Hey this is a ine shot for now...(Alex POV)

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Alex POV

My one regret is not telling anyone,not telling anyone sooner...It happend two weeks ago...I was walking down elaine and petternson street a little after ten. I had just passed Elby's takeout when a guy grab me from behind before I could react I felt his hunting knife pressed against my throat.He wispered in my ear"If you scream I'll kill you". He pressed the knife hard against my throat.I felt his hand go around my waist he led me to an abandon building he slammed me down on the ground,he still had the knife to my throught.He tried to unbotton my shirt but I struggled.He cut my neck,not a deep deep cut but I was still scared.Was I going to die. He told me if I try to resist I wouldnt be so lucky. It was either be raped or be murdered...Tears rolled down my eyes I cant believe this is hapening. I just layed there while he raped me,while he went inside,pushing,pressing...I layed there...Numb...

OK I know its like super short but...yeah what can I say...

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