This was my idea of what should have happened after Kirsten walked out of the benefit I didn't like the fact that Sandy didn't go after her so I wrote my own version! Finally putting I up now.

I don't own the o.c.

"Kirsten!" She barely had time to gulp the stuff down, she hoped he would just assume it was the water she had been drinking.

"What! Did the truth hurt, Sandy? Finally seeing that you're becoming really similar to the father-in-law you hated?"

"Kirsten." He grabbed her arm, he could see the tears in her eyes but most of all he could see the pain. "Hey I'm not your dad, okay. I admit I've been distracted lately but the hospital could really make a big difference. This is my way of helping those who can't help themselves. I'm not a lawyer, well at least I'm not practicing anymore, and I need to do something good."

"Yeah? Well what about your family? We need your help, Sandy. We need you. You're never at home anymore. You don't know what's going on with our boys. We never eat together. You come home in the middle of the night and you are out the house before I'm up. You don't go surfing anymore, or you hardly do. I can't remember the last time we made love; actually I can't remember the last time you kissed me. Just kissed me, for no reason just because you wanted to. You don't even kiss me goodbye or hello anymore because you don't want to wake me."

Sandy could feel the guilt well up, it wasn't that he hadn't wanted to kiss her it was just he really didn't want to wake her and lately he wasn't so sure she wanted to be kissed.

"I'm sorry. I really am. I love you, I love the boys. I guess I just got consumed by a job at the moment. You can understand that. Last year we never saw you when you were working with Julie and Carter on the magazine…"

"I can't believe you're using that against me!" Kirsten swung round so she was no longer in Sandy's grip and started walking away towards the car park.

"Kirsten I wasn't. I was just hoping that you could try and understand."

"You've changed Sandy. You're not the man I married."

"Don't say that, I'm still here. I still love you exactly the same. I want to be with you more than anything. I only took the Newport Group to do something that would make you proud so that all the years you spent there wasn't for nothing. Please Kirsten." He caught up with her and turned her round to face him. "What do you want me to do? What can I say?"

"Its not what you say or do now its what's going to happen tomorrow when you get a call about the hospital during dinner. Are you going to say I'm sorry we're having dinner right now I'll call you back later? I don't think so and that's just a little thing. Are you even going to be home for dinner tomorrow? Or any other day this week."

"Do you want me to quit the Newport Group? Would that make you happy? Would it show you how much I love you?

There was a noise in the bushes and within seconds a figure appeared behind

Kirsten, she turned around when she heard the noise.

"Just give me your wallet and purse and any other valuables you got and this will be over in just a few minutes."

"Oh my god, Sandy!" Sandy was already getting his wallet out when Kirsten started speaking. "I can't find my purse." She was so nervous she couldn't think straight never mind perform the simple task of taking her purse out.

"Shhh its alright, honey." Sandy had taken control and was getting her purse out when the man stepped closer to his wife.

"You're hot! I didn't think you were this nice when I saw you in the bushes. Have you guys got a car here? Cos I think we'll be taking a nice little ride!" sandy bristled with anger.

"I don't think so. Here is all the money we have on us and my car keys but get your hands off my wife." He pulled Kirsten out of the man's grasp and stood in between them. The guy laughed and turned away but he quickly lashed out at Sandy. Kirsten was in shock, within a few a seconds Sandy and the attacker were on the floor fists were flying. She couldn't tell what was going on until she heard a loud groan from Sandy. She wasn't sure if she could look but looked down and saw a lot of blood.

"What have you done! Sandy? Sandy? Speak to me!" the attacker got up and started running away. Kirsten got down on her knees, her face right next to her husband's.

"Baby, it's alright I'm okay just get help okay?" She couldn't believe he was the one telling her it was going to be alright when he was the one who had just been stabbed. "I love you, you and the boys you're the best thing about my life and I'm so sorry that I've let you down lately but you've got to know I love you. More than anything I love you."

"Sandy shh that's in the past now, although once you're better you owe me a vacation. Just you and me and then we can have another vacation with the boys too. How does that sound? Some alone time together and some family time." Sandy couldn't answer her though; he'd drifted out of consciousness. The tears were just overflowing she couldn't lose him. Not now, not ever.

So its not the best but hey it was just an idea! I've been watching the last few episodes of the second season (my sister hasn't seen them) and I was actually surprised at how like Sandy is now Kirsten was I mean she was always at the Newport Group with Carter but its not shown the same cos Sandy doesn't really say too much about it. I'm not excusing Sandy now am just saying its food for thought.