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NOTES: A short little reflective post-ep piece for "Mysterious Ways." Woody's thoughts in this one. Jordan's thoughts were in "Sign Language."

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She doesn't say anything. No half jokes, no light little sarcastic remarks. Nothing.


From Jordan Cavanaugh, one of the world's all-time greatest smart asses.

One of the world's all-time greatest, most honest, candid, forthright, maddening, inspiring, beautiful smart asses.

Says nothing.

I think about Cal. He'd have made jokes or excuses. I'd have listened.

I think about my dad. He'd have told me told me to get over it, act like a man. I'd have listened.

I think about Devan. She'd have teased me, batted her eyelashes and asked me out for a drink. I'd have listened.

I think about Lu. She'd have analyzed Jordan, me and probably the guy standing by the water cooler. I'd listen. Hell, I do listen.

So even as she's walking away I'm waiting for her to turn around, flash me that smile and tell me of course I've grown up. And I'll listen to her.

Except she doesn't turn. She doesn't flash me that smile. She doesn't tell me that of course I've grown up. She pushes the door open and walks through it.

Am I listening?

Lu comes toward me from the other direction. She slides her hand into the crook of my arm. Her voice is girlish and sweet. "What're you looking at?"

I glance down at her. "Um – Oh… I – uh – Jordan."

Her nose crinkles up and she purses her lips. "Oh." The sound is flat, stale. Lu's brows knit down. She looks so very earnest. "Is she still insisting she doesn't have a problem with us?"

I nod.

"She really needs to admit she has issues, get them out into the open. That woman could really use some therapy- what?" She yelps as I grasp her arms, my fingers digging in to the flesh.

"Don't do that anymore." I release her.

"Do what?" She's rubbing her arms and glaring at me.

"Analyze Jordan. You don't know anything about her."

She bristles. "I know she's pig-headed, interfering and opinionated."

My eyes narrow. "What?"

Lu's face is still aggrieved. "You heard me."

"That's because she cares."

My girlfriend snorts. "About being right."

"About finding the truth." I think about L.A. The One Armed Man. A rooftop and a cell call. "Even if she was wrong."

"Please." She rolls her eyes and stands next to me, sulking. She's really sulking. Like a kid….

Like I did when she didn't tell Pollack about what happened at the Lucy Carver Inn fast enough to suit me. Like I've been doing every time she insists she's okay with Lu and me. Like I did five minutes ago.

We're… out of sync. This past year… I've grown up a lot.

And I haven't?

I'm listening, Jo. God, I'm listening. A shout I never would have heard, not really. Your silence? It's so loud that I'm almost deaf from it.