Chapter 39

Alisha let out a startled shriek and stumbled back. She didn't get far. She stumbled over a root then fell.

"Darc! No! Don't!" Lilia cried.

Volk moved before anyone else He quickly moved between Alisha and his alpha. He wasn't foolish enough to try to push Darc back. He neatly side stepped the Drakyr and seized him around the waist. He lifted Darc off his feet and pinned his arms.

Darc cursed and struggled. "Let go of me, Rover or your ass is a rug!"

"Easy, Darc. You're tired and edgy, so you're overeacting. Calm down."

Stunned and shocked, Kharg and his group along with the deimos following Alisha stared.

Darc's company didn't seem to bothered. They watched closely.

"What's with him? Suddenly he just flipped out," Maru asked.

Delma shrugged. "It happens sometimes when he's stressed or tired, stupid wolf girl shouldn't have kicked him."

Darc slowly wound down and stopped struggling. "Alright, alright, I'm calm. Let go of me, Volk."

The Lupine gently lowered Darc to his feet and let him go. "Sorry, Darc, but I had to stop you."

Darc scowled, but nodded. "Yeah, I know." He glared at Alisha and jabbed a finger at her. "Don't you ever touch me again, understand? Not ever." Whirling, he stalked back to his bedroll and settled back down.

Alisha swallowed hard and looked nervously at Darc then at Volk. "He attacked me. Is he insane?"

Volk snorted. "I think you might be cub. What the hell did you think would happen when you kicked him?"

Alisha flushed uncomfortablely. "I lost my temper. He just made me so angry. He called me a liar."

Delma shook her head and gathered up her bedroll. She spread it out next to Darc and laid down. "No reason to kick him, you're lucky Volk stopped him. He's suspicious of your motives and I don't blame him."

Alisha scowled. "I wasn't lying!" She folded her arms.

Volk reached out and cuffed her by the ear. "Enough cub, let it go. We're all tired. Time to sleep and tomorrow things will look better."

Muttering, Alisha moved away. Eventually everyone except Kharg and Volk who had first watch.

Morning came far to early for Darc's taste. He laid there for a while, unwilling to get up yet. A faint snicker and something warm snuggled up against him caught his attention. He glanced over to see Delma cuddled up next to him. The snickers got louder and he looked towards them. It was Maru laughing while Bebedora looked puzzled.

"Wow, getting cozy, huh? She looks very comfy " Maru sniggered.

Darc growled at the little nuisance and felt around on the ground. Finding a small rock, he tnrow it at Maru. His aim was perfect. The rock bounced off Maru's forehead.

"Owwww!" Maru yelped. "That hurt!"

Darc hissed. "Shut up, you loud mouthed brat."

Delma shifted then snuggled closer, resting her cheek on his chest. She sighed and draped her arm around his waist.

Darc could feel his face heat. He glared at Maru, silently warning him to keep his mouth shut.

Camelia giggled and Darc turned his glare on her. "Shut up," he warned.

Delma stirred then and opened her eyes. It took a minute for her to register where she was, but when she did she reacted fast. She scrambled away from Darc like she'd been burned, blushing furiously. Camelia smirked. "Have a nice rest, dear? You certainly looked cozy."

"SHUT UP!" Darc and Delma yelled in unison then looked at each other an instant before looking away.

Darc stood. "Gonna go have a look around, make sure all's clear." He quickly retreated into the trees.

Paulette took mercy on Delma. "Come on, I think I saw some fruit trees. Let's go see if any is ripe."

Delma gratefully followed. "Damn, that was so embarassing. I can't believe I did that."

"You note Darc didn't exactly yank away in a hurry, so he wasn't to bothered by it."

Delma smiled slowly. "You're right."

"Don't mind the others teasing. It doesn't matter what anyone says. Kharg and I admitted our feelings a while back and it cleared the air. Perhaps it would do the same for you two."

Delma looked miserable. "I've done to many mean things. "I degraded Darc when he was in Greedo's clutches, I mocked him and then I stabbed him in the back. He'll never trust me completely. It's all my fault."

Paulette looked at her. "Maybe he has forgiven you."

Delma looked thoughtful, but she didn't answer.

Meanwhile back in camp Tatjana and Ganz were packing to head for the town while Alisha gave them detailed directions to get there. "Well, I guess we're ready," Ganz said.

"Be careful you two. If you're not back after a reasonable amount of time we'll come after you," Kharg warned.

"Fair enough." Ganz and Tatjana headed off and soon they were out of sight.

Kharg watched them go with concerned eyes then sighed. "Don't like the idea of letting them go off like this. It's dangerous for us to be seperated."

Lilia patted his shoulder. "They'll be fine. I'm sure Ganz knows how to blend in without giving himself away."

"I hope so," Kharg muttered.

Muttering vexedly to himself, Darc wove his way through the trees. He was angry at the teasing, but most of all at himself. He was getting soft and he couldn't be...he was the leader of the Deimos! He had no feelings for Delma, she was a useful pawn, nothing more! Problem was that he couldn't seem to convince himself of that....

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