Her untied hair blew all around her face as she tried to get a picture of the glowing horizon. She got a good position and then handed the camera to Lindsay. Pointing into the distance, she softly instructed Lindsay on how to take the picture. I saw my daughter's hands shake but Sara had gently held them in support. And then abruptly there was a snap and the picture was taken.

While they chatted, I took the time to observe both of them. She looks so carefree, in her tank top and khaki pants. Her nimble arms were expertly handling my ever-so-exuberant daughter, lest she toppled into the water. They look towards me. I can see Lindsay whisper something into Sara's ear and then both of them break into giggles. Oh yes, Sara Sidle giggles. A long time ago, I didn't think it was possible. Strangely, it makes me feel like giggling too.

Then they start throwing water over each other. I find myself rolling my eyes good naturedly. Sleep was definitely out of the question now.

My fingers are laid casually upon my jacket. I move them and try to probe for something. I feel the bulge of a tiny box. A smile steals its way to my lips. Twelve months of dating and today I'm sure. I'm sure that I want to spend twelve more months, twelve more years, and twelve more lifetimes with her.

A candlelit dinner by the Lake and a serenely clear sky would adorn my proposal tonight. Our relationship began darkened with shadows of fear, lies, guilt and regret. But the line between shadow and love was ever so fine. And before we knew, that line was crossed.

The carelessly tossed hat over her face, the UNLV tee accentuating her curves and the denim shorts opened to reveal sleek, tanned legs – she looked like a Goddess in her Abode, albeit a Goddess in casuals.

This day was her plan. Today was our night off and after pulling doubles and triples for weeks now, this day came as a blessed promise in bliss. Lake Mead, complete with its outdoor activities and natural beauty, was just the place we needed. Added to it, was the fact that I was spending it with Catherine and Lindsay, my two favorite women, my two best friends, my two beloveds, my family.

Of course, we weren't officially or legally a "family" yet. Though, the people who did matter, meaning our team of CSIs and Brass, acknowledged our relationship positively. But I do want to scream to the world that these two beautiful women belong to me and I belong to them.

But I can't do that without Catherine's consent. I reach into my pocket and grin when I touch a smooth jewelry box. Tonight we had ordered ourselves a special dinner by the lake. It was going to be a simple and yet important affair. Important because tonight I would be asking the two Willows women to accept me and accept my proposal to be with me.

Lindsay suddenly splashes water on me and I yelp in surprise. Narrowing my eyes in mock threat, I take a handful of water and sprinkle it on her. Thus starts our water battle.

Catherine looks up, groans and mutters something that sounded like "Teenagers".

I once again reach into my pocket for what must be the hundredth time. I would probably be doing it another hundred more times until tonight.

Wish me luck.

Author sends her thanks: To all the ladies and (few) gentlemen, thank you for reading and commenting. Never did I think I'll complete a 50,000+ words fanfic but writing this one was truly a pleasure. Suffice to say, I've got even more hooked on to CSI after writing this. You, as readers , have constantly kept me on my toes (fingers) and inspired me to write more and better. There have also been some valuable reviewers who have voiced their honest opinions and therefore made me realize my mistakes in the plot. Thank you to all of you, once again. Oh, another thank you to my two pets who had to listen to me drone on the dialogues before I could type them up. Would I be writing another CSI fic? Yes. Would it be a sequel to this one? Most likely. All depends on whether you guys want a sequel or a brand new story. Also, my Lady Muse must kiss me regularly like she has been doing these past few days and I'll be fine.

And off I go to imagine what took place that night at Lake Mead...