So, we've come to the end of Mr. Man and Sidekick Bob, huh?

Well, that's angsty. I quite enjoyed this story.


Yuki hadn't been feeling good. He didn't know what was going on. It felt as if his body had been turned upside down and inside out a few hundred times. And that IS bad people. Unless you're on a twirly, whirly roller coaster. Then its okay.

"What is it, Kyo?"

Kyo had come down with a fever and decided to tell Yuki. Just incase he cared the slightest bit.

"I feel sick,"

"I do too! Don't try at suck up to me!" Yuki snapped, whilst turning around in the spinning chair at his desk. He pulled to a halt and stood up.

"Ya know what?"

Kyo didn't know what. He didn't know much, as a matter of fact. How sad.

"I think we've lost our powers."

Well, Kyo wasn't exactly happy about that! He was shocked and appalled. He had saved the world so many times! He didn't want to stop feeling special now. As a matter of fact, it was the only time he felt special.

"…No! You're wrong!"

Yuki wasn't wrong. The powers had been sucked from them both and thrown into the trash like a lousy, piece of crap. Although, they weren't crap. They were one step up from crap. CURSED. Wah, I'm kidding! (dodges rocks).

"Well, we may as well pack it up here, Kyo. No more crime fighting for us. I guess it was fun while it lasted. Let's go tell Shigure and Tohru of our adventures!" Yuki suggested happily. Too happily. Kyo became scared.


"Scared? Y-Yeah…me too…"

They wandered down the stairs and sat at the table solemnly. Tohru eyed them.

"Wow," Tohru said, amazed. "You both look as if you've just been nice to each other!"

"We have a story to tell!" Yuki announced, clapping his hands and ignoring Tohru.

"Yeah! So listen!" Added Kyo, because he always adds in stuff. Like fish to Tohru's home made biscuit recipe.

"We were…"

"MR. MAN AND SIDEKICK BOB!" Kyo yelled really loudly, waving his hands. Yuki also waved his hands and began to sway.

"As if!" Shigure chuckled. "You two? Famous superhero's! You can't even get along, let alone work together to defeat crime!"

"I agree with Shigure…" Tohru sighed. "I'm sorry!"

Yuki and Kyo gasped. How come they wouldn't believe them? Yuki tried to persuade them.

"Shigure, Miss Honda, we're serious! Look at the pictures in the newspaper! It looks like us! How many people have silver and ginger hair in the world?"

Shigure cocked his head to the side. "Lots,"

Kyo and Yuki sweat dropped. Maybe this was something that was best left a secret. It wasn't like anyone would believe them anyway.


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