Kaiba's Preferences

By: Niiro Yuuyake

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Warnings: Slight yaoi, shounen-ai, implied themes. OOCness . . . Uke! Seto . . . oh! And Anzu bashing-ugh! Can't stand that girl!

Summary: Anzu, trying to keep Kaiba away from Yami, tries to set him up with various girls, only problem is . . . Kaiba doesn't seem at ALL interested . . . wonder why? Yami/Kaiba, slight Baku/Kaiba . . . Uke! Seto

Chapter 1: Anzu's plan; Yami's confession

Yami rolled his eyes. Not this again, he thought as Anzu skipped cheerfully toward him and Yugi. That damned girl wouldn't know rejection if it ran up and robbed her!

But of course, Yugi just smiled. "It's not that bad, Yami. At least you know you have an admirer. I think it's cute how much she likes you."

Yami frowned. "Aibou, we talked about this. She's wasting her time. And, unfortunately, I'm losing my sanity."

Yugi giggled as Anzu made it to their destination. "Hi, Yami. Yugi."

As always, Anzu was happy and chipper, and not the least be deterred by Yami's glare; which he was almost sure she took for the complete opposite as it was meant to be taken as: hate.

"Hello Anzu. Yami and I were on our way to Mokuba's." Yugi smiled gingerly.

Of course, Anzu wouldn't want to go to Kaiba's mansion, only because Kaiba would be there. But nonetheless, if Yami was going, so would she.

"Great! I could tell Yami about my new dress. I bought it especially for Mokuba's birthday party."

Yugi sighed. Well, at least he got over his crush for Anzu. Now all he had to do was get over his crush for Jou. And everything would be back to normal!

Er . . . almost normal, he thought as he looked back at his Yami.

Poor guy.

Anzu was going like the energizer bunny. She just kept going and going and going. Yami looked like he was about to send the damned girl to the Shadow Realm.

"Uh . . . Anzu . . . Mind keeping it down a bit. Yami needs to call Mokuba to tell him we're on the way." Yuugi said as he passed Yami the cell phone.

Of course, Yami could barely use a normal phone, let alone a cell phone. But he looked eternally grateful anyway.

"Oh. Okay. Well, Yuugi, would you like to hear about my new dress? I bought it the other day at this new store by the arcade. It's -" And she kept on rambling, but at least Yami didn't have to hear her.

Luckily, before he started to press random keys on the phone, it rang.

"Uh . . . Yes?"



"Oh. Sorry about that. " Mokuba giggled. "I was wondering when you guys were coming over. I can't plan my party myself, and Niisama is busy in his office. I'd rather be gone with you guys before he realizes that I invited you over."

Yami nodded, although Mokuba couldn't see. "I see. We should be there in a while. I was wondering . . . Will Kaiba be at the party, also?"

Mokuba was silent for a moment before he snickered. "Why? Wanna wear something special for him?"

Yami blushed furiouslyWHAT! Of course not. I just . . . well . . . uh."

Mokuba laughed over the phone line. "Calm down, Yami. It's not like I didn't know. Hell . . . Who doesn't know?"

Yami frowned slightly, though he was still blushing"Does . . . HE know?"

"Who, Niisama? Nah. I...uh . . . I'll see ya when you get here."

Yami nodded, again. Good. Seto didn't know. That made things a whole lot easier.

Yuugi smiled back at his Yami. Anzu was still talking, though he wasn't listening so he couldn't really say what she was rambling on about.

"Is Mokuba ready?" the shorter of the two asked.

Yami nodded, his blush finally fading.

"Good, "Yuugi smirked, "At least now you won't get a nosebleed from seeing Kaiba in those leather pants of his, again!"


Mokuba was pleased with his guest list. Being the younger brother of Kaiba Seto was hard work! Everyone tried to get to into the party, and it was almost hilarious what they'd do to get in.

But of course his Niisama made sure security was tight, and everyone who wasn't invited, wasn't let in. That way, they didn't have to worry about stalkers, psychos(Bakura excluded), and other mentally unstable, obsessive people of society. Like the paparazzi.

After all, he was only a 12-year-old kid. What the hell was a 34-year-old, newspaper reporter doing at his party? The oldest person there should be Seto, or Yami . . . if he were referring to Spirit age.

But nonetheless . . . Yami was invited, personally. So he would get into the party. Although Niisama won't be happy, Mokuba mused.

He'd also invited a few kids from his class, and a few he'd met through trips to other countries. It wouldn't be a lot of people there, but the party was big! Everyone knew about it and some would kill to come. Despite it being a 12-year-old birthday party!

Mokuba sighed as he headed to his brother's office to bid him goodbye. He decided, in order to keep his Niisama and Yami from fighting, and Anzu from . . . nagging his Niisama(though, she went ignored), he would meet them outside.

