He Loves Me More


Chapter One Checks, interruptions and... love?


(He moves his rough calloused fingers threw her hair softly, and then leans toward her face. She hesitantly reaches up and grips the front of his shirt, unable to tell him that she no longer wants to be with him, but the love and adoration that he expresses towards her is enough to silence her forever. He trails petal soft kisses down her neck and shouldes, he reaches forward to grab at the button of her blouse; soft pink dust stains her cheeks as his hands dip lower and rests on her thighs. Her breath comes out in shallow gasps, she can feel the water building up behind her eyes, she screams at him in her mind, screams at him to let her go, to let her go...).

...Long pale fingers turn the page and scans over the text that is written there...

Haruno Sakura, a 22 year old writer in her last year of college stares at him anxiously, she can barely keep herself in her seat. He has to like it, he just has to. Sakura had spent months thinking up ideas for, Her Lustful Downfall and it was finally completed. However, to her aggravation, Uchiha Sasuke the owner of the company 'Inkwell' was a very busy man so she had to wait a whole month, and if he said yes she knew that the wait would have been worth is and then some. Having never had a serious relationship (or any sort of relationship before) made Sakura sympathize with her character Creole, a naiive girl who only wanted to be loved, something in which sends her from one heartbreak to the next.

It was quiet in the room as he read it over, he appeared to not even be breathing he was so absorbed. Sakura still found it shocking that he was actually reading her work personally, with her there. It was a dream come true. Sakura allowed herself to look him over, he was such an beautiful man, so beautiful it was to the point of effeminate. He had long ink black hair, with coal eyes and pale, milky whilte skin, a nice lean figure that looked exceptionally well in fine collared shirts and dress pants. He was every girls dream guy, and it was no surprise that he was Sakura's. She could not by the life of her believe that this man was bi, but then again at least he wasn't gay, meaning there was still a chance!

The man, Uchiha Sasuke, looked up at her suddenly, making her heart catch in her throat. It looked like he had finally finished reading the first chapter. Sasuke's face was smooth, devoid of any emotion, his raven eyes watching her steadily. Interlocking his fingers he leaned forward, Sakura sat stock still awaiting his judgment, like a woman awaiting his death.

"...I like it." He just said.

Sakura let out the breath she hadn't known she was holding and a huge smile broke out across her face. It took everything in her to keep from reaching across the desk and grabbing the hot young, multi-millionaire, and showing him just how glad she was to hear those words come out of his mouth.

"You do? I..." Sakura realized she didn't know what else to say. Sasuke seemed to understand, because he bookmarked the page , closed it and opened his drawer. He took out an all black suede checkbook, Sakura eyed it, wondering what his next move would be. Sasuke seemed to enjoy Sakura's unease as he took out a black felt marker and wrote her out a check for 20,000. He ripped it out and slid it across the desk towards her, Sakura touched it with the tips of her fingers, lifting up aqua eyes to stare into midnight black in a silent question.

Sasuke answered it: "It's your first check. I'll have this book published by the end of the week, so I suggest that you start on a sequel, I believe people, mostly young adults, will love this."

Sakura stood up holding the check to her chest, Sasuke raised a dark brow in wonder.

"Thank you so much Sasuke-san, I have worked so hard on that book, and to know that you love it means the world to me!"

Sasuke smirked.

Maybe I should ask him out on a date? Sakura thought happily to herself.

There was a soft rapping on the door, and then it opened to reveal a man with long brown hair and granite grey eyes. He looked like a very pretty woman, but by the sheer flatness of his chest Sakura knew that this was no woman. The pretty man threw a polite smile towards her as he made me his way to Sasuke's desk; they spoke in low voices, though loud enough for Sakura to catch a few snippets of their conversation:

"... he says it..."

"...Who says?"

"I don't know...he wants you...it's important..."

Sasuke looked irritated. Sakura felt her eyes going from one man to the other, her curiousity piqued.

"... send him..."

"... he won't leave, sir."


"... unconscious...Kakashi..."

Sasuke looked alarmed, and the pretty man (who Sakura supposed was his secretary), looked like he was trying to hold back a smile andfailing miserably. Sasuke ran his fingers threw his hair and the tense look on his face smoothed out, and went right back to being emotionless.

"Fine. Send him in, Haku."

The pretty man named Haku bowed lowly, then looked over at Sakura and giving her a small smile, he walked out. Sakura wanted to ask him what had gotten him so upset, and then offer to personally take care of it. Although, before she could the door was shoved open and a very angry looking blond man walked in. Sakura had to admit that he was extremely attractive, he had the most bluest eyes that she had ever seen, which contrasted perfectly with his yellow hair, his skin was tan and he was pretty muscular in build. Sakura frowned though at the white muscle shirt he wore underneath the bright orange jacket, and the blue jeans. Sakura looked over at Sasuke who was staring just a little too hard at the blond for her liking, she felt a sudden pang of jealousy and glared hard at the blond's head.

He ignored her.

"About time!" The blond shouted. "I've been trying to get in touch with you for ages! No one else will publish my book, and since your bi I figured let me go to this guy!"

