Title: "Addicted

Author: Jackie W.

Email: PG-13

Classification: House/Cameron Season: Season 2

Spoilers: Sex Kills, All In

Summary: House has a new addiction. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters and places are the property of FOX, Heal and Toe Films, Bad Hat Harry Productions and NBC Universal Television. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment, not monetary purposes, and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognized characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the author.


He knew he was addicted to Vicoden, and there was a good chance that he was becoming addicted to alcohol as well. While he would miss his daytime soaps, and his IPod, he would hardly call those hobbies addictions. They helped him relax and clear his mind, essentially helping him to solve the complex puzzles his patients often presented. This new hobby was anything but relaxing.

It had all started innocently enough. A bet thrown out in the heat of trying to diagnose their patient that Cameron had been gullible enough to take on had led to House winning. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But the devious woman had waited until they were alone to pay off her debt, and then had practically stopped House from breathing when she pulled up her shirt just enough to reveal creamy white skin and a folded bill tucked saucily into the waistband of her slacks. When she'd handed him the money, still warm with her body heat he'd barely been able to move. It wasn't until after her fingers had finally pulled slowly away and she'd left after softly informing him that 'Ignorance is Bliss' that his body had finally responded to any sort of commands and he'd sunk into his chair with a groan.

Oh yeah, he was addicted. Not with the gambling, or even with winning, but with the payoff. Three subsequent bets since then had led to two more wins on his part. The second time he'd been ready and focused and was able to enjoy each second of Cameron's little seduction. The second time he'd been disappointed to see that on that particular day she was wearing a blouse tucked into her slacks and covered by a vest. But once alone in his office she had slowly reached two fingers into a little pocket in the vest he hadn't noticed. It was really just a small slit pocket, but it sat directly over her left breast. And he just knew what those fingers were brushing up against as they slid into the pocket and then out again.

All the blood in his entire body had rushed south. He was lucky he didn't drool. As it was he had enough endorphins running through him that evening to not need to touch the scotch, and he slept so soundly with such erotic dreams that for once when he rose in the morning there was another body part that needed attention more that his aching leg. He was up for an hour before he reached for the vicoden.

But it was the forth bet, the one Cameron won that made House realize that he had stumbled into an addiction more dangerous than the pills he popped. Because when he handed her the money, the cunning woman looked down at her slim shirt and smooth top as if just realizing that she had no pockets. He fully expected for her to tuck the money into her waistband. Instead she turned just slightly away as if to hide what she was doing and then tucked the money into her bra. Of course the angle she ended up at only served to give House a perfect view of the black lace as it momentarily appeared.

The groan that he involuntarily released sounded a lot like a moan.

Cameron, the devil woman, had simply raised an eyebrow and silently left the room.


Allison's hands were still shaking when she pulled into the parking area of her apartment complex forty-five minutes later. She couldn't believe she had been so brazen. Then she smiled. There was no doubt the strategy was working though. The irony was this whole scenario wasn't something she had planned. During that first payoff, she had slipped the money into her waistband at lunchtime when she'd put her purse back in her locker. Then when she'd been alone with House she'd remembered she had it and simply taken it out. Of course after seeing his reaction she'd definitely been more aware of what she was doing for the subsequent payoffs. She'd expected that after the second bet he would back off, but when he hadn't she'd raised the stakes a bit, and then a bit more.

She guessed she could stop trying to delude herself now. She still wanted the man desperately.


By the time House made it back to his townhouse that evening, he'd made a pledge. No more bets with one pretty immunologist. He needed to nip this particular addiction in the bud. So the next day he was back to his normal snarky self and he avoided Cameron as much as possible without being obvious.

And while no one else may have noticed, Allison did, and she knew exactly what was going on. House was backing off just as she'd expected him to.

The question was what could she possibly do about it?