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'Ok, what's with the silence!?' Ethan looked up at his girlfriend in silent shock, looked at Marie, then at Jon and back to Marie. His girlfriend stood non plused but gave up before she cared. Sitting beside Ethan she too stared at Jon then at Marie as everyone else seemed to be doing.

The silence issued for several minutes before Jon finally said, 'Hi.' Looking rather like he'd like to run away and hide. Sam jumped in at Marie's silence realising what they had all been doing.

'Hey Jon, so I guess you met what's her name her,' Pointing to Ethan's girlfriend, 'and tagged along. Well, welcome do you want a drink?'

Marie couldn't abide the thought of him staying so said, 'Oh no, Jon can't stay.' Turning to Jon she said, 'Shall we go outside and talk then you can get off home.' She stood up and marched out of the room before a word was uttered from anyone.

Jon followed and shut the door behind him. They moved into the small bathroom the only other room in the attic. Jon who now seemed a little bolder away from her friends spurted out 'So do you want to explain why you've suddenly gone all invisible girl on me?'

'Excuse me? Invisible girl? Hello we've gone to the same schools since we were 3, that is 12 years by the way, and you've only just noticed me now, I mean did you even know I existed before? And now I can't go a couple of days without seeing you and you go all psycho on me, acting like we are some kind of couple, like you own me or something. Well you don't. And you know what I'm glad this has all happened because now I know not to get involved with a psycho freak like you!!' She rushed it out, trying to make it as convincing as possible, she knew that if she hurt him just enough, he'd be sure to stay way, it would all be so much easier.

'That's what you think is it? Well you're right I didn't know you were in the same school as me since we were three but maybe now I can see why I'd have good reason to not notice you. One minute you're all 'I don't want to lie to everybody' and the next your all we're nothing and you're a psycho. Well I think you've got that twisted you're the one with the problem!' His face was red with fury and hurt, his fists were clenched and his heart was racing. He took a deep breathe and stormed his way out of the room, down the stairs to anywhere that wasn't here. Marie sunk down next to the bath tub and began to sob into her hands until she felt the comforting bodies of her two best mates surround her and she cried on them instead.

As he marched back down his road his vision blurred a little, and he felt moisture on his cheek that he knew wasn't rain. He wiped it away and resolved not to cry over her, she was clearly a waste of space. And yet something inside him reasoned, 'Shut up, your being stupid you know this girl she's just not like that something is clearly going on! While the other part of him screamed, she'd just like every other girl hot and cold, using, hurtful, slimy bitches.

He lay back on his bed and thumped the bed a couple of times hoping it would make him feel better resulting in only making him feel worse. The phone next to him rang and he decided to ignore it, he wasn't in the mood for who ever it was. A few minutes later his mother turned up at the door.

'It's your sister, I said you looked in a bad mood but she insisted she had to speak to you.'

'Fine!' He took the phone and put it to his ear as his mother left. 'What?'

'Oh we are in a good mood aren't we? So what's happened now, Katie or Suzy following you around again, which is the one in love with you again I always forget. Don't suppose it matters they are both brainless turwps and anyway you have little miss Cinderella, your own little princ…'

'Stop! Sometime you really need to learn when to shut up sis!' He yelled into the phone then hung up.

Life sucked and it seemed to just get worse.

Marie safe in the knowledge that Jon hated her so much he wouldn't be visiting any time soon, returned home the next morning with a basket full of brownies and a heavy heart. She sat down in front of the TV in anticipation of crap day time TV and eating a whole lot of brownies. What she had not anticipated was a phone call from Jon's sister, which is exactly what she got when she arrived home.



'OK so what happened, was it you or him. At the moment I have to admit I'm on his side he sounded so utterly miserable that I can only conclude that it's your fault.'

'So what he rang up his sister to defend him now? Tell him it's pathetic and he needs to get a life.'

'Why you little bitch!' She paused then said 'Ok so what did he do?'

This knocked Marie for six. She had expected the bitch comment but to then to blame Jon? What?

'What?' With absolute shock in her voice.

'Well come on! Look you're a nice girl; nice girls don't generally dish out hurtful comments like that unless they are really hurting themselves. So what did he do?'

'He didn't do anything except be himself, this has nothing to do with him or you so stay out.'

