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Chapter 1: Another Beginning

It all starts in Jimmy's lab in Retroville. He was with his robot dog, Goddard, looking very, very bored. Then, something popped into his mind...what if there were more worlds than Retroville, Dimmsdale, Amity Park, and Bikini Bottom? Jimmy went to a portal (that he worked on) and went to Dimmsdale to Timmy's house. Meanwhile there, Timmy Turner was in his bedroom, bored too. His fairies, Cosmo and Wanda, had to go to a late fairy meeting.

"Bored, bored..." he said poorly on his bedside. Timmy woke up from that when Jimmy appeared out of from a vortex, in now 2-D. "Jimmy, what are you doing here?"

"I thought I could come here."

"Sure, you can stay here, but my computer fairies had to go to a late meeting."

"I'll say, Carl and Sheen had to do something late, too. I wonder what it was..."

"Hey, is your birthday coming up soon?"

"No. It's not until for a few months."

"Oh, yeah."

"The bad news you have to deal with Vicky."

"Pipe down, twerp!" Vicky snapped and yelled off-screen. "And stop talking in two voices, it's giving me a headache!"

"Ok...ay." Timmy said oddly.

"Come on, lets go to Amity Park!"

"Sounds good to me!"

Timmy puts out a fake Timmy doll and Jimmy sets his watch to Amity Park. They land in the ghost lab and see Danny coming out, fighting a ghost (not the Box Ghost).

"Guys, what are you doing here?" Danny asked as he dodged the ghost's attacks.

"Um, we were bored?" Timmy said.

"Well, I guess you two can help me then. Jimmy, grab the thermos over there," Danny points to where it is, in a distance. "Timmy, help distract."

"Right." Jimmy said running to the thermos.

"Okey-dokey!" Timmy said too.

Timmy was waving at the ghost while Danny was hitting it. BAM! WHAM! Jimmy reached for the thermos and threw it to Danny. However, he couldn't catch it and instead the ghost caught it. It laughed evilly and used a rope to tie up Timmy, Danny, and Jimmy.

"Great! If there was a stretchy, long arm and some karate chops to help us now!" panicked Timmy.

"But SpongeBob's not here." Danny said back.

"I don't think you should have said that."


"Guess again." a voice was heard. Then, out came SpongeBob wearing his karate suit and had on his water helmet.

"SpongeBob, just in time!" Jimmy proudly.

He used his karate chops to get the rest out of the ropes.

"So, what was the problem?" Timmy pointed the ghost which SpongeBob was behind and turned around. "Oh."

"How in the world you couldn't see that? It's huge!" Danny said.

SpongeBob chuckles a bit until the ghost roars and the four run to a corner.

"Guys, I have a plan, so listen up." Jimmy whispered to his friends.

They gathered around for the quick plan when the ghost was running to them. Then, Danny blasted a ghost ray at it again and covered his eyes. Timmy took out a wand (that Cosmo and Wanda gave him for his birthday, just a toy but works as well) and aimed it at the ghost. Jimmy used a laser that made the ghost fall down and SpongeBob tied it up. Danny picked the the Fenton Thermos that sucked the monster in.

"Good work, team." Jimmy congratulated.

"Jimmy, you still look a bit worried." Timmy said to him.

"Nah, it's probably nothing. Then again..."

"Ohh, ohh, I want to know!" SpongeBob happily coming over. "Please, please tell!"

"OK, OK!" Jimmy answered. Timmy, SpongeBob, and Danny came over to him. "If you really want to know, what if there are more worlds than Amity Park or Dimmsdale or Bikini Bottom or even Retroville?"

"I don't know about that." Timmy pondered.

"I have to admit, I never fighted a ghost like that before. It was huge." Danny said.

"We know, we know."

Suddenly, the ghost portal turned into a regular portal. Without the four boys knowing, they got sucked into it and screamed.

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