Kaiba's Preferences

By: Niiro Yuuyake

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Chapter 10: Headlines, Part 2

When they arrived at Ryou's house, Bakura nearly ran over everyone getting out of the limo first. He pulled Kaiba with him, but the brunette managed to land on the floor a lot more gracefully than the Albino did.

Once they were all out of the limo, Mokuba told the limo driver that he had the rest of the day off, but not to return to the Kaiba Mansion until all of the reporters had left.

Of course, the driver obeyed and left.

When the all entered Ryou and Bakura's house, something dawned on Ryou.

"Um . . . question." He started as everyone either sat down on the couch, or stood near the wall(Kaiba), "I only have three bedrooms in here. How will all of you sleep here?"

Bakura was the first to jump up with an answer "Wait a minute, Ryou!" He growled, "We have enough room! The little runt-" He said, referring to Mokuba, " Could sleep in your room with you, while the priest could sleep with me." He smiled lecherously.

Ryou rolled his eyes, "But what about Yami? And Anzu? And . . . um . . . Kiroko?"

That's when everyone started to speak up, all talking over one another, trying to get them a room or place to bunk in Ryou's house(even though some of them could have gone home.)

Yuugi, who was sitting next to Ryou, spoke up. "Um . . . Ryou . . . where will I sleep? Unless you think I should go home . . . " The teen started stuttering and rambling on nervously, "I don't mind if you do or whatever, it's just I thought that yo-"

Blushing brightly, Ryou said . . . a little too loudly than he meant to, "Oh no! Yuugi, you're going to sleep in my room, with me!"

That silenced everyone in the room, even Yami who was ready to kill, just to sleep in the same room with Kaiba.

Bakura whistled suggestively, "Go, Hikari! I didn't know you had it in you!"

Mostly everyone else in the room was smirking knowingly, except for Yuugi and Ryou, who were blushing, and Kiroko and Anzu who had missed the innuendo.

Even Mokuba looked on knowingly, "Heh . . . I didn't know you guys did that kind of stuff." He laughed.

To say Ryou and Yuugi blushed red, would be like saying the sun is hot. It was just an understatement.


It took them the better half of the hour to decide where everyone would sleep. Yami, of course, didn't let Bakura get away with sleeping, alone, in a room with Kaiba. And Mokuba vowed he would die before anyone put him in a room with Anzu or her ditzy friend. Kaiba seconded the motion.

So Ryou, trying to maintain his innocent image, volunteered to let Mokuba share a room with him and Yuugi. Being sure to let everyone know that he and Yuugi had no intention of doing anything even remotely similar to what Yami and Kaiba, or Bakura and Kaiba did.

Anzu made a promise(to herself) that she wouldn't leave the house, unless Yami left, too(which wasn't happening.)

And Kiroko grabbed a spot on the couch, not being too picky about where she slept, as long as Kaiba was within a 50-foot radius.

So . . . it was settled. Yami, Seto, and Bakura would bunk(somehow) in the evil Albino's room, while Yuugi, Mokuba, and Ryou would bunk in the kinder Albino's room. Anzu's place of slumber was undecided, but from the looks of things, she was either going home, or sleeping in the living room with Kiroko. It was now, her choice to decide.

When Kaiba didn't protest the idea of bedding in a room with Yami and Bakura, Yuugi became curious. It wasn't in his innocent nature to think such perverted thoughts, but he couldn't help to wonder if he'd be kept up all night by loud moans and pleasure-filled cries for 'more!'.

He, kind of . . . well . . . actually, he completely expected Kaiba to burst into a rage-filled, completely logical argument about why he shouldn't be locked-overnight-in a room with two ass-horny men. But instead, Yuugi-and the other occupants of the room- were gifted with nonchalance.

The brunette just strolled, stoically, out of the livingroom, and into Bakura's room(which was clearly labeled on the door 'Bakura's Room'.)

Yami, of course, immediately followed, soon stalked by Anzu, than Bakura, who was busy taking rated X videos into the bedroom.

Looking over at Mokuba, than at Yuugi (and a peak at Kiroko) Ryou smiled. "I'll put the groceries away, while you two . . . er . . . three watch the news. Let's see how things unfold at the Kaiba Mansion, hm?"

Mokuba nodded, sitting next to Kiroko (she was suspiciously quiet), while Yuugi followed Ryou into the kitchen. "I'll help." He mumbled as Mokuba flicked on the Television.


Kaiba wasted no time, upon entering Bakura's room. He tossed all the Tomb Robber's clothes, which were on the bed, onto the floor, and plopped down on the bed. Pulling out his cell, he called his publicist again, finally getting an answer.

As Yami, then Anzu, and eventually Bakura walked into the room, they were . . . to say the least, disturbed at the words Kaiba was hissing through the phone to his publicist. The poor guy-Kami-sama forbid, his publicist be a woman- on the other line was probably crying by now.

Rest assured, by the end of that phone call . . . a good deal of people would either be fired, in danger, or in tears.

Anzu quickly turned and left the room, pulling Yami, roughly with her. When they stepped into the hall, she slammed the door, turning to Yami with wide eyes.

"Why'd you do that?!" Yami growled, "Now, Bakura has an upper hand!"

Shaking the ex-Pharaoh, Anzu 'sh'ed him. "You've got to help me." She whined, "Kaiba's really ticked off. I...I think . . . it might have something to do with what I . . . with what I said at the . . . Market . . . "

Yami stared at her a moment. She really, like seriously, just realized that she was the cause of all of this. Wow.

"No shit, Sherlock." Yami mumbled, "Kaiba's gonna kick your ass. Your best bet, is to get the hell out of here."

Anzu whined, looping her arms around Yami's neck and dropping her head on his shoulder. "You've got to help me! He likes you . . . you're like . . . his . . . friend . . . in a weird way . . . since you guys are enemies and all."

Yami rolled his eyes, "Right." He mumbled, "Anyhow . . . Let's see what I can do." He thought a moment.

Sure, he disliked Anzu. Hate was such a strong word, so disliked intensely, fit better. Yea, so he disliked(intensely) Anzu, but still, there was no reason to let Kaiba . . . actually, there was. But there was no justice in letting Kaiba torture Anzu, than haunt her for the rest of her life, forcing her to either kill herself, or live isolated on an abandoned island, eating bugs and coconuts for the rest of her life . . .

"Get Bakura out of the room . . . and I'll try to . . . talk . . . Seto into a calmer mood, maybe get him to forgive you."

Anzu grinned, leaning down to plant a wet kiss on Yami's lips, but pulling back before he could pull away. "Thanks! I knew you cared enough to risk it all for me!"

Rolling his eyes again, Yami sighed. "Sure . . . call it what you want . . . " As Anzu rushed back into the room to gather (somehow) Bakura, Yami mumbled, "I call it fucking Seto senseless . . . "(1)


(1)- in case you didn't get it . . . Anzu thinks that Yami is helping her, so she thinks he's caring for her . . . but in all actuality, Yami just wants to be alone with Kaiba, screw him, and as a result, perhaps Kaiba will forget all about killing Anzu . . . or not.

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