Chapter One: Warning of Doom

In the darkest, latest part of the night, it was obvious that New York was perhaps one of the most dangerous towns to live in, due to the miscreants existing within the city. Crime ran rampant, infecting the safety of the citizens of the city like a disease, which is difficult to cure. Make no mistake about it, New York City was an interesting place to live with many sights and sounds, but the crime also added a great degree of danger to the citizens of the city.

Criminals, such as for example the Purple Dragons street gang, had free run of the streets at times, terrorizing the weak and the helpless. Especially when the sun goes down and the moon comes up, crime comes out to play. The wise would be well advised to stay indoors but some were stuck out during the nighttime hours. Whether you were a helpless teenage girl coming home from a date, a couple of school-aged children, an old frail blind man or anyone else for that matter, danger existed in many forms.

"Okay, pops," said the Purple Dragons member known as Dragonface, leading his fellow Purple Dragons, a group of half a dozen other vicious street thugs, up to a blind old man. Dragonface was a nasty punk with a green Mohawk, who was one tough guy. "Give us all your money and we mights just go easy on you."

Dragonface stared at the old man with a meancing glare. Ever since Hun, the founder of the Purple Dragons, started spending more time working for Oroku Saki, also known as the Shredder, he had been given the unofficial leader spot of the Purple Dragons. He had vowed to lead the Purple Dragons to new heights and they were going to make a statement tonight. The old man cringed as Dragonface placed the pipe he was carrying on the shoulder of the old man as a way of warning.

"But I don't have any money, I swear," said the old man.

"All right, ya old geezer," said Dragonface while raising his pipe in the air. His fellow Purple Dragons also raised their weapons of destruction. "Show the old guy why we Purple Dragons ain't liking being pushed around."

Dragonface prepared to bash the old man's brains in with the pipe but a Sai flew through the air, knocking the pipe out of his hand.

"What?" yelled Dragonface incredulously before turning and cringing in fear.

"Well, what do you we have here, it looks like a bunch of Purple Dragons who are in need of a thrashing," said Raph who was twirling the Sai he did not throw at Dragon Face. Don, Mikey, Leo, and Harry came out of the shadows a few seconds later.

"So, can't keep out of trouble, Dragonbreath," said Harry. "The last time I kicked your skull in wasn't enough, so we are going to have to teach you a lesson about not picking on people who can't fight back."

"It's Dragonface you little shit," growled Dragonface. "You and those Juvenile Karate Lizards, or whatever you hang out with, are about to be taught a lesson. A lesson in pain"

Dragonface looked at his fellow Purple Dragons who were prepared for a fight.

"Sonny, Two Ton, Spike, Flare, and Buzz, you know what to do," ordered Dragonface, indicting the other Purple Dragons he had brought along. "Dragons, take them all out."

The Purple Dragons charged towards Harry and the Turtles, raising their weapons in the air. One of the Purple Dragons twirled his chain in the air and wrapped it around Harry's double-edged sword but Leo quickly rushed forward, before he leapt into the air and sliced the chain in half, which allowed Harry the chance to flip the Dragon over. Don jabbed his Bo staff into the ribs of another one of the Purple Dragon gang members.

"Pulverize them," growled Dragonface who rushed Harry with his pipe but Harry ducked and sliced the pipe in half with one swipe of his double edged sword.

Mikey swung his nunchucks around as he became airborne, knocking two of the Purple Dragons back. Harry grabbed Dragonface and pushed him back. Raph tossed his Sais, pinning the wristbands of Dragonface against the wall, trapping him against it. Mikey stormed in for the attack but one of the Purple Dragon members pulled Dragonface free and Mikey's nunchucks bounced off the wall.

"You'll pay, you meddling morons," said Dragonface, shaking his fist at the Turtles and Harry. "Retreat Dragons, live and fight another day."

"We can't let them get away," said Leo and the five brother rushed after the Purple Dragons but one of the Dragons pulled out a grenade of some sort out of his pocket.

The Purple Dragon slammed the grenade onto the ground, causing the Turtles and Harry to be engulfed in a cloud of purple smoke. The smoke left them all gagging and by the time it was cleared, the Purple Dragons had retreated into the night.

"Cowards," hissed Harry, while coughing from the purple smoke and waving his hands to get clear of the smoke.

"That was easy, so either we are getting better or they are getting more sloppy," said Leo. "Still not much a challenge for our training skills, a half a dozen dime a dozen street punks."

"Yeah, these Purple Dragons are light work," said Raph with a bit of disappointment in his voice. "Personally, I would love a rematch against the Foot."

"Well, as much as I wish for a better confrontation, I doubt the Foot would do much with the Shredder gone," said Don logically.

Harry's attention suddenly became diverted. He had a feeling someone or something was following him and his brothers. The Boy Who Lived tensed up, his Slytherin paranoia senses at heightened gear.

"Watch your step guys," muttered Harry in a low voice. "We're being followed."

The Turtles spun around but frantically looking for any mysterious pursuers.

"I don't see anyone, Harry," said Raph, frowning.

"Harry, I think you have been training a bit too hard," said Mikey. "It is starting to warp your mind a bit."

