Not Gonna Wait For You Forever

Chapter One: Sometimes I Won't Give In To You

"Paige I'm in trouble. This isn't really related to any table collisions that happened tonight. It's a different kind of trouble." Alex said.

She hadn't really noticed her face leaning in towards Paige's. Subconscious desire just took over. Her head turns slightly, and her eyes lock on Paige's perfect pillowy lips. She leans in for a soft kiss, and to her surprise it is Paige's mouth that opens to intensify the kiss. For a moment, Paige's smooth pink tongue slides against her own. It sends a heat wave through her body. Then she falls back to reality as Paige abruptly ends the kiss. Paige scoots away just slightly.

"Alex, what are you doing? Come on, I was joking." She says, throwing in a convincing giggle. No amount of laughter could hide the sheer desire. Alex just leans into her, causing her to have to lean on her elbows, almost lying on the floor now. Alex slides her hands up Paige's legs, and up her short skirt. Her hands dangerously close to going where no friends hands should go, she suddenly grips her hands around her thighs, pressing on a nerve that causes Paige to quiver in ecstasy and gasp. Her lips touch Paige's again, then trail down just slightly to the area between her bottom lip and chin.

"I know how it makes you feel" she says, gripping her again, almost sending her over the edge. On shaky legs, Paige stands.

"No. This isn't happening, I'll sleep on the couch, and you can sleep in here." Paige says walking out of the room.

Alex sighs sounding like air being let out of a balloon. Her head becomes to heavy to support itself so she closes her eyes and lets it drop into her hands. She knew how much Paige felt for her, she knew because she felt it to and she saw it in her eyes. Her hair smelled like apples. Her forbidden fruit. All she could think about was the warmth inside of Paige's mouth, the way her body tightened when she squeezed her thighs. Then she thought of how she was always there for her, and about the way that she makes her laugh. She thought about how Paige always knew what to say. She knew deep down that she was falling in love.

Paige leaned over the couch, mechanically making her bed for the night. She refused to think about Alex or anything that had happened. It was terrifying for her. She liked someone that she wasn't supposed to like. She tried to deny how Alex made her feel to everyone, especially herself but it didn't keep her from having dreams about her. It didn't keep her from opening her mouth to her ten minutes beforehand. She closes her eyes and indulges in the moment once more, then shakes it off and goes to sleep.

Alex tried for three hours, but just could not sleep. So much had happened that day. She couldn't believe that she had let Paige see her house, and the whole fight. It absolutely humiliated her. It also humiliated her that Paige walked away. She had dreamed of that moment so many times, but she had never pictured it going like that. She just kept feeling her thighs on her fingertips, their lips gripping each other. She turns to her stomach and slams her face into Paige's pillow to yell, hoping to clear her mind a bit. As she inhales she smells the sweet smell of apples… and for the first time in a very long time, a tear escapes her eye.

Paige wakes for about the seventeenth time at around 3:00 AM. She sighs dramatically and pounds the couch in frustration. It was nothing, Alex came on to her so she has nothing to worry about. So why can't she sleep? There was no reason that she should like Alex that way I mean… she was a girl… even if Alex was always the one who was there for her, even if Alex was the one who held her hand when everyone else abandoned her, even if Alex was the most beautiful person that she had seen in her entire life…