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(A.N inspired by Onee-chan and her 'cow bell', erm, sorry, 'cat bell'. Hehe)

Kitties and Cowbells
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

"Tomo, what are you wearing a cat collar and cat ears?" Yomi asked, staring at her friend incredulously as she walked into their homeroom that morning.

"Morning Musume."

"Stop with the cheesy greetings and answer my question."

"I'm Catgirl Tomo Tomo," Tomo replied, grinning, as though her bizzare outfit was the most normal thing in the world.

Yomi shook her head and sighed, hitting her head on the table in dispair just as Kagura came into the classroom.

"Woah," Kagura said, staring at Tomo wide eyed. "Why's the wild cat turned into a cat now? Genetic experiment gone wrong."

"I bet you don't even know what that means," Tomo quipped.

"No, I don't," Kagura admitted, "I heard it on an anime… Kyoto Meow Meow or something…"

"Tokyo Mew Mew," Yomi corrected her.

"Right, anyways, I bet you don't know what it means either."

"Yeah, I do actually," Tomo said, a smug look appearing on her face. "It's where they experiment on jeans and make then go all sorts of weird shapes and colours."

"No, Tomo, that's just what happens when you decide you want to 'customize something'. Like what you did to your uniform back in seventh grade."

"What did she do?" Kagura asked.

"Cut the skirt short, died it, tied the ascot into a bow and wore a pair of blue high heels to school," Yomi replied.

"It was great."

"It was stupid."

"I looked just like Sailor V."

"You looked like a complete idiot."

"You are a complete idiot," Kagura laughed.

"So are you, knucklehead."


"Wow! Tomo's a kitty!" a voice gasped, and the three girls turned around to see Chiyo, Sakaki and Osaka standing there.

"Yeah, I'm Catgirl Tomo Tomo."

"Don't encourage her," Yomi sighed as Tomo beamed.

Chiyo looked up to see Sakaki blushing and with a dreamy look on her face.

"What's wrong, Sakaki?"

"So… kawaii," Sakaki said. The others blinked and Chiyo giggled.

"Yeah, kawaii Tomo-neko-chan."

"It's Catgirl Tomo Tomo!"

"Will you shut up already?"

"Tomo, why have you got ah cowbell round yah neck?" Osaka piped up and everybody stared at her.

"Cowbell?" Kagura repeated as she burst out laughing.

"It's a cat bell darnit, a cat bell."

"But why are yah wearin ah cat bell?"

"She's been jean-etical-ly mutilated or whatever it was," Tomo grinned.

"Genetically mutated," Chiyo corrected her.


"You've been jeanehtically mew tated?" Osaka gasped. "Ya meahn where theay turn people into cats?"

"Mutated, no mew tated."

"Yeah, sure have" Tomo grinned. "Mew."

Osaka's eyes widened: "I can't see the pigtails, they must be controling you from outside!" She glanced over at Chiyo, her face paling suddenly, and ran
out of the room screaming.

"Wh… wha… what did I do?" Chiyo asked tearfully.

"Don't worry Chiyo-chan; Osaka was just having an Osaka moment."


With that they sat down, just as Yukari arrived; she was late, as usual.

"Sorry I'm late class, ehehe, anyway…" Yukari trailed off. "Tomo, why have you got a cowbell round your neck?"

"It's a cat bell darnit!"