Zaki, and quickly went into fighting posture. Zaki rolled to the side and whipped out her chain again. She tossed her chain upward, which feinted Akira into dodging once more, approaching closer for an assault. Zaki then lashed out and made a whirling lashing motion, doing quite a bit of damage to Akira. Akira jumped back, but Zaki moved into to deliver another flying kick, nailing Akira mid-jump. He flew back quite a bit, but he managed catch himself in landing got to his feet easily. Akira rushed forward and delivered two consecutive hooks to Zaki's midsection, followed up with another jumping kick, sending Zaki upwards. Akira rushed forward again and leaped with a ring of fire surrounding his body, but Zaki recovered in the air and leapt back, dodging the fiery assault. She then responded with a rising kick of her own, knocking Akira back.

"What the hell was that?", Zaki thought to herself. "I don't know anyone who could use that sorta technique. Just who is this guy?"

Again, Akira got back to his feet, still very alert in his fighting stance. Zaki appeared wary too, with her chain readied in both hands, waiting for the right moment to strike. Both were not about to give up the fight. They stared down each other at a brief moment, then Zaki raised her throwing arm. Akira lunged toward Zaki, but then Zaki's feet appeared to have glow with some sort of energy.

"Time for my Burning Vigor Technique", she thought to herself.

Zaki herself lunged forward herself with her leg bent, ready to kick her foe's lights out, but Akira's raised fist was burning with powerful energy as well. Both tried to exchange blows, but the downward fist won out. Zaki started flying backwards, it didn't stop her from throwing her chain towards Akira's helmet. Inexplicably, the whipping force of the chain managed to knock off the helmet.

Zaki fell down hard. The many witnesses of Gedo High gasped. The face of the bikerman turned out to have brown hair split down the middle, with a white bandana covering his forehead. His hazelnut eyes had a wild expression to them Many recognized this young man as the one who defeated an infamous school fighter named Benimaru, who, with his rather provocative black clothing, unsually femmy attitude, and a blonde and broomy hairstyle of his own, claimed hundreds of victories with his charged-up electric strikes. To them, however, they did not recognize this face as Akira.

The remaining students fled from the schoolyard in a panic, disregarding anything in their way. Still damaged from the last blow, Zaki struggled to get up, with a violent glare in her eyes. If anyone were to make out the expression on her mouth, it would reveal a sick, pleasured grin. "If you wanted to see Daigo that badly, you should've just asked... Kyo Kusanagi".

Pissed, the brown-haired picked up the helmet and and chucked it. "Daigo's just not here, is he?", he growled.

Zaki laughed to herself as she walked away from the school yard. "If he was, I'm sure he would have been here long before you sent everybody else here into the hospital", she called out. "To be honest, I'm curious as to where he's gone to as well. Good luck finding him, though. The REAL Akira's already had been working on that search, so he could be way ahead of you on that. See ya".

As Zaki walked off, Kyo slowly approached a wall and clutched his fist in frustration. "I went to all this trouble for nothing... and the new school might expel me immediately... again!". Suddenly, his fist roared with crimson flame covering it. He then slammed the fist into the wall, causing a huge explosion, and creating a hole in the Gedo High building.

"Oh well, it's not too bad, I guess. If worse comes to worse, I can transfer here. The staff doesn't seem to mind regular fighting, and nobody here really follows the rules anyway. I could always hang out around here until I can get the fight with Daigo. Yeah, it could definitely work out in the end after all".

Kyo stood there for awhile, relieved with this optoistic outlook on his consequences, and then he finally remembers something. "Oh crap, I gotta meet Kei at Taiyo High. The guy's a wimp, but he is my cousin after all". Shortly afterwords, Kyo made a mad sprint to Taiyo High.

Meanwhile, the mysterious girl from before clutched the helmet that Kyo tossed aside like trash.

"My brother's helmet..." she sighed. Her face was red from a deep relief. "How dare he just throw it away like that? I don't know what I would to without it. How would I ever find the strength to search him out?"

Just then, the girl heard steps coming toward her. She quickly hid herself behind the bleachers.

Edge and Gan searched around outside, completely missing everything, and very disappointed.

"Damn! We missed this other Akira in action!", Edge shouted. He then chucked a knife randomly in anger, which was about two inches away from nailing the hiding girl's face.

"Maybe the stranger's one of the guys lying beaten here! There's no way he could've taken us all on!", Gan suggested.

Edge sighed at the remains of his fellow students. "It's sad, but I recognize every one of these guys. Look, that one with the bruises all over his face is Kenzo, and look, this green hair punk with lumps on his head is Ichiro, the Mohawk man is Genzo, and this one who's been charred black for some reason is Goro! The point is, the list goes on, and I don't see anyone in that biker outfit like the Akira we know!".

"Okay, okay! Geesh! I'm starting to feel hungry again". Gan reached into a knapsack for a snack, but nothing was in there. "Edge! I'm outta riceballs!".

Edge groaned. "... again? That's the 4th pack this week! And it's only Tuesday!", he shouted at his giantuous partner.

"I know, Edge, but you know... how hungry I get, especially when you get mad at me!".

