One Shot

Summary: In the far away future Sakura and Sasuke reflect on what life has been over the years

Sasuke watched the woman who has been by his side through the worst years of his life and the best. Pink locks of hair grew down far past her shoulders and the tips reached her mid back. Sometimes the hair style changed depending on her mood. Today it was down, and he noticed she was in remembrance of the past.

Years of bitter fighting, harsh words, and confronting a world that became darker with each passing day.

They were older now, and sometimes he would argue wiser. Yet very little changed for the hidden village and he liked it that way. Sasuke let his dark eyes travel down the beautiful woman's full assets and a small smirk appeared on his lips.

Sometimes he would find her here, over looking the village she promised to protect. She didn't care if Leaf's greatest enemy would suddenly appear and attack her, Sakura would strike them down hard and fast. Years of training and the drive to keep up with him and Naruto did that to her. This girl, no woman was not like her name at all, she was a phoenix. The fire of Leaf was born into her blood and when it consumed her, as was the nature of fire, she would be reborn stronger, wiser, and more dangerous.

"Sasuke-kun" Sasuke snapped out of his musing and walked over to Sakura.


She just smiles softly at him then turned her head towards the village once more. They were so much older know, he realized. Both of them were near their fifties , and yet she didn't look a day over thirty. Something in his genius mind told him that was Tsunade's doing. Sakura was the picture of what every girl wanted to be like, beautiful, strong, and bright.

The title of the 7th Hokage fit her well.

"Sasuke-kun, are you going to leave me behind as well?" It was a direct question, and he knew what she meant. War loomed in the near future, and being the strong headed male he was; he was going to fight with everything he had. Of course, it was to protect this, protect the true meaning of this village.

"Sakura. Don't ask such annoying questions."

Her head snapped up to look at him then turned back towards the village. "If you are planning to die, just say so. Just don't make it painful and drawn out for yourself trying to out do Naruto. Bring Honor to our village." That, Sasuke assumed was the Hokage talking. Inside she was torn and close to locking him up and throwing away the key.

Gently he rest a strong hand on her shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I will protect this village…." Sasuke leaned forward and then softly in her ear, "and you."

"You… You better save me a seat in the after life. We are the last of team seven so… so I better have a seat." He wondered why she didn't take this chance to rub in the common complaint. That she would always be behind them. She had coined it herself once.

/It wasn't that I was weak was that in the race for power...I was always third place. In everything we did...I came in last./ She had told him that once. He figured she'd be the last in death as well.

"I will save you ten."

"Are you calling me fat?"

There was a pause and light chuckles filled the morning air. The two friends watched the village come to life and understood everything they had to do.