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Chapter 4

The next day started dry and bright but the cold wind blew, showing that autumn had finally arrived and summer was long gone. They met at the bus stop chatting about the day ahead, what lessons they had and which teachers they would now have inherited. Their first lesson was English and they had the new English teacher Ms Askew. They climbed on board the bus and settled in their seats. There was no sign of Ben this morning but they had spotted Rick Kennedy running toward the bus stop as they got on board, and he had sat down behind them now.

'Hello hello girlies! How's it going!'

'Hey Rick, have a good holiday!' Asked Frankie, ever the conversationalist.

'Yea, good good. Went to Spain for 3 weeks with my brother. It was three weeks of sun, sea, sand and sexy sexy women!' He said with a huge grin.

'Shame there's no way anyone of them would look your way. If they weren't put off by your face they'd been repulsed by your smell.' Trisha chipped, with bitter resentment in her voice.

'Oh! Harsh Davis! Harsh! Who got up your noise this morning?'

'You, or at least your BO. You really should learn to wash more than once a month you know it's unhealthy.'

'Well, at least I know how you feel about me and I won't have to bother being nice to you for the rest of the year.' He sat back in his seat pulled out his ipod, plugged in and listened intently to the music.

What was her problem! Just in a bad mood I suppose, as usual! Lord that's all they ever seemed to do fight and fight and fight again. It was almost an art! Clearly over the summer she had perfected the art and now no longer needed his guidance. Well that or she'd grown more bitchy as she'd grown more beautiful. Wait a second where did that thought come from? More beautiful! Trisha! Well she had grown defiantly! Her hair, her face, her body, her legs…her legs. As the girls climbed off the bus with him following not far behind he took in her legs to full view. His eyes moved slowly up her body. Her short school skirt curved smoothly about her rounded hips and creamy thighs, her school jumper hung loosely, but not too loosely, and he could see her chest protruding and her flat stomach. A thin sliver chain hung round her neck and the butterfly pendant hung down into the dip of her open collar, toward her chest. Her shining hair draped delicately down her back, framing her face and accentuating her cheekbones. Her deeply green eyes shone with new vigour and her smile shone out happily.

He and Trisha had been friends a long time before Frankie had turned up and continued their friendship afterwards too. Each year their fighting would reach new and more dramatic levels and appear from less and less important things. But no matter what they seemed to always be their for each other to help out and support, give advise and share solace…when they weren't fighting.

Last year when his ex-girlfriend Claire turned up at school with green in her hair and had been so cruelly laughed at he had not defended her as he should have. But Trisha had been the one who had come to him and advised him of how a female brain works and how to make it better. Trisha had saved his relationship with Claire, although in the end they had decided it wouldn't work. But the point was that Trisha was many things: moody, funny, annoying, and argumentative but most of all she was a good friend.

He ran to catch up with them and when he did draped his arm around her shoulders and squeezed lightly. She didn't shrug his arm off but let him walk them to their form rooms. At the door he stopped her. She turned stepped on tip toe and hugged his lanky form, pecked his cheek and went inside. He smiled, and glad was that not that many things had changed, she still seemed to be able to read his mind without a word being spoken.

He spent the rest of the day in his usual high spirits, but had a particular happy spring in his step that he'd never had before.

Trisha too had a good day. Usually the first day of actual school was immensely boring and she had to drag herself through it but not today. Her good mood from Rick's apology keep her going through form, which usually dragged on because her teacher had a lisp and it was hard to understand what she said. Her first lesson with the new English teacher was fabulous. She started off the lesson playing games with them to get to learn their names. They followed by launching straight into the poetry required for their examinations, which normally boring, was brought to life by this wonderfully lively teacher to help them to express the poem and understand it. By the end of the lesson she had not only learnt all their names, but also formed relationships with each member. The class left chatting happily about the poem they had just read, and how wonderful she was.

Trisha and Frankie split up for the next lesson, maths, neither had the new teacher and both were glad, he seemed mean and as they approached the math department a girl from the year below ran crying from his math room. They glanced at each other, waved goodbye and headed to their new math rooms. Trisha hated math as a general rule, but was actually quite good at it, Frankie hated math and wasn't too good at it either. They spent the lesson learning meaningless numbers, dividing, squaring and square-rooting digits and till they're brains frizzled and died.

