Days Of The Week

Teen Titans

7 Short One-Shots of various pairings following the days of the week. Titles inspired by song titles and/or lyrics. Some slash pairings, some het. Almost completely random. Various ratings for different fics, rated M overall for safety.

Blue Monday:

Pairing: Robin/Red-X

It was always on a Monday, always in the dark. Fumbling hands, fierce mouths, bodies pressed so tightly together that one began where the other ended. Entangled hands, messed up hair.

This was their love. Fast, quick, and easy; cheap or sloppy, call it what you will, it was theirs. That's all that mattered. Loving hands pulled down pants. Mouths pleasured, one took and one gave. Fingers brought moans from kiss bruised mouths.

Dark alleys against the wall. Gaudy hotel rooms that were rented at an hourly rate. Once in the restroom at a club.

Two so different, yet the same. Pleasure for pain, pain for pleasure, equally matched. Mirrors into their twisted souls.

But one wanted more.

One wanted to come into the light, cut the bullshit, and let the world know. He was tired of being the dark shadow to his hero lover.

The other didn't want to come into the light, he had a good life. He was a star and wanted nothing more then to forget about his shady trysts with his shadow lover.

They parted ways. No hands, no lips, no pleasure or pain. They were incomplete without the other, they knew this.

Neither wanted to give in, to show weakness was their only sin; so they fought, hand to hand, pain for pain.

Always in the dark, always on a Monday.