'Are you kidding me? This my brother we're talking about, I bet he's lying in bed right now thinking about you wandering what the hell is going on, because I recon he has about as much of a clue as I do! In fact I probably understand better than him!'

'Understand? UNDERSTAND? You have no idea what it is like to be me! You have no idea what my life is like or why I can't date your brother or why I spend my evenings washing my families' clothes. You don't know what its like to only go out if your friend is turning 14 or 15 or 16. You don't know what its like to get an orange every year for Christmas as your only gift, and for your fathers' most meaningful gift to be £20 which you spend on underwear because you need new bras and pants. But what you really don't know is how life sucks when your mother dies the only real person who ever loved you, and you have no idea what it's like to have it happen to you twice! You know nothing about me or my life so keep out of it and advise your brother to do the same!'

She cut the line stuffed part of a brownie in her mouth and began to cry her eyes out once again.

The week stared sunny outside, but the mood inside the school was low. Jon and Marie were not the only people unhappy, it was the beginning of the exams, it signalled the end of school but it seemed distant compared to the now present examinations.

Monday brought maths and science, nice and easy to start of with, and every student in the final year line up pens in hand, grim faced and weak hearted.

Jon saw Marie standing further up the line the sun was shining on her hair making is glisten, her skin looked like beautifully bronzed and he longed to touch her hair, her skin, and her lips. He stopped himself there. He'd thought this over, he was going to completely ignore her, she clearly wanted him to grovel over her, well he wouldn't. He would stay disdainful and then she would realise what she'd done.

However being disdainful, even if he'd only been doing it for two days, was exhausting. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't seem to get her out of his head. He was worried about her and wanted to help and at the same time was angry and frustrated that she was pushing him way, actually more like shoving, it hurt so much. He dreamt about her and spent the day thinking about her; how he was ever going to concentrate on his exams he had no idea.

What was even more worrying was that when his sister had rung back the other day she said she was sorry for butting in and always chatting away non stop and that he was right about her not knowing when to shut up. She said she promised to keep out of his personal life from then on and if she did get involved he could tell her to shut up and go away.

This worried him exceedingly, his sister never gave in or butted out and she defiantly wouldn't have done it after the tiny little shout he had had. No something bigger might have happened, but he could only assume that she had called Marie and Marie had given her the what for. This worried him too. Marie just wasn't like that, having shouting matches two days in a row, or any shouting matches for that matter, wasn't like her at all! Just as he was pondering what could possibly be wrong he looked up to see Marie's friend Ethan standing in front of him.

'Look Marie says can you tell your sister that she's sorry for what she said she was just upset. And also she says ''don't you dare let your mind wonder during this exam you can pass and you know you can so concentrate.'' Hope that helps mate, I'm sorry about all this but it's just the way it has to be.' Ethan turned and walked away before Jon could utter a word.

He knew the Marie he had met was still in there somewhere. At prom he'd mentioned how worried he was about his math exam and she said as long as he was concentrating and put his mind to it he would pass with a rainbow of colours. He knew she was right and so instead of wondering what exactly Ethan had meant about it having to be this way, he went through the last of his memory list of what to revise and then entered the hall as a hopeful and encouraged man.

Marie watched Ethan walk back toward her as the teacher in front started allowing the first group to go into the hall. Ethan gave her the thumbs up sign and smiled lightly. Very slyly she looked back at Jon who now seemed to have a look of determination on his face. She was glad.

He had looked so lost and hopeless, but now it would be ok she was sure of it.

The week passed as quickly as it could considering that they had exams everyday. Whenever they ran into each other Marie would ignore him and soon he was ignoring her too. Ethan and Samantha occasionally sent him looks of apology and he knew that they had tried their best to stop this all from happening. But they all knew that Marie wasn't a nasty person or hurtful, but they also knew that when she wanted to be she could be extremely stubborn.

Jon had called his sister and told her Marie's message, and had asked about what had happened. However his sister was resolved to not get involved and only said that after talking Marie it had put things into perspective and she was not saying a thing.

Jon spent the weekend with his mates down at the local games mall. He had spent the last two weeks answering questions about his new girlfriend Cindy.

