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She had said that. And by that Remy didn't mean something like „A zucchini is indeed green" or "I've already eaten today". But that was it. That was that sentence. These Words.

To be honest he had suspected, that she would probably say These Words sooner or later. He had suspected, but that doesn't mean that he was prepared for them. They hit him like a truck. Very big truck.

He didn't know what to say, so he was standing in front of her like a fool.

She was gorgeous today. Her long auburn hair with unique streaks in front were falling free to her shoulders. Rogue was dressed in plain white t-shirt with big X on chest, slack green pants and also green gloves. Nothing smart or incredibly sexy, but even in that state she was the most beautiful woman in the world. See? That's what love does to him.

Her face was pale, even more pale than usual. Jade eyes were sad. Tears were running down her pretty face. She was heartbroken, but still, the most beautiful woman in the world.

Remy wanted to touch her, to held her hands, to hug her and kiss her. But he couldn't of course. The world, where they live, was cruel. The God, or someone else, made something perfect like Rogue untouchable. Oh, how easier it would be, if he just could do all these things, he'd wanted so badly.

And she'd said these words, her voice so unsure, so trembling. Her eyes so lost, so scared.

But he couldn't do anything. Anything she would appreciate. He couldn't do those thing she wanted. Because they wanted the same, but they could do nothing about this.

And she'd said these words.

Remy didn't know what to say. Maybe he should just turn around and go away? Or make a joke to loosen up an atmosphere? Or maybe…

No he couldn't. That was contradict with his rules. But…

"Je t'aime, Rogue" he did it. He said these words. Screw his rules, screw everything.

Her face changed. Finally she looked at him even more scared than earlier. Jade eyes were searching for something. He knew for what. For any signs of lie. But she couldn't find anything like that on his face. For the first time Remy was sincere about his true feelings. He couldn't lie to her.

But she had always known that he was a very good liar. So she didn't believe his words. And then, she said these words again.

"Ah hate yah, Remy LeBeau"

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