Sakura was angry enough to slap the idiot blond, he looked no older than what, 20? 21? and was talking so brashly to one of the richest man in Japan. His audacity astounded her.

It however amused Sasuke.

"Figure that." Sasuke replied calmly, his eyes roaming over every inch of the blond man's body making Sakura clench her fists in rage. The loud-mouthed idiot was seducing Sasuke without even realizing it, it was obvious that Sasuke was way more interested in him than he was with her. The mere thought made her light-headed and sick.

It just wasn't fair.

Sasuke taking notice of Sakura still standing there, tilted his head towards the door. "You may leave now Ms. Haruno, and don't forget to report here tomorrow so we can set up some interviews and all that other stuff." He finished with an air of boredom, his eyes straying every so often towards the blond man still standing, looking highly impatient, a stack of sloppily put together papers in his right hand.

"Of course Sasuke-san." Sakura bowed, and then left out throwing a scathing look towards the blond on her way out.


Sakura came upon a scene on her way out Sasuke's office that nearly made her test her sanity, the pretty man Haku was on his desk tongue-ing it with a monster of a man; dark skin pulsing with ripping muscles, messy lank black hair and fierce brown eyes. The man had his huge arm around Haku's slim waist who almost jumped out of his skin when Sakura stormed out just managing to not slam the door in her rage. Haku looked genuinely embarrassed as smoothed out his long brown hair, his cheeks flushed red.

"... ah, this...er...?" Haku stuttered.

"Haku." The hulking man said in a rough voice, eying Sakura in annoyance before looking back down at said man. "I'll see you later." He kissed Haku's forehead, and left.

When the door closed Haku collapsed into his seat, his legs having given out. He buried his face into his hands, Sakura could see that his blush had rose to his ears making it look like his entire face was on fire.

"I'm so sorry! What must you think of me!" He moaned in obvious despair.

Sakura sighed, even though she was in no mood to comfort anybody she couldn't help but be drawn to the man who looked to be only a couple of years older than herself. "It's fine, really, I'm not biased, I wont judge you." Haku looked up at her, seemingly relieved. He then stood up:

"My names Haku, I'm Sasuke's secretary, why? Because I look so much like a woman no one would know the difference." He then winked at her and Sakura laughed.

"My... my name's Haruno Sakura now an official employee of Sasuke, my future husband."

They both laughed and Sakura felt some of her anger towards the blond dissipate, but only a little. It seemed that he was competition, and Sakura would show him who was more fit to stand by Sasuke's side.

"Glad to have met you Haku, but I should really run, maybe we could...?"

"How about we go out for coffee tomorrow after noon, we could talk about what you should expect here at Inkwell, especially if you are considering pursuing the affections of Uchiha Sasuke, who is very hard to please."

Sakura thought over his offer, Haku was Sasuke's secretary, and he had to be Sasuke's friend as well, considering how familiar they seemed with each other while they were talking.

"I'd like that."

Haku nodded and Sakura waved and walked out.

I'll have Sasuke, no matter what! Sakura just barely managed to stop herself from pumping her fist into the air.


"What's your name?" Sasuke asked, a nice smirk playing on his thin lips.

"Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto..." he said his last name a little hesitantly, something Sasuke no doubt noticed, he stared hard at Naruto.

"Uzumaki?" He repeated the last name letting it role over his tongue. "I'm guessing that Sun Uzumaki was your father?" Naruto looked uncomfortable, his grip on the papers he held tightening.


"The man could write a story." Sasuke stated, as he sat up straighter in his seat, his eyes watching Naruto's form carefully.

"He could." Naruto agreed.

"Although no one took him seriously, do you know why?" Sasuke asked.

"My father though not homosexual himself, wrote about it, because of this he wasn't well liked and his work was shunned." Naruto explained, his blue eyes burning.

The room in Sasuke's opinion seemed to get a little hotter. He noticed the papers in Naruto's hand, and opened his mouth to ask about them, but Naruto beat him to it.

"I've re-written his stories!" Naruto exclaimed loudly slamming the thick stack of papers down on Sasuke's immaculate desk. "No one else will touch them! They look at the genre and refuse to read any further than that, I want people to acknowledge the steps my father took to change the minds of simple-mined people, to show them that he wasn't afraid to be different! I'm picking up where he left off! I... please...just give me a chance." Naruto slumped down into the empty chair in front of Sasuke's desk, obviously exhausted after his outburst. Sasuke stared at him for a long moment, then looking down at the papers he reached across his deck and picked them up, he then proceeded to stack them neatly, throwing a smirk toward Naruto, who had been watching him reach for the papers in trepidation.

"I'll not only look at it Naruto, but I'll publish it for you, how's that sound?" Sasuke asked as he wrote out a whopping 50,000 dollar check. He ripped it and made to hand it to Naruto who placed his hand up, his blue eyes hard.

"I don't want your money I only want my father's work to be seen."

Sasuke reached out and grabbed a hold of Naruto's hand, pulling him up and forwards until their faces were inches apart. --Naruto thought he would die as a result of all the blood that had rushed to his head-- Sasuke pressed the check firmly into Naruto's hand, and then in one swift movement pressed his lips against his as well.


To Be Continued...