"Fine.. we'll make a trip to the market first, but then we have to meet Akira immediately!", Edge barked, "The guy nearly took out my doo with that kick of his! If he turns to be fake, well... I doubt we'll be able to beat him up when he's pissed, so we have to make this quick anyway".

"Got it, Edge", Gan grinned.

Edge walked towards some of his fallen comrades and paused for a moment. Then, without hesitation, he quickly emptied a few of their wallets and walked away casually. "Hey, thanks for treatin' us ta' lunch, guys!", and with, Edge gave a menacing laugh with Gan lumbering from behind.

The girl breathed a sigh of relief. "Phew! I know those two are supposed to be his most trusted subordinates, but they seem to be the shadiest characters in this school as well! Still, they're the only ones around whom actually willing to find him". The young girl looked up at the clock tower. "Hmm... well, they're off to the market for now, so that should give me some extra time in making it to the abandoned warehouse. I know it isn't going to be easy from here on out, but I have to do this! Brother, I swear I'll find you, or my name isn't--- YAAH!", the young girl felt something touching her right shoulder. It was Zaki from before.

"Hey! Oh, sorry... didn't mean to scare you. Anyway, I noticed you earlier, snooping out the situation at Gedo. You should probably get out of here soon. The hospital will be coming to get the half-dead ones, and anyone healthier than that will probably be lookin' for some stress relief, if you know what I'm saying", she said to the startled girl.

She swiftly put the helmet behind her back and let out some nervous laughter. "Yeah... thanks... I ... was just about leave anyway, so..."

"You should probably drop that helmet, too. Or maybe take it to authorities. I dunno, whatever makes you feel safer. The REAL Akira probably wouldn't care who he'll have to tear through, as long as he gets that back. It's a momento from his brother, Daigo. One of his treasured pieces, I hear".

The girl laughed nervously again, and lowered her head as well. Zaki then gave her a hard stare, making the young girl parylized with fear. "Uh... oh no!", she thought. "Maybe she noticed...".

Zaki went into a thinking posture for awhile, and then gave a sly look at her. "Saaay... weren't you with a guy earlier? He wore a Taiyo high uniform and some glasses, right? That couldn't've been Kagami Kyosukue, 'cuz the I saw had grayish hair. Are you two going out?".

The poor girl nearly collapsed from embarrassment, but made a quickly recovery. "Huh? What? W-where did you get an idea like that? I just met the guy! H-he said he's new! He just transferred to Taiyo, andandandand... I don't even go there!".

Zaki looked like she was grinning from sheer delight. "Is that how it is, huh? It's interesting you already learned so much about him in one meeting, and you don't even go to his school! Well, I don't know how relationships should actually work. You two seem to have a bit in common personality-wise, but that might not be to good. You're chicken-livered enough as it is, and that other guy seems to be even more of a coward. If I were you, I'd probably find somebody more reliable than that wuss, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Good luck, anyway!".

The girl sat down, completely red in the face. "Me and a complete stranger? How would that work out? The guy's probably too concerned with his schoolwork, and I have a personal mission to take care of! And considering he goes to Taiyo, well... that would never work out!".

"Well, I'm off. I got a few loose ends to take care of, anyway. Man, fighting that fake Akira was fun. Heck, finding out it was that Kusanagi punk made it a blast! Anyway, I somehow doubt we'll meet again, unless of course, you transfer to my school for some reason, which is actually a pretty decent chance. You're a girl, too, and I just happen to go to this all girl's school that's a long ways away. I always manage to find enough short cuts to take away some traveling time though. It was nice talkin' to ya! See ya!". And with that, she was off, waving to her new acquaintance, as she once again walked off towards the sunset, with the assumption that this is for good this time.

The young girl sighed again, holding the skull helmet tight. "... being around delinquents isn't easy...".

Unbeknownst to her, yet another figure was watching everything from behind the scenes. She wore a typical schoolgirl outfit in Taiyo High's bluish green hue, topped by a blue bubble vest. On her feet, she wore long black socks and a pair of red sneakers. On her head was dark brunette hair in a ponytail, with rose-tinted glasses stationed above her narrow, though clearly excited eyes. Her teeth grinned in great anticipation.

"Saikyo! This is gonna be great! All these pictures, the arrival of a new champion fighter! I can imagine the headlines: New Student Brawler Clocks Gedo's Delinquents! This is the kind of stuff that makes the front page! This story's so awesome! Now I've just gotta find out more about our new delinquent, as well as the disappearance of Daigo, along with the other missing students from the local schools.

Of course, the only person capable of cracking stories like these is none another than Ran Hibiki: Photojournalist Supreme! ". The stealthy reporter chuckled to herself in satisfaction as she contemplated the recent run of luck she's had thus far. "It seems that girl over there knows how to be at the right place at the right time. I should probably tail her for now, until something more interesting develops. Oh Ran, you're just so brilliant!".

Shortly after, the mysterious tank top girl ran off towards an abandoned warehouse, with helmet in had. Ran soon followed, taking care not to be noticed.

End of Chapter 1

All Characters in this story are created by Capcom, SNK, and the guys who made Please Teacher!... inexplicably. While the story is loosely based on the Rival Schools Storyline, this fanfiction is a written product of me, Chicken Yuki. I hope you had fun.