By Ryuu

Rating: 13+ (adult situations)

Keywords/Spoilers: angst, romance, Sam/Martouf, In The Line of Duty, The Tok'ra pts 1 & 2, possibly Ripple Effect

Disclaimers/Notes/Credits: SG-1 is owned by MGM/Gekko Productions and its creators. All the characters are used without permission but a whole lot of affection and respect. This is something that's really probably safest to consider an AU, although you might be able to fit this into the canon-verse if you contorted it enough. Or it can be the alternate universe in Ripple Effect. Your call, really.

"He is very fond of you."

Sam blinked and raised her head from where it was pillowed on Martouf's shoulder to meet his extraordinarily clear blue eyes. "What?"

"Lantash." Martouf watched her, his eyes filled with amused affection. "He likes you a great deal."

"He remembers Jolinar," she murmured before she could stop herself.

"Yes." Martouf's fingers gently traced her cheek. "But he is also fond of you, Samantha."

Sam sighed and nestled a little closer to him, feeling his arm tighten around her and draw her closer. She kissed his shoulder. "What about you?"

"I believe I am more than fond of you," he replied, the amusement deepening. He kissed the top of her head, the fingers of his free hand slipping down to begin wrecking quiet havoc on her body. Despite herself, Sam shivered and snuggled closer, draping her leg over his and kissing his shoulder again.

She was starting to realize that having several centuries of memories and experience at one's disposal was sometimes a very, very good thing, especially considering that his fingertips were doing their damnedest to make her melt into another puddle of very satisfied woman. She shivered again, nearly purring, then let out a soft cry as his fingertips touched her-ohgodpleaseyesyesyes-there again in just that way.

Sam moved to straddle him, still letting out soft, pleased noises as he continued touching her with gentle expertise, and smiling at her responses.

"You are beautiful, Samantha."

"Thank you," she gasped, trying to press herself harder against his fingers. Martouf's smile widened and he slid his free arm around her, drawing her in for a deeper kiss. Sam moaned approvingly into his mouth, reflecting that, yes, a few centuries of experience at this sort of thing was definitely a good thing. A very, very good thing.

Of course, the vague sense of guilt wasn't helping her really lose herself in the moment. Sam tried to forget the Colonel and Jolinar and Rosha as they chased each other around in her head, but some of her hesitation apparently bled through, causing Martouf to pull away and cup her cheek in his hand, frowning as he used his thumb to wipe away a tear that had managed to break through her iron self-control.

"Samantha?" His voice was low and tender. "Have I hurt you?"

Sam shook her head, blinking to try and clear her suddenly blurry vision. Martouf studied her for a moment longer before wrapping his arms around her for a tight hug, cradling her close to his chest.

"Jolinar is a part of you," he murmured into her ear, "but you are not Jolinar."

"Martouf…" she whispered.

"You are Samantha," he crooned, softly, reassuringly, "and I care very much about Samantha." His hand started rubbing little circles into her back.

Sam sighed and bit her lower lip for a moment. "Thank you," she repeated.

He kissed her cheek, walking his fingers up and down the beads of her spine and getting another shiver from her.

"I think…" she trailed off, biting her lip again. "I think I love you."

"You do?" He smiled at her again, bringing his fingers up to stroke through her hair.

She nodded, leaning in to press her lips to his neck. "I think I do."

"Good." He traced his fingers over the delicate shell of her ear. "I think I do too."