Neither Frankie nor Trisha saw Ben all morning, but at lunch as they queued up at the dessert cart Trisha saw him out the side of her eye, sitting a little aside from the rest of his friends. She tapped Frankie on the shoulder and pointed over to him, just at that moment he looked up and saw them. He smiled at them, got up and walked over toward them.

'Hey, how's it going? Forgiven me yet?'

Trisha smiled politely. 'Yes of course we've forgiven you, and it's going fine so far how about you?'

'Good yea, got any of the new teachers?'

'Yea we both had Ms Askew for English, and got the new science teacher too. How about you?' Replied Trisha, Frankie had suddenly gone very quite and she looked at her questionably.

'Yea, Mr Hood, I got him too and the Math teacher. But I've got old Mrs Fanny for English.'

'Cool, well in that case we'll see you in science after lunch.' She started to retreat, with Frankie at her side, to their usual table but Ben stopped them.

'Wait, can…would you mind if I…can I… spent lunch with…with you two?'

They looked at each other in looks of surprise turned to face him and nodded.

They walked off toward their table, settled down and started their slices of pizza. Just as they were tucking into their salads Rick turned up, bounding and hopping, laughing his head off.

'Well hello my ladies, it's seems I am too late to be you male escort for lunch today.' He said smiling at Ben. 'Hello Ben mate, how's it going?'

'Cool.' Was Ben's only answer, he had seemed flushed by Rick's comment, but shrugged it off.

'Well don't get too comfortable, you've got a fight on your hands if your trying to take my ladies from me.' He laughed heartily and put his arms round Trisha's neck and shoulders. 'Their my bitches!'

'Excuse me mister but I'm nobodies bitch, and nor is Frankie!' She shrugged him from her shoulders and dug into her salad. She cast a dirty look at him and turned to Frankie who still hadn't said a word since Ben had come over.

'Well don't worry mate I'm not after anyone, just some company.' Said Ben recovering his voice.

Rick looked at him for a moment and said, 'Company, well then way bother with lower beings such as ourselves, you could be hanging out with the lords almighty who run the school!'

Ben looked shocked at such abruptness but recovered quickly and replied, 'Yes but the company of ''higher beings'' is utterly dull. Personally I would prefer to spend my lunch hours with people who can actually hold a conversation about more than football, make-up and which party they will be attending so they can get rat arsed and remove all their clothing, and that's just the guys.'

They all laughed and smiled at him to show he had been accepted.

'Well then welcome, welcome I can't promise our company is much greater but we'll do our very best.' Said Rick, still smiling widely.

'Rick, just so I know, does this mean you'll be hanging out with us this year? I mean last year you spent in the company of dopey Jamie and cokey Carla. Over the drug period I take it?' Trisha said looking up from her pudding.

'Indeed, heard it was unhealthy. In fact it was you that told me that.'

'Really you do need much better parents, they clearly haven't taught you anything. You'd think with your brother being so responsible he might have at least tried.'

'Oh he did, but he has little to no effect upon my whatsoever, where as you my darling have very effect upon me, repulsion, disgust….'

'Ah, and the school councillor thinks you have communication issues! My foot! The only issues you have are the ones with shutting up, and your inability to do so!'

'Do they always fight like this?' Ben asked Frankie.

'Everyday! Sometimes it's worse than this.' Frankie was surprised to hear her own laughter followed by such a fluently worded answer; she couldn't imagine how she had done it. She seemed to be in a daze, since he had approached and she had noticed the looks that his friends were sending her and Trisha. Trisha had clearly not picked up on the vibe, but Frankie felt very aware of the fact that they were still looking over at them and presumably talking about them.

She decided if she could settle in the conversation she'd be fine and so instead of concentrating on the popular crowd watching them, she listened intently to the conversation and argument between Trisha and Rick. It seemed that this year would be an improvement upon the last. They had a good English teacher, they were nominees for the student board and now it seemed that Rick and Ben would be hanging about with them at lunches. Yes this year was defiantly looking good.

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