As he opened the door, he was a bit surprised to see his brother wasn't alone. Okay, more than a bit surprised. Much more than a bit surprised. Of all the people he had ever imagined . . . had ever even thought about seeing his brother hang out with . . . Bakura was not one of them.

In front of his Niisama's desk, sat Yami Bakura in a big leather chair, while his brother typed away at his laptop.

The funny things about it were 1) neither Seto, nor Bakura was talking. They were just . . . there. And 2) Mokuba couldn't remember Bakura ever coming over . . . actually he couldn't remember a time his Niisama and Yami no Bakura had actually had a conversation.


"Uh . . . Niisama?"

Kaiba looked over to his younger brother, ignoring Bakura's irritated snort. It's not like they were doing anything anyway.

"Yes, Mokuba?"

"Er...What's he doing here?"

Kaiba spared a glance at Bakura, then looked back to Mokuba. Sure, he had been busy during the whole week and hadn't sleep much(never could sleep decently), and was a bit upset, but Seto was almost certain Mokuba was supposed to be busy today. He'd said something about . . . dammit, what was it? A party? Mokuba's birthday party! That was it!

"Aren't you supposed to be getting things ready for your birthday?"

Mokuba nodded, but didn't leave the office. "Um . . . " Obviously his Niisama wasn't about to tell him why Bakura was there, so . . . "Im going now. I'll be back later. Oh! And I'm taking the limo."

Seto continued typing, nodding slightly.

And Mokuba left.

"Heh. Lucky you I decided to wait till later to fuck you senseless." Bakura mumbled. Of course, that wasn't the case. In all actuality, Bakura was there to fuck Seto senseless, but he was also, drunk. One of the disadvantages of having a psycho screw you mindless, and having a liquor cabinet in your office. Either you got nailed by a psychotic, 5000 year old spirit, in a dopleganger body, or you got screwed by a drunk, psychotic, 5000-year-old spirit, in a dopleganger body. Either way, Kaiba got fucked thoroughly.

But no one needed to know that. And no one was going to know that. After all . . . it was just sex.

By the time they reached the Kaiba Mansion, Mokuba was out waiting by the gate. Clearly out in the open for all to see, with guards nearby, but they were just surveying the grounds.

But nonetheless, Anzu decided to call out the obvious.

"Hey guys, look! It's Mokuba!"

Well, at least she stopped talking about her dress.

Mokuba waved at the trio. He seemed to be the only one who didn't hate her. Maybe he did, but he never let it show. Hm . . . Kid was a good actor.

"So . . . Where do you guys want to go first?" Yuugi asked.

"I was hoping you could help me with what to get for decoration and all, Yuugi. And Yami and Anzu could pick out food and snacks. And Yuugi and I could pick music. It'll be so much fun!" Mokuba declared.

And although Yami was about to protest, he was sure Anzu noticed and spoke up before he could.

"That'll be great. Yami and I will have so much fun!"

There went the focus on Mokuba.

"What about Seto . . . er..Kaiba? Is he going to help out?" Yami ask urgently. He really wanted to see Kaiba.

"Hm? He's going to arrange security, and transportation for my friends in other countries. And he's providing entertainment. He's hiring my favorite band, and everything. But I don't think he'll be able to help out. He has a lot of work to do so he could take a few days off for my Birthday."

"I see" Yuugi said.

He could see the cheerful look in Anzu's eyes. Poor Yami. He was really hoping to irritate Kaiba today, too. He seemed to really like seeing Kaiba mad.

"Hm . . . You know, Yami, Niisama's been in a good mood lately. Maybe you should make your move soon." Mokuba remarked, "my Niisama seems desperate for companionship . . . but don't tell him I told you. Of all the people to make friends with, he picks Bakura. But I suppose it's better than noth-"

"Tomb Robber, Bakura!" Yami asked, outraged.

Mokuba nodded. "Yea. They seem to get along. Odd, huh? But don't worry Yami, I'm sure you still have a chance. "

Yami didn't think it was 'odd' though, if anything he thought it was 'freaky'. Kaiba was his! Where the hell did Bakura come in trying to take over!

Anzu obviously sensing her Yami's distress, but taking it as something totally different, decided to speak up. "Ya know, Mokuba, I know a few girls that would love to date your brother. Maybe I should hook him up?"

Mokuba didn't think he should be the one to tell Anzu that hooking his brother up with some girl, wouldn't deter Yami, but hell..Anything to shut her up. "Um . . . I'm not sure Seto would appreciate it, but you could try . . . I guess."

"Good!" Anzu chipped, "Now that's settled, Let's hit the stores!"

