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Upon hearing her screeching alarm clock, 1st Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye shoved her nose deep into her fluffy pillow. Normally, Riza would have jumped right out of bed and gone to work without any complaints, but today she would make an exception. Her superior, Colonel Roy Mustang, had left Central Headquarters early yesterday without saying a word to anyone. And, of corse, he had left behind a huge pile of paperwork that needed to be completed by the next morning. Not being the kind of person who avoids work, Riza stayed at the office almost all night to finish his work because she knew that he would be reprimanded if it were not complete. But, knowing fully well where the Colonel had gone made it all the more painful for Riza to help him. "Stupid, flirtatious man...," she muttered as she rolled out of bed.

Still half asleep, Riza stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She yawned and walked under the showerhead fully clothed.Riza cursed under her breath and stripped the wet pajamas off of her body. After a few minutes, she stepped out of the bathroom, dried herself off, and put on her uniform. She ate a quick breakfast and gradually broke out of her sleep deprived state. She clapped her hands and called out to her dog. "Come Hayate, let's go to work..."

--------- A couple hours later-------------

Central City was covered in a thick blanket of snow as Roy walked to Headquarters that morning. 'Damn cold weather," he mumbled while shoving his hands into his pockets. A car sped past Mustang and splattered him with a load of brown slush. "Thanks a lot, jackass!" yelled Roy as he resisted the urge to pull out his ignition gloves. He sighed and walked up the steps to Central Headquarters.


Riza stood up and saluted Roy as he opened the door to the office that they shared. "At ease, Lieutenant... Why are you giving me that look?" She walked up to him and shook her head chideingly.

"You're soaked, sir. You'll catch a cold if you don't change out of those clothes..." Riza blushed after she realized what she had said. She pealed off his trench coat and went over to the closet to look for his spare uniform. "I found it!" She proclaimed happily after several minutes of searching.

While Roy stood shivering in the middle of his office, his eyes hovered over the Lieutenant. She was always doing her best to help him. A tinge of guilt filled his heart so his eyes drifted over to his desk. "Hawkeye," he said blinking, "didn't I leave paperwork on my desk yesterday?" Riza nodded as she stood up with his uniform.

"Yes, sir," she replied handing the bundle to him.

"Where did it go?" Riza looked at him with her bright amber eyes and folded her arms behind her back.

"I did it. I hope you enjoyed your date," she said without a hint of bitterness. He sighed, took a step forward and put a hand on Riza's shoulder.

"Hawkeye, you push yourself way too ha- har- achoo!" Roy sneezed right on Riza's face. His jaw snapped shut as Riza slowly closed her eyes. She drew a handkerchief from her pocket and offered it to Roy. He took it and surprised Riza when he began to wipe off her face. "Sorry...," he whispered.

"It's alright, sir. It was an accident, " she said without emotion as she sat down at her desk. Roy looked at her, unsure of what to do. "I said that I'm not angry, just go change your clothes sir..." Roy nodded and walked out of the office sullenly. 'Why can't I ever act suave and charming when I'm alone with her? I have no problem doing that in front of other women. She's just... different... And she did all of that work for me when she could have just watched me fry. She does so much, but she's never even asked for a raise. Lord knows that Riza- I mean Hawkeye - has save my ass a million times since Ishbal. What did I do to gained her eternal trust?"


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