"Starting?" asked Harry in amusement. "I was under the impression I was born that way."

Harry looked around, closing his eyes, and concentrating on the source of what he sensed a moment ago. The source appeared to be something unlike Harry had ever seen.

"Seriously guys, watch your step," said Harry as he took a tentative step forward, his senses heightened. "Stay alert and attempt to get back to the lair undetected. I have a funny feeling whatever is following us is after me."

"Okay, Harry, are you sure?" asked Leo.

"I'll be fine, I have handled much worse," said Harry darkly. "After all, the chance of whatever is following me is something really dangerous like for example, Voldemort isn't all that high."

The Turtles cringed, Harry had given then a detailed commentary of the battle at the end of the previous year at Hogwarts with Voldemort and Harry's description of Lord Voldemort did not paint a pretty picture. With a hesitant glance, the Turtles walked off in one direction, while Harry walked in another, away from the lair. Harry walked for a few feet before he felt the mirror in his pocket heating up which meant one of his friends had been calling him for a chat. Harry had gotten several mirror calls throughout the summer and he enjoyed lightly talking with his friends.

"Harry, can you hear me," whispered the voice of Hermione through the mirror.

"Yes, Hermione, I can hear you," said Harry pulling the mirror from his pocket and smiling at his friend from the other side of the mirror.

"How have you been, Harry?" asked Hermione. "We talked a couple of weeks ago but you still seemed rather disturbed about what happened between you and You-Know-Who and I was wondering how you are holding up."

"I'm fine, Hermione," said Harry. "Voldemort has ceased to be a regular feature of my nightmares over the past few days, but I kind of wish he was compared to the nightmares I have."

"What could possibly make you want to have nightmares about You-Know-Who," asked Hermione frowning before her expression going dark. She suddenly remembered some of the horror stories Harry told her about his past with the Dursleys and she had a sinking feeling that was what was not plaguing her friend's nightmares. "You are dreaming about the years you spent with the Dursleys, aren't you Harry?"

Harry went quiet. Hermione had nailed what exactly what Harry was dreaming about dead on. His aunt and uncle calling him worthless, slandering his parents, and saying he should have died with them. His cousin, Dudley and his little gang of bullies made Harry's life hell, assaulting Harry at every turn during his younger years. It had been over six years since Harry had even seen the Dursleys but still the verbal abuse stung the most even after the physical scars had since long faded. The times Harry felt his lowest, when he questioned his own abilities, the shadows of his past with the Dursleys came back to haunt him.

"Harry, are you still there," said Hermione, looking concerned on the other side of the mirror.

"Yeah, I'm here," said Harry with a far off look in his eye.

"Harry, you'll never have to come back to those monsters ever again," said Hermione. "You have a loving family, who will never let anyone send you back to the Dursleys, even if it was Dumbledore."

Harry felt pleased about Hermione saying Dumbledore's name like she had a bit of a sour taste in her mouth. When they first became friends, Hermione believed Dumbledore was the greatest light wizard who ever lived but when Dumbledore's actions started to become shady as it pertained to Harry, Hermione dropped that belief quickly.

"I'm still never going to forgive Dumbledore for that," said Harry. "Not like he is on my good list as is, after what he pulled last year with the Stone. I risked all of your lives for a fancy piece of glass, which had no powers. A fancy piece of glass which was swapped with the real thing."

"Harry, there is no need to beat yourself up," said Hermione. "We willingly came down for with you and we would do it again."

Harry opened his mouth to reply but he heard a noise behind him, as he had climbed down the manhole into the sewer system.

"Hermione, there is something following me down here," whispered Harry.

"Harry, before you go, my parents are taking me to Diagon Alley next Wednesday," said Hermione. "I was wondering if it would be okay if you could come."

"Yes, I'll be there," said Harry in a low voice. "Sorry to cut this conversation short Hermione, but something is behind me."

"Okay, bye, Harry, see you on Wednesday," said Hermione. "And be careful."

Harry turned around and there was a little creature with bat light ears and round eyes the size of tennis balls staring at Harry.

"Harry Potter, sir, so long has Dobby wanted to meet you, it is quite the honor sir," said the creature in a voice which Harry was sure would echo throughout the city and maybe a few deaf people would not hear in Jersey.

"Uh, hello," said Harry not knowing what to make of this strange creature. "Were you the one who was following me?"

"Yes, Harry Potter, sir, Dobby is most sorry about giving you a scare, but he needed to see you on a very serious matter," said Dobby, the creature looking excited as it watched Harry.

"Forgive me for being rude, Dobby," said Harry. "But what exactly are you?"

"Dobby is being a house elf, sir," said Dobby in an excited voice, not being offended at all. "Dobby is here to give you a warning but Dobby wonders where to start."

"Do sit down," said Harry who had sat down on a sewer pipe and was offering Dobby a seat.

Dobby burst into tears.

"Sit down? Sir, never has Dobby been asked to sit down by a wizard like an equal," said Dobby bursting into tears. "I had heard about Harry Potter's greatness, but never his kindness, Dobby had no idea sir."