Mumbling a few choice cuss words under his breath, the ex-pharaoh followed his Aibou, Mokuba, and Anzu toward the limo. He'd get Kaiba. And if Anzu, or Bakura tried to get in his way, well . . . two words: bye-bye.

Anzu smiled to herself. Then looked over at Yami, latching onto his arm, and smiled at him. Completely ignoring his glowering facade, she giggled. " This will be wonderful, right Yami? You could help me pick out a girl for Kaiba. Now, we wouldn't have to worry about him bothering us!"

Yami looked slightly sick, and a bit more pissed, but he didn't kill anyone.

"Anzu, perhaps, you should speak to Kaiba before you try to do that."

"Hm? I guess. But I'm sure he'll be more than appreciative when he has a girl. And I have you!"

Yami sighed. Maybe he should just come out and say it. If it would at least shut Anzu up. And get her away from him. "Look, Anzu. You're a really great person, and all . . . but I don't think you and I would work."

"What? Why?" Of course . . . why wouldn't she just accept that and go.

"Because . . . you're not my . . . type." Yami clarified.

Yuugi giggled slightly. This would be hilarious. How could Anzu not see that Yami was not at all interested in her? Even Mokuba knew! Hell, everyone knew why Yami had no interest in Anzu. To be truthful, she was a beautiful girl. Just a bit on the odd side. And always talking; annoying voice, and always mentioning 'friendship'. But if she could change a few things, she be a very decent girl.

But of course, she wouldn't be what Yami wanted. Because obviously, Yami wanted Kaiba, and Kaiba. Was. No. Girl.

"Anzu, I'm gay."

Well . . . that shut her up. Or at least for now.

After spending several hours at several different stores, Mokuba and co. returned to the Kaiba mansion with many, many bags.

"Niisama, We're back!"

"We? Mokuba, you didn't-"Seto walked out of the kitchen, "you did."

"Hey, Kaiba" Yuugi greeted.




Right about here, Anzu started to feel a little left out(not to mention mad at Kaiba).

"Kaiba," Anzu forced a smile.

"Pharaoh, " Ah . . . So there's Yami Bakura. Where the hell was he?

Yami scowled. "Tomb Robber."

Anzu cleared her throat. "Bakura."

Well she went ignored again.

"Well, niisama, Yami, Yuugi, and Anzu are going to help me decorate. Will you help, too?"

Seto was about to decline, but who was he to say no to Mokuba just two days before his birthday? "Alright."

Bakura smirked. "I want to help, too."

Heh, even he knew of the Pharaoh's choice in . . . love. And well . . . if he could kill two birds with one stone; meaning, make the pharaoh mad, and molest Kaiba in public, then his job was done for the day.

"Oh..Okay. Even better! We'll start tomorrow. Yuugi, you guys come over around 8:00 a.m., okay? Anzu . . . well . . . I know you have somewhere to go . . . so come when you have time. Bakura, seeing as how you're always here, and I don't know how you get in, you, too, come whenever . . . and bring Ryou. I want his help with something."

Bakura smirked. "Well, pharaoh, " he said, sliding closer to Kaiba, "How's life treating you?"

Yami growled. That damned tomb robber was touching his Seto!

Just then, Anzu decided to wrap her arms around Yami. "Kaiba, guess what I'm going to do for you?"

Kaiba looked bored. "Don't waste your time."

"But I'm going to get you a date!"

And with that, Anzu silenced everyone in the room.

"Get . . . me . . . a date?" Well . . . at least he hadn't snapped yet.

Bakura didn't even try to hold back his laughter.

"Yep! I have tons of friends who would love to date you!"

Yami frowned. He slid Anzu arm off him, and moved to the other side of Seto, opposite of Bakura. "Anzu, I told you not to do that."

"You dumb broad! The priest doesn't want to date any of your friends!" Bakura laughed.

Mokuba smirked. "Let's talk about this later. How about we think of my party, now, Niisama?"

Kaiba nodded. "Fine. Just . . . get them out of my house."

And with that, he headed back upstairs.

Bakura was on his way to follow when Yami pulled him down. "Oh, no you don't. You go to your hikari's house."

Bakura scowled and headed out the door, Yami, and Yuugi behind him.

"What was so funny?" Anzu asked.

Mokuba shrugged. "Uh . . . I guess I'll see you later?"

Anzu smiled. "Don't tell Yami, but I bought a dress especially for your party, to impress him. He'll love it! "

Mokuba frowned. "But Yami's gay. He likes guys."

Anzu ignored him. "Oh! And don't tell Kaiba, but I have the perfect friend for him! I'll bring her over tomorrow!"

Mokuba stared at the retreating form of Anzu. "But . . . Niisama's gay, too . . . " he mumbled.

But Anzu was long gone.

"I tried . . . " he sighed, as he shut the door.

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