At first he had been happy to answer and lie about which area of France she lived in, and what she liked to do in her spare time. But after Marie had stopped talking to him he's enthusiasm somewhat lacked and more questions about when they could meet her again began and he soon wouldn't utter a word about her. Every time one of his mates mentioned her name he felt miserable and wished he could just talk to her and let her know that he liked her, and just wanted them to be together. Marie had been right about one thing, she wasn't his, she never had been and it didn't look like she ever would be now. This thought proceeded to make him even more miserable and soon his mates were bored of his company and he headed home to mope in bed with crisps and coke.

Marie too sat on her bed with a large packet of crisps and watched an old romance film her mother had loved. She cried when the woman lost her true love, she laughed while they flirted and joked and smiled deeply when they kissed and pledged their eternal love. Then she cried because she wished it was her and Jon. Besides losing the one true love bit, she at least hoped to hold on to him.

Once she had watched the film 3 times repeatedly and eaten 2 bags of crisps and nearly drunk all the milkshake that Sam's mum had made for her, she decided to go out and get the shopping in that she needed. She decided to wear her roller blades that Suzy had given her when she had out grown them. Luckily Suzy couldn't blade for her life and had only worn them once. She tied up the laces and pulled across the straps, then pulled on her light jacket and picked up her back pack. Locking the house and coding in the alarm she started down the drive. At the mouth of the drive way she met Mrs Steadlier.

'Hello dear and how are you today?' She smiled brightly at Marie.

'Oh I'm fine Mrs Steadlier, and yourself?' She smiled back politely.

'Oh dear! You poor love what happened to your little admirer?'

'Sorry?' She asked confused.

'The lovely young man who took you to the prom and I assume left you that pretty flower. He seemed so nice and he made you smile so much.'

'Oh he was just a friend, no one important.'

'Oh dear, lie to me if you feel the need but don't lie to yourself. And just so you know I won't tell your father about the prom. But I do hope you start smiling again.' She shook her head a little and then walked away toward her house.

Marie stood for a moment surprised at how blunt Mrs Steadlier was to her. And yet she knew it was true.

She skated off to the shops and tried to remove the look of disappointment on Mrs Steadlier's face, from her mind.

She stood in the meat section of the local supermarket and was just deciding wither to buy chicken legs or breast and had just decided to buy breast because it would go better with the pasta she had at home, when she heard a familiar voice from behind her.

'You had better decide what you're cooking for next week if your going away at the weekend, then it'll be ready for when Ashley comes.' Jon stood next to his mother talking and holding up a packet a beef stakes in one hand.

'Ok but you go and look for things that you can cook yourself over the weekend I'm not having you starve yourself all weekend just because you're no Gordon Ramsey.' He turned to move away and caught Marie's eye. He stood stock still and stared at her and she stared back at him.

'Jon? Are you OK? What's the matter? Who is that girl?' His mother questioned behind him until Marie suddenly realised what was happening, shoved the chicken into her basket and skated over to the till.

'MARIE! Wait!' Jon called after her. 'Marie!'

Marie stopped just ahead of him and he caught up with her.

'Marie, just tell me what's going on! Please!'

'Jonathan, listen to me I only stopped just now because I'd rather you didn't yell me name out in a public store where people know me. There is nothing going on except your getting on my nerves.' She spoke the words clearly and precisely to him then rolled off with her milk and chicken.

He stood for a moment then snapped out of the trance of disbelief and chased after her, still hearing his mothers worried cries behind him.

'See now I know there's something up, your hiding something and your using insults to hide it. Marie your insults are good, they hurt but I know you. I know that's not what your like. You've become the type of heartless bitch you told me you hate. You've hurt me and I can take it, but what ever you said to my sister has upset her a lot and your friends know your acting strange or they wouldn't send me apologetic looks every time they see me. If you don't want to tell me fine! But you should know that if you ever needed to talk or tell me you could.'

She paused; clearly she wasn't a good enough actress to pull this off.

'I know, but I don't and I won't so leave me alone now ok!'

Marie's escape that had been halted by Jon's strong grip that he had taken over her arm, now eased and she moved away swiftly to pay for her items. As she bagged the last of her shopping she looked back over her shoulder and saw him talking to his mother and she turned away again. He would never look at her again in the same way as he had that night at prom.

Or so she thought.

He turned from his mother to see her putting the carrier bag into her back pack, and then haul it on her back and leave without a backward glance.

Or so he thought.


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