"My greatness is highly exaggerated," said Harry darkly, remembering how it was one lucky shot that took out Voldemort at the end of last year.

"Harry Potter is modest, he is brave, he speaks not of his triumph over He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named," said Dobby before going quiet. "Then Dobby heard tale, Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord a second time just a few weeks ago."

"Yes, I guess you could say that," said Harry. "Still, was there a reason you came here?"

"Yes, there was Harry Potter, sir," said Dobby. "Dobby has came here to New York City at a very great risk. He must tell Harry Potter of this plot before it is too late. This plot is sinister and would cause Harry Potter great harm. Because of this plot, Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts or he will be in grave danger."

Harry snorted, he doubted there was a minute of his life where he was not in grave danger but he decided to give Dobby the benefit of the doubt.

"What kind of danger, Dobby?" said Harry, attempting to get to the bottom of this.

"Dobby cannot say, sir," said Dobby regretfully. "Dobby's master forbids Dobby to breath a word. My master is being very..."

Without warning, Dobby started banging his head into a concrete wall. Looking at Dobby in amazement, Harry decided he better say something before the house elf gave himself brain damage.

"What are you doing, Dobby?" asked Harry with a bit of concern in his voice.

"Dobby was punishing himself, sir," said Dobby looking a bit dazed from the force of banging his head into the wall. "Dobby almost spoke ill of his family."

"Your family must be really wicked if you are forced to be punished," said Harry.

That statement was the wrong thing to say. Dobby looked as if would agree but he resumed banging his head into the wall for about a minute before looking at Harry.

"Dobby has to tell Harry Potter, he must not return to Hogwarts," said Dobby. "Harry Potter will be in mortal peril if he does."

"By who, Voldemort," said Harry without thinking, not remembering the reaction most of the Wizarding World got when they heard the name.

Dobby let out a high-pitched wail, while clasping his hands over his ears.

"Say not the name sir, say not the name," wailed Dobby.

"Sorry," said Harry apologetically. "So is it to do with You-Know-Who? You can shake or nod your head if you can't say."

Dobby shook his head.

"Not, You-Know-Who sir," said Dobby, his eyes going wide.

"He does not have any family that would want revenge on me, does he, Dobby?" prompted Harry.

Dobby once again shook his head.

"Well, then I guess I will have to meet the danger when it happens because I am not going to hide while something is putting Hogwarts in danger," said Harry boldly. "Sorry Dobby, but I have to go back."

"If Harry Potter is not going to promise Dobby, then you is leaving Dobby very little choice," said Dobby regretfully. "Dobby is sorry, Harry Potter."

Dobby waved his head and Harry was levitated into the air, about ten feet up.

"Let me down, Dobby," hissed Harry. "That is a direct order."

Dobby did not respond, and he looked like he regretted what he was about to do. With a wave of his hand, Dobby split the sewer pipe in half. The pipe was very wide, so Dobby slid Harry into the pipe before waving his hand and causing the pipe to seal shut with Harry inside. Harry felt after all he had been through, all the evil he had faced, a house elf managing to trap him was a pathetic way to go.

"Harry Potter will be safe in there," said Dobby. "Dobby charmed the pipe so food would appear at meal times for Harry Potter. Dobby regrets this but Harry Potter must remain safe. Good day, Harry Potter, Dobby must return to his Master now."

"Let me out of here, Dobby!" screamed Harry. The pipe was not exactly the most comfortable place in the world and Harry was lying in raw sewage clinging to the inside of the pipe.

Dobby popped away without another word. Harry cursed underneath his breath. Dobby may have sealed Harry in a sewer pipe but Dobby failed to do one thing. He forgot to remove any weapons from Harry's person. Struggling to get it free, Harry removed his double-edged sword. Harry sawed away at the pipes, before creating an opening large enough for him to slip out.

Harry pulled himself up to his feet, attempting to collect his thoughts. Many questions were raised within Harry's mind. He wondered who sent Dobby and what exactly Dobby was trying to tell him. Raw sewage dripping from his clothing, Harry walked home, a short distance as Harry knew many shortcuts. Arriving home within about ten minutes, Harry entered the lair, still dripping raw sewage from his little entrapment in the pipe.

"What happened to you?" asked Don, looking Harry up and down.

"The raw sewage look really doesn't suit you Harry," teased Mikey mischievously.

"Very funny," said Harry sarcastically. "Listen, I am going to take a bath and get this muck off of me."

"So what do you think happened," said Leo as Harry departed from the room.

"I could not even begin to guess, although I will amuse myself with theories," said Raph. "Harry must have run into a little trouble and things got a little slimy."

The four turtles laughed at the implied pun.

"I heard that," snapped Harry from the other room. "Just wait until Ninja sparring practice tomorrow, wise guys."

The Turtles winced. Their brother not being in a good mood during sparring was definitely not a pleasant experience and each turtle privately hoped they would not be the one to be the misfortunate of facing off against a slightly steamed Harry.

Harry decided he would keep Dobby's warning to himself for the moment, unless something bad did happen. After last year, Harry felt he could not stand another disaster. He would just have sit back and see what unfolded as the year at Hogwarts progressed.