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Judging By The Cover

Trisha Davis was an ordinary teenager living in London, going to an ordinary school.

Trisha's best friend Frankie was the only person she could communicate with, and who understood her. And Trisha was, in return, the only one who understood Frankie.

They seemed to have been made to befriend each other, and maybe it was pure luck that they had gone to the same primary school. But Trisha liked to think of it as though fate had brought them together. Trisha was a great believer in fate, and luck and was a very trusting person. Frankie however was not. Frankie had, what the school physiatrist liked to call, trust issues. She had had a bad childhood, and had never really talked about it, but never seemed to totally get over it. But Frankie had befriended Trisha because, unlike most, Trisha didn't ask hundreds of questions and understood that it simply wasn't a subject she liked to bring up.

Trisha and Frankie had been friends since Frankie had moved to Leytonstone, and joined Trisha's primary school in year 5. And both now aged 15 had never felt so at ease with others, as with each other. But regardless each year they tried to make new friends and 'bond' with their peers. There were only a few people with whom they associated with, and old friend of Trisha's, Rick Kennedy and a pretty little Asian girl, Jasmine.

But what better time to 'bond' than a new, and final year at their senior school. Yr11, the 'year of pure and utter painful torture' as Trisha's older sister had described it. Trisha was one of 5 children, and was generally quite proud of being part of such a big family. It did of course have its draw backs, but Trisha quite liked knowing her house was always full of people and so she'd never be lonely. She sometimes pitied Frankie for only having a single sibling, who 8yrs older, had long since moved away. Frankie's older sister, Danni, was a great disappointment to their family. She had grown up quickly and moved out even quicker. She was, at present, travelling all over New Zealand and rarely contacted her family. The only one she ever wrote to or really talked to was Frankie, who she was really quite attached to.

But Trisha never totally pitied Frankie, for upon their friendship starting, Frankie had been accepted as an unofficial daughter and sister into her family. Frankie knew she was always welcome at their house and had in fact secretly named it her second home.

As attached to Danni as she was, she was also mad at her sister for leaving her on her own and instead looked to Trisha's brothers and sisters to get advice and for sibling support. Trisha had two brothers and two sisters; her eldest sibling was Trent who was very shortly followed by Helen. The two eldest were only a year apart, but Tom, Trisha's second brother, was two years younger then Helen and a year older than Trisha. The youngest was Hermia, who was 11. Unlike many families the Davis were all very close and, as a general rule, didn't fight a great deal.

But back to the main point, the new school year. The two girls faced a great deal of trials and tribulations ahead of them, and the first they had to face the very next day. September the 5th, the new school year.

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