Augh. I think it's about time I realize that I'm never going to finish this story. I've moved on from Naruto to Bleach and then to Mai HiME. I can't get any more inspiration for this story- once I completely planned it out, I had to think up a sequel to keep myself interested, and I know I'll never write it all. It's too long and I just don't have the attention span, not to mention that I find it insanely hard to write heterosexual romance. A lot of people seem to like this story, though, so you all get to tell me what I should do with it.

Probably what will happen is that I will post what I've written of chapter nine on as part of another chapter. I will also post what would have happened, in this story and the sequel, and maybe some of the dialogue that would have gone in each part.

Another thing I could do is, if someone PMs me with the desire to continue my story, send them this information. If they wanted, they could take it on another tangent, but if they did, I would like them to post my information along with their story- perhaps at the end. They would need to PM me by November 15.

I apologize for this, but I think I needed to realize that, when I couldn't write the romance that is needed for the later chapters, haven't updated since July, and have no desire to continue the story, it was time to end it.

I will tell you what I will do on November 15. Goodbye until then. Sorry again about making you all wait so long for editing and then abandoning the story.